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Fritz Niebler (born August 28, 1958 in Viernheim ) is a former German wrestler .


Fritz Niebler grew up in his hometown of Viernheim and began at the local caulking and Ring Club (SRC) with the rings . Fritz Niebler learned the profession of roofer. He was already very successful as a teenager. He was German youth champion in 1974, 1975 and 1976 and German junior champion in free style in 1975 and 1976. Fritz was very light and started as a senior at the beginning of his international career in paper weight (class up to 48 kg body weight, later then in the flyweight, up to 52 kg body weight and in the bantam weight, up to 57 kg body weight).

Fritz Niebler's international career began at the Grand Prix of the Federal Republic of Germany in Freiburg im Breisgau , where he took 2nd place in paper weight. In the same year he reached the 5th place in the paper weight at the Junior World Championship in Haskovo , which was won by none other than Anatoli Beloglasow from the Soviet Union . With a victory at the Grand Prix of the FRG in Freiburg im Breisgau in 1976 in front of Mohammadkosin Dagbati , Iran and Jürgen Möbius from the GDR , Fritz Niebler won the ticket to the international championships of that year. At the European Championships in Leningrad and at the Olympic Games in Montreal , however, he had to pay a lot of money because he only came in 10th and 17th in the flyweight division.

In 1977 Fritz Niebler celebrated the greatest success of his international wrestling career when he took 3rd place at the Junior World Championship (Espoirs = up to the age of 20) in Las Vegas and thus won the bronze medal. He also achieved very good placements at the 1979 European Championships in Budapest , where he finished 5th, at the 1980 European Championships in Prievidza , where he was again 5th, and at the 1981 European Championships in Łódź , where he came 4th narrowly missed a medal. He reached a good 7th place at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles in flyweight. He won there over the strong wrestlers Thierry Bourdin from France and Ray Takahashi from Canada , before losing to the 1988 Olympic champion Yūji Takada from Japan and Kim Jong-Kyu from South Korea .

After an 11th place at the 1985 European Championships in Leipzig , Fritz Niebler ended his international wrestling career. He struggled for a few more years for AV Reilingen , to which he had switched in the meantime, for a few more years in the German Bundesliga, but then returned to SRC Viernheim, where he is still in the first team today, at almost 50 years old .

Fritz Niebler was eight times German senior champion and also won this title several times in the "Masters".

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, F = free style, Pa = paper weight, Fl = fly weight, Ba = bantam weight, at that time up to 48 kg, 52 kg or 57 kg body weight)

  • 1977, 3rd place , Junior World Championships (Espoirs = up to the age of 20) in Las Vegas , F, Fl, behind Magomet-Gassan Abuschew , USSR a. de Paoli, USA a. before Ivanov, Bulgaria a. Takahashi, Japan ;
  • 1977, 20th place , World Championships in Lausanne , F, Fl, after defeat by Hayrtmut Reich retired due to injury;
  • 1978, 1st place , tournament in Athens , F, Fl, before G. Sidoropoulos u. S. Labrilandis, bde. Greece ;
  • 1979, 2nd place , Grand Prix of the Federal Republic of Germany in Freiburg, F, Fl, behind Władysław Stecyk u. before Heinz Thiel, GDR, Bernd Külsch, Federal Republic of Germany a. Aldo Bova, Italy ;
  • 1979, 2nd place , "Werner-Seelenbinder" tournament in Leipzig , F, Fl, behind Hartmut Reich u. before Adrian Tarangul, GDR, Abood Marwan, Iran a. Heinz Thiel;
  • 1979, 1st place , EU championship in Manchester , F, Fl, ahead of Antonio La Bruna, Italy, Frans Snijders, Netherlands , Bruno Kuratli, Switzerland , Schepenisse, Belgium a. Diego Lo Bruto;
  • 1981, 3rd place , tournament in Bratislava , F, Fl, behind Nikolai Savinkow, USSR a. Stefan Goras, Romania;
  • 1981, 4th place , EM in Łódź , F, Fl, with victories over Michel Kapolka a. Stefan Goras u. Defeats against Lajos Szabo, Hungary a. Valentin Jordanow , Bulgaria;
  • 1982, unpl. , EM in Varna , F, Fl, abandoned due to injury in the first fight;
  • 1982, 7th place , World Championships in Edmonton , F, Fl, with a victory over Gangrenuer, China a . Defeats against Aslan Seyhanlı u. Joe Gonzales , USA;
  • 1983, 2nd place , "Werner-Seelenbinder" tournament in Leipzig, F, Fl, behind Hartmut Reich u. before Thomas Dursee, USA;
  • 1983, 7th place , EM in Budapest , F, Fl, with a victory over Mamedow, USSR a. Defeats to Władysław Stecyk u. Lajos Szabo;
  • 1984, unpl. , EM in Jönköping , F, Fl, resignation due to injury in the 1st fight against Ragim Mawrusow, USSR;
  • 1985, 3rd place , Grand Prix of the Federal Republic of Germany in Aschaffenburg , F, Ba, behind Josef Schwendtner u. Mehmet Cakici, Turkey a. before Jörg Dumblus, Federal Republic of Germany, Olaf Tölle, GDR a. Demirel, Turkey;
  • 1985, 11th place , EM in Leipzig, F, Ba, after defeats against Bernd Bobrich , GDR a. Pehkonen, Finland

German championships

  • 1975, 2nd place, F, Pa, behind Willi Heckmann , Schifferstadt u. before F. Schmidt, Schorndorf ,
  • 1976, 2nd place, F, Pa, behind Willi Heckmann u. in front of Manfred Schiessl, Munich -Neuaubing,
  • 1977, 3rd place, F, Fl, behind Willi Heckmann u. Mario Sabattini, Freiburg im Breisgau -St. Georgen,
  • 1978, 1st place, F, Fl, before K. Holz, Aalen a . Peter Dorfner, Kelheim ,
  • 1979, 2nd place, F, Fl, behind Willi Heckmann u. in front of Martin Herbster , Graben-Neudorf,
  • 1980, 2nd place, F, Ba, behind Hans Partsch , Schorndorf a . before Martin Herbster,
  • 1981, 1st place, F, Fl, before Rolf Monschau, Duisdorf a . Horst Jakobs, Riegelsberg ,
  • 1982, 1st place, F, Fl, in front of Hubert Baur, Nendingen and Rolf Monschau,
  • 1983, 1st place, F, Fl, before Herbert Tutsch , Untertürkheim a . Horst Jakobs,
  • 1984, 1st place, F, Fl, before Herbert Tutsch u. E. Lacher, TuS Adelhausen ,
  • 1985, 1st place, F, Ba, before Jörg Dumblus, KSV Witten u. Uwe Burkhardt, Graben-Neudorf,
  • 1986, 1st place, F, Ba, ahead of Uwe Burkhardt a. Horst Jakobs, Eppelborn,
  • 1988, 1st place, F, Fl, in front of Mustafa Tor, Reilingen u. Marko Treffeisen, Freiburg-St. George


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