German Volleyball Bundesliga 2001/02 (women)

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The 2001/02 season of the Bundesliga volleyball was the twenty-sixth edition of this competition. The Schwerin SC was able to defend his title from last year and was the fifth time German champions .


This season the following twelve teams played in the first division:

Schwerin SC took up the title as defending champion. From the second division came the TV Fischbek Hamburg (as "Phoenix Hamburg") and the Rote Raben Vilsbiburg.


Main round

society Points sentences
1. Schwerin 34: 6 54:16
2. Dresden 32: 8 51:21
3. Ulm 30:10 49:26
4th Fischbek 30:10 46:29
5. Muenster 26:14 43:26
6th Karbach 18:22 35:36
7th Vilsbiburg 12:28 30:47
8th. Leverkusen 12:28 29:50
9. Creglingen 12:28 24:48
10. Berlin 8:32 21:54
11. Emlichheim 6:34 25:54
12. Lohhof 0-0 0-0

Bayern Lohhof withdrew from game operations during the season, and all games involving Bayern Lohhof were canceled.

Championship round

Schweriner SC was the German champion. Dresdner SC was second, DJK Karbach third.

Relegation round

Relegated or returnees after the season were DJK Karbach, TV Creglingen, the Volley Cats Berlin and SCU Emlichheim.

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