German football championship 1922/23

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German football championship 1922/23
The logo of the German Football Association from 1900 to 1945
master Hamburger SV
Teams 7th
Games 7th
Gates 20  (ø 2.86 per game)
Top scorer German EmpireGerman Empire Otto Harder (5 goals)
German championship 1921/22

The sixteenth German football championship brought Hamburger SV the championship title against SC Union Oberschöneweide , which they had waived the previous year .

In West Germany no regional champion was determined this year. In this region, the so-called “new path” was taken. It had been decided to spread a league season over two years, and there should only be promotion and relegation every four years. The WSV hoped to dampen emotions and aggression on the field and in the spectator stands. However, the WSV did not want to do without a representative at the German championship final and let the current leaders of the district leagues play a qualifying round, which Arminia Bielefeld won. That is why Arminia Bielefeld is listed in many statistics as the West German champion of 1923, which is not correct.

For the first time after the war, VfB Königsberg took part in the finals. After having won the northeast German championship title at the green table and too late in the past three years, the Königsbergers won the title this year without protest and especially on time.

VfL Leipzig-Stötteritz won the ATSB championship for the third time and thus managed the hat trick. The German youth force did not play a football champion again this year.

Participants in the final round

society Qualified as
VfB Koenigsberg Champion of the Baltic Lawn Sports Association
United Wroclaw Spfr. Representative of the Southeast German Football Association
SC Union Oberschöneweide Master of the Brandenburg Ball Game Association
SV Guts-Muts Dresden Master of the Association of Central German Ball Game Clubs
Hamburger SV Champion of the North German Football Association
1. Bielefeld FC Arminia Representative of the West German Gaming Association
SpVgg Fürth Master of the Association of South German Football Clubs

Quarter finals

date Result Stadion
May 6, 1923 SpVgg Fürth 4: 0 (1: 0) Vgt. Breslauer Spfr. Nuremberg , Zabo
May 6, 1923 1. Bielefeld FC Arminia 0: 0 a.d. SC Union Oberschöneweide Bochum , stadium on Castroper Strasse
May 13, 1923 Hamburger SV 2: 0 (1: 0) SV Guts-Muts Dresden Altona , Altona 93 stadium
May 20, 1923 SC Union Oberschöneweide 2: 1 a.d. (1: 1, 0: 0) 1. Bielefeld FC Arminia Berlin , German Stadium
  VfB Koenigsberg bye


date Result Stadion
May 27, 1923 VfB Koenigsberg 2: 3 (1: 1) Hamburger SV Stettin , Hans-Pelster-Kampfbahn
May 27, 1923 SC Union Oberschöneweide 2: 1 (2: 0) SpVgg Fürth Halle (Saale) , stadium at the zoo


pairing Hamburger SV Hamburger SV - Union OberschöneweideUnion Oberschöneweide
Result 3: 0 (1: 0)
date June 10, 1923
Stadion German Stadium , Berlin
spectator 64,000
referee Philipp Bruckner ( Stuttgart )
Gates 1-0 Harder (34th)
2-0 Breuel (70th)
3-0 Schneider (90th)
Hamburger SV Hans Martens - Albert Beier , Marcel Speyer - Otto Carlsson , Asbjørn Halvorsen , Hans Krohn - Walter Kolzen , Ludwig Breuel , Otto Harder , Karl Schneider , Hans Rave
Trainer: AW Turner
Union Oberschöneweide Franz Müller - Erich Standke , Franz Klautzsch - August Hamann , Otto Splittgerber , Otto Martwig - Albert Dietz , Horst Franke , Hermann Lux , Max Franke , Willi Jachmann

List of goalscorers

player society Games Gates
1. German EmpireGerman Empire Otto Harder Hamburger SV 3 5
2. German EmpireGerman Empire Andreas Franz SpVgg Fürth 2 3
3. German EmpireGerman Empire Willy Ascherl SpVgg Fürth 2 2

Individual evidence

  1. Match report in the Hamburger Anzeiger from May 14, 1923 (digitized version)