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City of Kalbe (Milde)
Coordinates: 52 ° 37 ′ 10 ″  N , 11 ° 20 ′ 39 ″  E
Height : 38 m
Area : 16.6 km²
Residents : 426  (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 26 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : January 1, 2010
Postal code : 39624
Primaries : 039080, 039085
Engersen (Saxony-Anhalt)

Location of Engersen in Saxony-Anhalt

Engersen is a village and a district of the town of Kalbe (Milde) in the Altmarkkreis Salzwedel in Saxony-Anhalt , Germany.


The Altmark town is 5 kilometers southwest of Kalbe (Milde). The Beeke flows in the north.

Local division

The village consists of the districts of Klein Engersen and Engersen, which used to be called Groß Engersen.


For the first time in 1238 were Engerbu parvum (small Engersen) and Engerbu magnum mentioned (United Engersen) writing. Count Siegfried von Osterburg and Altenhausen gave both villages back to Abbot Gerhard von Werden and Helmstedt that year. The resignation certificate created is the oldest surviving document that refers to both villages.

The former Alvensleben manor was dissolved around 1826.


The municipality of Engersen was created on July 1, 1950 through the merger of the municipalities of Groß Engersen and Klein Engersen from the Gardelegen district . From July 25, 1952, the new municipality belonged to the district of Kalbe (Milde) . On January 1, 1988 Engersen was assigned to the Gardelegen district .

The municipality of Engersen and was a member of the administrative community Arendsee-Kalbe . The municipal councils of the municipalities of Kalbe (Milde) (on June 25, 2009), Brunau (on May 12, 2009), Engersen (on June 2, 2009), Jeetze (on June 3, 2009), Kakerbeck ( on June 25th, 2009), Packebusch (on June 4th, 2009) and Vienau (on May 14th, 2009) that their parishes will be dissolved and merged into a new town Kalbe (Milde). This contract was approved by the county as the lower local supervisory authority and came into effect on January 1, 2010.

After the implementation of the unification agreement of the previously independent municipality of Engersen, Engersen and Klein Engersen became districts of the new town of Kalbe (Milde). For the included municipality, the local constitution according to §§ 86 ff. Municipality code of Saxony-Anhalt was introduced. The recorded municipality of Engersen and the future districts of Engersen and Klein Engersen became part of the new town of Kalbe (Milde). A local council with seven members, including the local mayor, was formed in the incorporated municipality and now the village of Engersen.

Population development

Great Engersen

year Residents
1734 175
1774 191
1789 265
1801 266
1818 215
year Residents
1840 351
1864 420
1885 432
1871 413
1895 471
year Residents
1892 467
1910 580
1925 583
1939 548
1946 909


year Residents
1964 784
1971 763
1981 667
1993 638
2006 548
2015 419
year Residents
2016 426
2017 415
2018 426


The Protestant church in the United Engersen Engersen and the church community Klein Engersen formerly belonged to the parish of Great Engersen and now both belong to the parish area Estedt of the church district Salzwedel in Propst Sprengel Stendal Magdeburg of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany .

Culture and sights


Church in Engersen
  • The Protestant church in Engersen is a late Romanesque field stone church . The original church furnishings included one of the oldest triumphal crosses in the Altmark, which is exhibited today in the Altmark Museum in Stendal. The church belongs to the Romanesque Road .
  • There is an old cemetery in the churchyard. The local cemetery is in the east of the village.
  • In front of the church in Engersen there is a memorial for the fallen and missing of the First World War. Next to it is a memorial stone for the victims of the Second World War.


The Highland Games have been held on the sports field in Groß Engersen since 2007. Men in plaid skirts compete in disciplines such as throwing sandbags and piling beer crates.

Economy and Infrastructure

In the village of Groß Engersen there is now a turkey farm, a locksmith's shop, an agricultural machinery workshop, an organic farm and the Engersen eG agricultural cooperative ( suckler cow husbandry ). Until the end of the 1970s, there was a primary school in Groß Engersen.



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