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Hans or Hanns is a male given name and a family name .

Origin and meaning

Hans is a short form of the male Hebrew given name Johannes , but is officially recognized as a separate form . It also occurs as a family name . It also occurs in combination, usually before other first names , written separately, written together or with a hyphen .


Hans was a very popular first name for boys in Germany: From the end of the 19th century until the 1950s, he was one of the ten most frequently given first names in Germany and after 1910 was often the most frequently given. However, this also includes double names such as Hans-Jürgen and Hans-Dieter , which were particularly common after 1935. Since the late 1950s, the name's popularity has declined sharply.

In the Faroe Islands , Hans is the most common Faroese name .


Einblattdruck Diss let me be one three handsome Hansen. All so called Johannes or Hansen with their baptismal names. To heartfelt warning and congratulations collected and venerated; Paid on Johannis deß H. Täuffers day in the year after the birth of Christ 1623

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family name

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  • Knobloch Hans ( Hilda Knobloch ; 1880–1960), Austrian writer
  • Elenhans ( Hans-Jerg Brendlin ; 1609–1677), German insurgent
  • Geigenhans ( Johann Georg Strau ; 1798–1854), German violin maker and violinist
  • Konstanzer Hans ( Johann Baptist Herrenberger ; 1759–1793), German robber
  • Hans the brother (also brother Hans ), Marian poet and mystic

Fictional characters



Hans in the Punjabi language

Independent of this Hebrew-European etymology, there is the word "hans" in the Punjabi language, where it means " swan ". With this basic meaning it also occurs as a name, e.g. B. for a population group in Pakistani Punja or the Indian singer Hans Raj Hans.


  • The naked Hans is a synonym for the storm surge on the North Sea, especially on the North Frisian coast.
  • Arrivederci, Hans was a popular hit by Rita Pavone in 1968 .
  • Hans is the name of a well-known male toy doll by Käthe Kruse .
  • Hänschen is the name of a figure embodied by Chiem van Houweninge in the Schimanski Tatorte.
  • The Hänneschen Theater is a traditional puppet theater in Cologne's old town.
  • The Hans im Glück is a game publisher.
  • Stupid Hans , child's play
  • Once Hans with Spicy Sauce is the title of an autobiographical book by the German-Turkish journalist Hatice Aküyn and the title of the film of the same name from 2013.
  • Big Hans , pastry
  • Little little boy , nursery rhyme
  • Hänschen klein, went alone is an autobiographical book by Hans-Jürgen Massaquoi .
  • Hans Beimer († 2018), nicknamed Hansemann, was a character embodied by Joachim Hermann Luger in the ARD television series Lindenstrasse .
  • A litigator is colloquially a person who is often involved in civil proceedings as a plaintiff.
  • Hansel is also known colloquially as a person with an inadequate character.
  • What Hans doesn't learn, Hans never learns anymore, proverb
  • And Hans creeps around ..., folk song
  • Spanlong Hansel , noodle-thick wench ..., folk song
  • But my Hans - he can do it ..., hits by Josef Niessen and Fred Rauch
  • Hans stay there, folksong
  • Hans. Illustrated ridicule poem. In: Flying leaves . Volume 1, Issue 4, p. 31 (1845)
  • Schnapphans , sculpture in Jena
  • Karsthans , Reformation Dialogue

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