German football championship 1911/12

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German football championship 1911/12
The logo of the German Football Association from 1900 to 1945
master FV Holstein Kiel
Teams 8th
Games 7th
Gates 32  (ø 4.57 per game)
Top scorer German EmpireThe German Imperium Fritz Förderer (6 goals)
German championship 1910/11

The tenth German football championship was held from May 5 to May 26, 1912. Holstein Kiel secured the championship with a 1-0 win against Karlsruher FV in his second final appearance in Hamburg-Lokstedt .

For the first time there was a new edition of a final at this championship. Two years after the first duel, Holstein Kiel and the Karlsruher FV met again. This time the North Germans won and won the first championship title for the North German Football Association.


Eight clubs, the seven champions of the regional associations and the defending champions were qualified for the final round. On April 29, 1911, under pressure from the DFB , the three remaining and rival Berlin-Brandenburg football associations, the VBB, the MFB and the VBAV, merged to form the Association of Brandenburg Ball Game Clubs (again VBB). With that the confusion of associations in Berlin and Brandenburg that had lasted for more than twenty years finally came to an end. Nevertheless, the region started again with two representatives; In addition to the champions BFC Preussen , defending champion Viktoria 89 Berlin also took part in the finals.

society Qualified as
Ballsp.-u.  Eisl.-V.  - Kurmark.pngBuEV Danzig Champion of the Baltic Lawn Sports Association
ATV Liegnitz..pngATV Liegnitz Champion of the Southeast German Football Association
Zegel ontbreekt.svg Berlin FC Preussen Master of the Association of Brandenburg Ball Game Clubs
BTuFC Viktoria 1889.png Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 Defending champion
Spvgg-1899.gif SpVgg 1899 Leipzig-Lindenau Master of the Association of Central German Ball Game Clubs
Coat of arms FV Holstein from 1902.png Holstein Kiel Champion of the North German Football Association
Th köln-bc-01.svg Cölner BC 01 Master of the West German Game Association
Karlsruher fv alt.png Karlsruhe FV Master of the Association of South German Football Associations

Quarter finals

date Result Stadion
May 5, 1912 BuEV Danzig 0: 7 (0: 3) Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 Gdansk , Heinrich-Ehlers-Platz
May 5, 1912 SpVgg 1899 Leipzig-Lindenau 3: 2 (1: 0) ATV 1896 Liegnitz Dresden , Güntzwiesen
May 5, 1912 FV Holstein Kiel 2: 1 (0: 1) Berlin FC Preussen Hamburg , Hoheluft sports ground
May 12, 1912 Cölner BC 01 1: 8 (0: 3) Karlsruhe FV Mönchengladbach , Kampfbahn Am Alten Wasserturm

Thanks to a flawless hat trick by Erich Arndt, Viktoria already led 3-0. In the second half, Paul Kugler , Schiepe and two Willi Worpitzky increased to 7-0. At Danzig, Paul Lenhardt played as the right runner, who was in the final with Holstein Kiel in 1910.

Leipzig took the lead in the 28th minute through Ernst Dathe, Liegnitz equalized through Verwerd in the 47th minute. After 53 minutes, Ferdinand Mückenheim shot Leipzig in the lead, who increased them to 3-1 in the 69th minute thanks to a penalty from Otto Hofmann . After 84 minutes, Liegnitz made it 3-2.

After half an hour, Berlin led 1-0 through a goal by Robert Krüger . Only in the final phase did the Kielers turn the game over with Willi Fick in the 84th minute and David Binder three minutes later to make it 2-1.

