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Heinkel He 45
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Type: Combat and reconnaissance aircraft
Design country:

German EmpireGerman Empire German Empire



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The Heinkel He 45 was a combat and reconnaissance aircraft.


Development of the Heinkel He 45 biplane and the He 46 monoplane for purely military use began in the early 1930s . The He 45 was intended as a light fighter aircraft and was equipped with the BMW VI engine as standard. The first flight took place in 1932. 512 machines of this type had been built by the summer of 1936.

Production numbers

Series production of the He 45 began in December 1933 and ended in June 1937.

Production figures of the He 45
Manufacturer total
EHF 50
FW 219
Gotha 87
BFW 156
total 512


Six He 45s were tested as reconnaissance aircraft in the Condor Legion from 1936 during the Spanish Civil War . At that time another 40 He 45c machines (Spanish nickname "Pavo") were delivered to the Spanish Republican Air Force commanded by General Franco . There they were as a bomber, Nahaufklärer and attack aircraft used. Twelve machines were delivered to the newly established Bulgarian Air Force from 1936 to 1937. At the beginning of September 1939, the He 45s were withdrawn from the front line and assigned to the training associations. Only a few machines were used as light bombers on night missions on the Eastern Front in the Second World War until spring 1943 .


Technical specifications

Parameter Data from the Heinkel He 45c
crew 1 pilot and 1 observer / gunner
length 10.60 m
span above: 11.50 m
below: 10 m
height 3.60 m
Wing area 34.60 m²
Wing extension 6.9
payload 472.60 kg without fuel
Empty mass 2110 kg
Max. Takeoff mass 2751 kg
Wing loading 61 kg / m²
Cruising speed 221 km / h
Top speed 290 km / h
Service ceiling 5500 m
Range 1200 km
Max. Flight duration 5:40 h
Engines 1 × BMW VI 0 with 600 hp at 1650 rpm
Armament 1 × 7.92 mm MG 17 and 1 × 7.92 mm MG 15

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