Lordship of Winneburg and Beilstein

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Coat of arms 1,4: Winneburg; 2,3: Braunshorn-Beilstein

The rule of Winneburg since 1362 Winneburg-Beilstein was a territory of the Holy Roman Empire .


The center of the rule was the Winneburg built at the beginning of the 14th century . It is located near Cochem on the Moselle . The owner of the rule was initially the noble von Winneburg family. In 1362, the von Braunshorn family inherited the Beilstein lordship with Beilstein Castle . The property was temporarily pledged to the Electoral Palatinate and Kurtrier and had to be received as a fief. In 1488 the Beilstein War broke out over the property of the rulership. Cuno III. von Winneburg-Beilstein and Elector Philipp von der Pfalz fought against Electorates . The diocese prevailed. Johann II of Baden withdrew from Cuno III in 1488. von Winneburg-Beilstein the fiefdom. It was not awarded again to Cuno until 1503. After the von Winneburg family died out, Kurtrier moved in the dominions of Winneburg and Beilstein in 1637. In 1652 it was given as a fief to the family of the Barons von Metternich . At that time the rule was 17 villages. In 1679 the Winneburg-Beilsteiner line of the Metternichs was raised to the rank of imperial count. Since then they have called themselves Metternich-Winneburg and Beilstein. The largest part of the rule - the tri- lordly area on the Hunsrück - they owned as a condominium with Kurtrier and the Counts of Sponheim until 1780 .

The dominion of Winneburg-Beilstein belonged to the Lower Rhine-Westphalian Empire and its owners to the Lower Rhine-Westphalian Empire Counts College . Together the lords of Winneburg-Beilstein covered three square miles and had about 6,500 inhabitants.

During the French Revolution , the rule was occupied by France in the course of the coalition wars and incorporated into France after the Peace of Luneville in 1801. In 1815 the area fell to Prussia. The last ruler of the mediatized rule was Prince Klemens Wenzel Lothar von Metternich .


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