German football championship 1905/06

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German football championship 1905/06
The logo of the German Football Association from 1900 to 1945
master VfB Leipzig
Teams 8th
Games 7th
Gates 39  (ø 5.57 per game)
Top scorer GermanGerman Edgar Blüher (7)
German championship 1904/05

The fourth German soccer championship was held from April 22nd to May 27th, 1906. The new "record champions" VfB Leipzig secured their second championship in the final in Nuremberg with a 2-1 win against 1. FC Pforzheim .

From this year the games only had to be played on neutral ground if one of the clubs involved requested it. In some cases, a formally neutral venue of another club from the same city was used. The new master received a diploma and a pennant from the German Football Association .

The association situation in Berlin posed a problem. For years, two associations had been competing for the Berlin-Brandenburg representation with the Association of Berliner Ballspielvereine, which had already participated several times, and the Märkischer Fußball-Bund. Since the two associations did not reach an agreement, both champions were initially allowed to take part in the finals.


Only representatives of regional associations took part in the championship. Under pressure from the DFB, regional associations were created in the north (today Schleswig-Holstein , Hamburg , Bremen , Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony excluding southern Lower Saxony and the Osnabrück area ) and southeast ( Breslau and Niederlausitz ). Together with the already existing Central , West and South regions , there were now five associations in which regional championships were held. In the south- east region , a play-off was held by the local football associations; two clubs from Berlin - Brandenburg took part. There were still no participants from the northeast area ( Pomerania , East and West Prussia ); here it should take another two years before a north-east German representative took part in a championship final.

Since the defending champion was again entitled to play, this led to three Berlin clubs taking part in the final round.

society Qualified as
SC Schlesien 1901 Breslau.png SC Silesia Wroclaw Champion of the Association of Wroclaw Ball Game Clubs 1
Logo Hertha 07/25/1892 - 08/07/1923.gif Berlin FC Hertha 92 Master of the Association of Berlin Ball Game Clubs
Berlin FC Norden-Nordwest Champion of the Märkischen Football Association
Berliner tufc union 1892 2.JPG Berlin TuFC Union 92 Defending champion
VfB Leipzig - 1902-1922.svg VfB Leipzig Master of the Association of Central German Ball Game Clubs
Scvictoria-logo.svg FC Victoria Hamburg Champion of the North German Football Association
Koelnersc99.jpg Cologne FC 1899 Master of the Rheinisch-Westfälischer Spielverband
1 fc pforzheim.svg 1. FC Pforzheim Master of the Association of South German Football Associations
1In contrast to the previous year, there was a playoff for participation in the German championship finals in 1905/06 between the winner of the Association of Breslauer Ballspiel-Vereine, SC Schlesien Breslau, and the winner of the Association of Niederlausitzer Ballspiel-Vereine , FV Brandenburg 1899 Cottbus . It was held on April 1, 1906 in Dresden; the SC Schlesien Breslau was able to prevail 3-1.

Quarter finals

date Result Stadion
April 22, 1906 VfB Leipzig 9: 1 (4: 0) Berlin FC Norden-Nordwest Leipzig , Wackerstadion Debrahof
April 29, 1906 FC Victoria Hamburg 1: 3 (0: 1) Berlin TuFC Union 92 Altona , parade pasture
April 29, 1906 SC Silesia Wroclaw 0: 7 Berlin FC Hertha 92 Dresden
May 6, 1906 1. FC Pforzheim 4: 2 n.V. (2: 2, 1: 2) Cölner FC 1899 Mannheim , place at the breweries

The Berlin FC Norden-Nordwest had no chance against VfB Leipzig, which did not play in their own stadium but in the Wacker Leipzig stadium . After only ten minutes, the Leipzig team were in the lead thanks to Edgar Blüher, who had returned to Leipzig after two years with Dresdner SC . In the further course of the game, the future top scorer scored another three hits to a four-pack. Strikers Heinrich Riso, Adalbert Friedrich and Martin Laessig were also successful for their club, with Riso and Friedrich scoring a brace. An unknown player made it 1: 7 for the Berliners.

FC Victoria Hamburg lost to the defending champion from Berlin in their home stadium. Despite the attacks of their strong wingers Adolf Gehrts and Carl Weymar, the Hamburg goalkeeper Paul Eichelmann , who had participated in some great international matches , prevented the Hamburg from scoring. So the Union took the lead in the first half. After the break, the Hamburg team finally equalized through Dietze. This was followed, however, by two hits from the brothers W. Jurga and Felix Jurga for the Berlin victory. The Hamburg captain Otto Eikhof led the final four weeks later.

The Breslauers from the south-east of Germany, which is only moderately developed in terms of football, clearly lost on the same day against Berlin's FC Hertha 92, a predecessor club of Hertha BSC , and ultimately conceded seven goals from the football stronghold of Berlin, without even getting a consolation goal. The half-time result and the Hertha goal scorers are not recorded.