The Cölner BC 01 suffered a clear defeat against the Karlsruhe FV. The goal scorers in the 8-1 victory were Fritz Förderer (3), Gottfried Fuchs (2) as well as Fritz Tscherter , Max Breunig and Julius Hirsch. Even the only goal of the Cölner - to 1: 4 in the 69th minute - was scored by Hermann Bosch with an own goal .


date Result Stadion
May 19, 1912 Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 1: 2 a.d. (1: 1, 0: 0) FV Holstein Kiel Berlin-Mariendorf , Union-Platz
May 19, 1912 Karlsruhe FV 3: 1 (2: 0) SpVgg 1899 Leipzig-Lindenau Frankfurt am Main , FFV-Platz Roseggerstraße

The Kielers succeeded in narrowing the circle of striker Willi Worpitzky decisively. But since her attack repeatedly got stuck in the Berlin defense, it was 0-0 after 90 minutes. It was only through David Binder that Kiel managed to take the lead in the 106th minute. But Berlin came immediately, a minute later through an own goal by goalkeeper Adolf Werner to make it 1-1. In the second extension, David Binder scored 1: 2 for Kiel after 129 minutes.

Karlsruhe played without the injured Gottfried Fuchs, but already led 2-0 at half time with two goals from Fritz Förderer. A penalty from Otto Hofmann reduced Leipzig to 2: 1. In the 70th minute, Fritz Förderer scored the 3-1 final score with his third goal.


pairing FV Holstein Kiel FV Holstein Kiel - Karlsruhe FVKarlsruhe FV
Result 1: 0 (0: 0)
date May 26, 1912
Stadion Victoria-Platz , Hamburg-Lokstedt
spectator 9,000
referee Paul Schröder ( Munich-Gladbach )
Gates 1: 0 Möller (52nd, penalty)
FV Holstein Kiel Adolf Werner - Heinrich Homeister , Hans Reese - Georg Krogmann , Willi Zincke  , Hans Dehning - Helmut Bork , Hugo Fick , David Binder , Willi Fick , Ernst Möller Trainers: - (C)Captain of the crew
Karlsruhe FV Franz Burger - Kurt Hüber , Ernst Hollstein - Wilhelm Gros , Max Breunig , Hermann Bosch - Fritz Tscherter , Fritz Förderer  , Gottfried Fuchs , Julius Hirsch , Hermann Kächele Trainer: William Townley(C)Captain of the crew

Match report

Both clubs faced each other in the final in 1910. No goals were scored in the even game until half-time. In the 52nd minute, Willi Fick falls in the Karlsruhe penalty area, Ernst Möller converts the decisive penalty to 1-0. After the lead, the Kielers defended their narrow lead. At KFV, the famous inner storm disappointed, center forward Gottfried Fuchs played with a plaster bandage in the first half. This was removed during the break, but he still suffered from the knee injury and was therefore only able to participate to a limited extent. The coach of the Karlsruher FV, William Townley, was loaned out by SpVgg Fürth especially for this final .

The championship team of FV Holstein Kiel

The Holstein Kiel championship team in the Hoheluft Stadium in Hamburg

Below is the championship team with the players' stakes and goals.

FV Holstein Kiel
Coat of arms FV Holstein from 1902.png

List of goalscorers

There is also an unknown goalscorer from ATV Liegnitz.

player society Games Gates
1. German EmpireThe German Imperium Fritz sponsor Karlsruhe FV 3 6th
2. German EmpireThe German Imperium Erich Arndt Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 2 3
3. German EmpireThe German Imperium David Binder FV Holstein Kiel 3 3
4th German EmpireThe German Imperium Gottfried Fuchs Karlsruhe FV 2 2
German EmpireThe German Imperium Otto Hofmann SpVgg 1899 Leipzig 2 2
German EmpireThe German Imperium Willi Worpitzky Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 2 2
7th German EmpireThe German Imperium Robert Kruger Berlin FC Preussen 1 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Discard ATV Liegnitz 1 1
9. German EmpireThe German Imperium Ernst Dathe SpVgg 1899 Leipzig 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Paul Kugler Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Ferdinand Mückenheim SpVgg 1899 Leipzig 2 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Schiepe Berlin TuFC Viktoria 89 2 1
13. German EmpireThe German Imperium Max Breunig Karlsruhe FV 3 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Hugo fuck FV Holstein Kiel 3 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Julius Hirsch Karlsruhe FV 3 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Ernst Möller FV Holstein Kiel 3 1
German EmpireThe German Imperium Fritz Tscherter Karlsruhe FV 3 1


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Individual evidence

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