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Peter Hans, August 2004

Peter Hans (born June 1, 1950 in Neunkirchen - Münchwies ; † July 27, 2007 in Neunkirchen ) was a German politician and member of the CDU . From 1999 until his death he was chairman of the CDU parliamentary group in the Saarland state parliament .

education and profession

After attending the Münchwies elementary school and the state high school in Neunkirchen, Peter Hans passed his Abitur in 1968 . He then did his military service from 1968 to 1970 . This was followed by a degree in English , history and social studies in Saarbrücken , which he graduated with the first state examination in 1975 and the second state examination in 1977. From 1977 to 1990 he worked in school, most recently as senior teacher at the state Christian von Mannlich high school in Homburg .

Political party

Peter Hans was a member of the CDU. Since 1987 he was chairman of the CDU district association Neunkirchen. Before that, he was chairman of the Junge Union Münchwies from 1974 to 1978 , from 1975 to 1977 deputy chairman of the Neunkirchen city association of the Junge Union, from 1976 to 1978 deputy district chairman of the Junge Union, from 1978 to 1987 and from 1992 to 2000 chairman of the CDU local association Münchwies, from 1983 to 1987 deputy chairman of the CDU city association Neunkirchen, from 1975 to 1985 member of the Münchwies local council, from 1977 to 1979 mayor in Münchwies and from 1984 to 2004 member of the city ​​council of the district town of Neunkirchen.


Peter Hans had been a member of the Saarland Landtag since 1990 . From 1994 to 1999 he was Parliamentary Managing Director of the CDU parliamentary group . After the CDU had achieved a narrow absolute majority with 45.5% of the votes in the state elections in 1999 and Peter Müller had been elected Prime Minister of Saarland, Peter Hans replaced him in the position of parliamentary group chairman. On September 5, 2004, the CDU was able to expand its lead in the state elections and the majority faction, led by Hans, won an additional seat in the Saarland state parliament despite the entry of Alliance 90 / The Greens and the FDP . A particular concern for him was the strengthening of the rights of the state parliaments , which in his opinion increasingly lost power in favor of the executives . Although he had suffered from severe cancer for years, Hans continued his work until a few days before his death.


Hans was a Roman Catholic. He was married to Inge Theobald and had two sons with her. The older of them is Tobias Hans , who was parliamentary group chairman of the CDU parliamentary group in Saarland from November 2015 to March 2018 and has been prime minister of Saarland since March 2018.

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