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The Reichenstein lordship had its ancestral seat at Reichenstein Castle near Puderbach in the Westerwald and was a fiefdom of the Counts of Wied .

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Since 1480, the Reichenstein lordship only comprised the castle and 2 ½ feet from the curtain wall. After the von Reichenstein family died out in 1511, they became wiedic property. In 1523 Count Johann III. von Wied-Runkel owner of the castle, which had been falling into disrepair since 1549. In July 1698, the ruin was sold to the vestic Count Franz von Nesselrode-Reichenstein for 6000 thalers as imperial rule . Nesselrode undertook not to rebuild the ruins and was then accepted into the Lower Rhine-Westphalian Imperial Counts College.

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