German football championship 1930/31

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German football championship 1930/31
The logo of the German Football Association from 1900 to 1945
master Hertha BSC
Teams 16
Games 15th
Gates 69  (ø 4.6 per game)
Top scorer German EmpireGerman Empire Willi Kirsei (7 goals)
German championship 1929/30

The twenty-fourth German football championship in 1931 was dominated by the global economic crisis . Mass unemployment and poverty ruled Germany. Football was also affected by this; the number of viewers fell significantly.

In this difficult time it was not surprising that some players one of their clubs signing bonus conceded that after the pure amateur ideal of the DFB was actually banned. At the big clubs like Hertha BSC , Eintracht Frankfurt or 1. FC Nürnberg , however, this had long since become common practice, and the regional associations usually turned a generous eye on the game. The West German Spielverband saw it differently this season. The association took massive action against those players who took cash and were therefore professionals in the eyes of the officials. FC Schalke 04 , whose first team was almost completely banned by the WSV, was hit particularly hard . In terms of sport, the Schalke team crashed in the Ruhr district league and would have been relegated to the second division if the ban had not been lifted after six months due to violent protests from all football fans in West Germany. Thus Schalke could still ensure relegation, but participation in the finals was no longer an option.

In north-eastern Germany there were changes in the layout of the regions. Most of the clubs in Pomerania joined the VBB and now played with the Berlin - Brandenburg teams for the regional championship. The region of the Baltic Association thus only comprised eastern Pomerania, Danzig and East Prussia .

Hertha BSC was again the title holder and successfully defended its title, something that had previously only been achieved by 1. FC Nürnberg. With their sixth finals in a row, the Berliners set a record that was set only once by the end of the championship finals in 1963 (FC Schalke 04 1937 to 1942), but could never be exceeded. The Herthaners had the luck at this final that they had not been able to do in the four winless finals from 1926 to 1929. They were clearly inferior in the duel with the Munich Lions and were deservedly 1: 2 behind until the Berliners were able to turn the tide with two clear offside hits (the referee ignored the linesman's flag in both cases). After all, the lions remained the consolation of being the first Munich team to have reached the final.

At the ATSB , the team from Lorbeer Hamburg won the German championship for the second time this year , while the German gymnastics league no longer played a title holder. By contrast, had the ATSB the communist struggle Community Red Sport unit split off and established their first national champion. The title was won by the four-time ATSB champion Dresdner SV 1910 . The German youth force played again no master.

Participants in the final round

society Qualified as
SV Prussia-Samland Koenigsberg Northeast German master
VfB Koenigsberg Northeast German runner-up
Beuthener SuSV Southeast German master
VfB Liegnitz Southeast German runner-up
Hertha BSC Master Berlin-Brandenburg
Tennis Borussia Berlin Vice champion Berlin-Brandenburg
Dresdner SC Central German master
SpVgg 1899 Leipzig-Lindenau Central German cup winner
Hamburger SV North German master
Holstein Kiel North German runner-up
Fortuna Dusseldorf West German master
VfB 03 Bielefeld West German runner-up
Meidericher SV Winner of the West German qualification for the 3rd participant
SpVgg Fürth South German master
Eintracht Frankfurt South German runner-up
SV 1860 Munich Winner of the South German qualification for the 3rd participant

Round of 16

date Result Stadion
May 10, 1931 Beuthener SuSV 0: 2 (0: 0) Hamburger SV Beuthen , Heinitzgrube sports field
May 10, 1931 VfB 03 Bielefeld 2: 5 (1: 1) Hertha BSC Dortmund , Red Earth arena
May 10, 1931 Tennis Borussia Berlin 6: 1 (5: 0) VfB Liegnitz Berlin , stadium at Gesundbrunnen
May 10, 1931 VfB Koenigsberg 1: 8 (0: 2) Dresdner SC Königsberg , VfB-Platz Maraunenhof
May 10, 1931 Holstein Kiel 3: 2 (0: 2) SV Prussia-Samland Koenigsberg Kiel , Holstein Stadium
May 10, 1931 SpVgg 1899 Leipzig-Lindenau 0: 3 (0: 1) SpVgg Fürth Leipzig , Probstheidaer Stadium
May 14, 1931 Fortuna Dusseldorf 2: 3 n.V. (2: 2, 1: 1) Eintracht Frankfurt Düsseldorf , Rheinstadion
May 17, 1931 SV 1860 Munich 4: 1 (1: 1) Meidericher SV Munich , Heinrich Zisch Stadium

Quarter finals

date Result Stadion
May 17, 1931 Hamburger SV 2: 0 (1: 0) Eintracht Frankfurt Altona , Altona Stadium
May 17, 1931 Hertha BSC 3: 1 (2: 1) SpVgg Fürth Berlin , Poststadion
May 17, 1931 Dresdner SC 3: 4 (3: 1) Holstein Kiel Dresden , stadium in the Ostragehege
May 24, 1931 SV 1860 Munich 1: 0 (1: 0) Tennis Borussia Berlin Frankfurt am Main , Waldstadion


date Result Stadion
May 31, 1931 Hertha BSC 3: 2 n.V. (2: 2, 2: 0) Hamburger SV Leipzig , Wacker Stadium
May 31, 1931 SV 1860 Munich 2: 0 (0: 0) Holstein Kiel Duisburg , Wedaustadion


pairing Hertha BSC - SV 1860 Munich
Result 3: 2 (1: 2)
date June 14, 1931
Stadion Müngersdorfer Stadion , Cologne
spectator 50,000
referee Fissenewerth ( Munich Gladbach )
Gates 0: 1 Oeldenberger (24th)
1: 1 Sobek (44th)
1: 2 Lachner (45th)
2: 2 Sobek (75th)
3: 2 Kirsei (89th)
Hertha BSC Paul Gehlhaar - Willi Völker , Rudolf Wilhelm - Hans Appel , Ernst Müller , Alfred Stahr - Hans Ruch , Hanne Sobek , Bruno Lehmann , Willi Kirsei , Hermann Hahn
SV 1860 Munich Alfred Riemke - Max Schäfer , Josef Wendl - Ludwig Stock , Alois Pledl , Fritz Eiberle - Ludwig Stiglbauer , Ludwig Lachner , Anton Huber , Otto Oeldenberger , Gustav Thalmeier

List of goalscorers

player society Games Gates
1. German EmpireGerman Empire Willi Kirsei Hertha BSC 4th 7th
2. German EmpireGerman Empire Otto Oeldenberger SV 1860 Munich 4th 4th
German EmpireGerman Empire Johannes Sobek Hertha BSC 4th 4th
4th German EmpireGerman Empire Karl Ehmer Eintracht Frankfurt 2 3
German EmpireGerman Empire Andreas Franz SpVgg Fürth 2 3
German EmpireGerman Empire Richard Hofmann Dresdner SC 2 3