In the last quarter-finals, Cologne and Peco Bauwens , who later headed numerous international matches as referee and became DFB President, took a 2-0 lead in the first half with goals from Willi Raffenberg and Arthur Francken. However, three minutes after the 2-0 win, Gustav Stöhr scored the following goal for 1. FC Pforzheim in the 43rd minute. One minute after the break, Stöhr then scored another goal to equalize. Then the game went into overtime, in which Hermann Schweickert put the Pforzheimer in the lead for the first time in the 100th minute. Four minutes later, Stöhr finally decided the game with his third goal to make it 4-2.


date Result Stadion
May 6, 1906 Berlin FC Hertha 92 2: 3 (2: 3) VfB Leipzig Berlin-Mariendorf , Viktoria-Platz
May 20, 1906 Berlin TuFC Union 92 0: 4 (0: 0) 1. FC Pforzheim Braunschweig , Eintracht-Platz on Helmstedter Strasse

The Berlin FC Hertha 92 competed on the field of the Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 in a closely contested match against VfB Leipzig. Immediately before the game, the Leipzig outrunner Wilhelm Schomburgk returned from the Olympic Intermediate Games in Athens . Georg Steinbeck gave Leipzig the lead in the 25th minute, but two minutes later the Berliners equalized with a penalty from Alfred Lorenz. Edgar Blüher scored the renewed lead for VfB Leipzig in the 31st minute, but it only lasted for a minute because Richard Haupt equalized on the Hertha side. Just six minutes later, Edgar Blüher converted a penalty and scored a brace and thus his sixth goal in the final. Nothing in this result changed in the next 50 minutes.

The second Berlin representative and defending champion of the German championship was also eliminated in the semi-finals two weeks later, but this was more obvious. First of all, the reigning champions were able to hold the tie for one half. But in the second half there were four goals for the Pforzheimer. Gustav Maier and Gustav Stöhr, who now had four goals in the final, shot one each. The other two goalscorers are unknown.


pairing VfB Leipzig VfB Leipzig - 1. FC Pforzheim1. FC Pforzheim
Result 2: 1 (1: 1)
date Sun, May 27, 1906
Stadion Place on Ziegelgasse , Nuremberg
spectator 1,100
referee Otto Eikhof (Hamburg)
Gates 1: 0 Blüher (15th)
1: 1 Stöhr (26th)
2: 1 Riso (85th)
VfB Leipzig Johannes Schneider - Erhard Schmidt , Arthur Werner - Georg Steinbeck , Paul Oppermann , Camillo Ugi - Karl Uhle , Heinrich Riso  , Edgar Blüher , Martin Laessig , Adelbert Friedrich(C)Captain of the crew
1. FC Pforzheim Emil Faas - Hermann Steudle , Wilhelm Hiller - Karl Jäger , Arthur Hiller  , Hermann Hofer - Hermann Schweickert , Julius Fink , Gustav Maier , Gustav Stöhr , Emil Rühl(C)Captain of the crew

Match report

VfB Leipzig had reached the final of the German championship for the third time in four years. Only in 1905 had they voluntarily given up in the quarter-finals. The team from Leipzig arrived the day before, Pforzheim only on the night of the match day. As expected, the players at VfB Leipzig were clearly superior in the final.

The defenders Hermann Steudle, Wilhelm Hiller and center runner Arthur Hiller were constantly busy on the part of the Pforzheimer to prevent the Leipzig advance. Thus VfB Leipzig led in the 15th minute by the seventh goal of the top scorer Edgar Blüher. Nevertheless, 1. FC Pforzheim equalized with Stöhr's fifth goal ten minutes later. The Leipziger missed numerous chances, including two penalties Blüher and Heinrich Riso had the opportunity to score more goals. Ultimately, Riso scored five minutes before the end to win for VfB Leipzig, who became German champions for the second time. For 1. FC Pforzheim, however, the runner-up from this year was the greatest success.

The championship team of VfB Leipzig

The players of VfB Leipzig
and referee Otto Eikhof (right)
before the final.
v. l. To the right: Schneider, Uhle, Riso, Schmidt, Werner, Steinbeck, Blüher, Oppermann, Ugi, Laessig, Friedrich, Burkhardt, Raydt

Below is the championship team with the players' stakes and goals.

VfB Leipzig
Coat of arms of VfB Leipzig

List of goalscorers

A total of 11 goalscorers from Hertha Berlin (7), Norden-Nordwest Berlin (1), Union Berlin (1) and 1. FC Pforzheim (2) are unknown.

player society Games Gates
1. German EmpireThe German Imperium Edgar Blüher VfB Leipzig 3 7th
2. German EmpireThe German Imperium Gustav Stöhr 1. FC Pforzheim 3 5
3. German EmpireThe German Imperium Heinrich Riso VfB Leipzig 2 3
4th German EmpireThe German Imperium Adelbert Friedrich VfB Leipzig 3 2
5. German EmpireThe German Imperium Dietze FC Victoria Hamburg 1 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Arthur Francken Cölner FC 1899 1 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Willi Raffenberg Cölner FC 1899 1 1
8th. German EmpireThe German Imperium Richard Haupt Berlin FC Hertha 92 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Felix Jurga Berlin TuFC Union 92 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium W. Jurga Berlin TuFC Union 92 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Alfred Lorenz Berlin FC Hertha 92 2 1
12. German EmpireThe German Imperium Martin Laessig VfB Leipzig 3 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Gustav Maier 1. FC Pforzheim 3 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Hermann Schweickert 1. FC Pforzheim 3 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Georg Steinbeck VfB Leipzig 3 1


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