Hermann von Malotki

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Karl Hermann Hugo von Malotki (born December 24, 1830 in Friedrichsfelde , Bublitz district , † September 14, 1911 in Naumburg (Saale) ) was a Prussian lieutenant general .



He was the son of Johann Wilhelm von Malotki (1779–1831) and his wife Karoline Sabine Wilhelmine, born von Kleist (1788–1880). His father was a prime lieutenant a. D. , most recently in the “von Natzmer” infantry regiment .

Military career

Malotki began his career on September 1, 1843 as a cadet in Kulm . In 1846 he came to the cadet institute in Berlin and on April 1, 1848 was transferred to the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the Prussian Army as Portepeefähnrich. After a few days he was referred back to the cadet corps with instructions to stay there for another year. On April 28, 1849, Malotki finally came as a second lieutenant in the 14th Infantry Regiment . Commanded from May 1, 1853 to the end of February 1857 as adjutant and investigative officer of the 2nd Battalion in the 14th Landwehr Regiment in Bromberg , he then worked as an adjutant of the 2nd Battalion. As a prime lieutenant, Malotki was then commanded to the 2nd Jäger Battalion for one year until September 30, 1859 . Transferred to Infantry Regiment No. 54 on July 1, 1860 , he was promoted to captain to company commander.

In this position Malotki took part in the war against Austria in 1866 , fought at Gitschin and Königgrätz and received the Red Eagle Order IV class with swords for his achievements . Transferred to Grenadier Regiment No. 89 in October 1868 , he was promoted to major here on September 12, 1870 . During the war against France , Malotki acted from September 21, 1870 as leader of the 2nd Battalion, participated in the sieges of Metz , Toul , Paris , the Battle of Le Mans and a number of other skirmishes. Awarded the Iron Cross II. Class, Malotki was briefly leader of III after the preliminary peace of Versailles in March 1871. Battalion before he was appointed commander of 2nd Battalion at the end of the month. As such, promoted to lieutenant colonel on March 22, 1876 , Malotki received command of the 7th Rhenish Infantry Regiment 69 on June 12, 1880 and was promoted to colonel three months later . Transferred to Gotha on October 18, 1881 , he commanded the 6th Thuringian Infantry Regiment No. 95 and was awarded the Order of the Crown, 2nd class , on September 26, 1883 . Under position à la suite of this regiment, Malotki was commissioned on November 12, 1885, initially with the command of the 9th Infantry Brigade, and on December 3, 1885 he was appointed commander of this brigade while being promoted to major general . On January 18, 1888 awarded the Red Eagle II. Class with Oak Leaves and Swords, Malotki was finally on August 2, 1888 presentation of the character as a lieutenant general with board for disposition made.

In subsequent appreciation of his services, Malotki received the Grand Cross of the Order of the Wendish Crown on December 28, 1895, and the Star Commander of the Duke of Saxony-Ernestine House Order on February 25, 1907 .


He married on April 7, 1864 in Kolberg with Helene Julie Pauline von Zastrow (1846-1922), daughter of the Prussian Major General Julius von Zastrow (1802-1884) and his wife Maria Rosine Mathilde [von Moers]. The marriage resulted in four daughters and four sons.


Individual evidence

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