German football championship 1946/47

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German football championship 1946/47
German championship 1945/46

The German football league was 1946-47 as in the previous season due to the damage of World War II not played. Instead, zone championships were played in almost all occupation zones (except for the Soviet occupation zone ) and in the four-sector city of Berlin .


In the second year after the war, the reconstruction and organization of German football continued to make progress despite difficult framework conditions. In the American zone of occupation , the Oberliga Süd played the entire season with 20 clubs, with 1. FC Nuremberg becoming the sovereign south and zone champions. In the French occupation zone , the Oberliga Südwest played in two seasons: the southern relay for the southern Württemberg / southern Baden region , the northern relay for the Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland region . The south winner VfL Konstanz met the north winner 1. FC Kaiserslautern . The Lauterer won clearly and became French zone masters; thus began the great era of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, which was to last until the mid- 1950s . In Berlin , the single track City League with 12 clubs started; City champion was the SG Charlottenburg, behind which the traditional club Tennis Borussia Berlin hid.

A zone master was also determined for the first time in the British zone of occupation this season. However, there was no regional or zone-wide league here, rather the champions were determined in a final round in which eight teams, four each from western and northern Germany, took part. Hamburger SV became the first zone master . In the British zone, however, they were already playing for future league places; because for the following season a Oberliga West and a Oberliga Nord should be brought into being. The future organization of West German football was taking shape.

In contrast, there was initially no championship in the Soviet occupation zone . However, regular gaming operations were set up at city, district and district level. As was the case a year earlier in Berlin, no real clubs were allowed to play - as is well known, they were dissolved throughout Germany in 1945 by a resolution of the Allied Control Council - but only sports groups (SG) from cities or districts. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania a state class has already been set up that played in two seasons and in which SG Rostock-Süd prevailed as the first state champion. In Brandenburg , too, a first regional champion was determined in a final round of the respective district champions. SG Cottbus-Ost prevailed 3-2 in the final against SG Forst-Mitte . No champions have yet been determined in the other countries.

Zone championships 1946/47

Master of the major leagues

title league society
American zone master Oberliga Süd 1. FC Nuremberg
French zone master Oberliga Südwest 1. FC Kaiserslautern
Berlin soccer champions Berlin City League SG Charlottenburg

Championship in the British Zone of Occupation

The British Zone Championship was played out in two qualifying rounds and one final round among the masters and runner-ups of the six previous state championships ( Schleswig-Holstein , Hamburg , Lower Saxony including Bremen , Westphalia , Middle Rhine and Lower Rhine ), with the champions of the states Middle Rhine, Westphalia and Lower Rhine as well as the champions and the runner-up of Lower Saxony were qualified directly for the final round. The British Zone Championship was finally won by Hamburger SV with a 1-0 victory in the final against Borussia Dortmund .

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