Johann Friedrich Gustav von Stockhausen

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Johann Friedrich Gustav von Stockhausen (born April 26, 1743 at Gut Wintzig , Wohlau district , † March 27, 1804 in Fraustadt ) was a Prussian major general and chief of infantry regiment No. 37 .



Johann Friedrich Gustav von Stockhausen was the son of Johann Gottfried von Stockhausen (* 1685; † April 17, 1759 in Stettin ) and his wife Marianne Elisabeth von Reitzenstein (* September 16, 1710; † March 19, 1746). His father was a Prussian colonel and chief of Land Regiment No. 4 in Stettin.

Military career

In 1757 Stockhausen came to the Infantry Regiment "von Blankensee" No. 30 as a corporal corporal . With the regiment he took part in the Seven Years' War and fought in the battles near Reichenbach , Prague , Kolin , Breslau , Leuthen , Zorndorf , Torgau , Hochkirch and Freiberg . He was also in the battles of Döbeln and the sieges of Wroclaw, Prague and Olomouc . In the meantime Stockhausen was ensign on January 19, 1759 and second lieutenant on November 13, 1760 . After the war he was promoted to Prime Lieutenant on April 26, 1764 .

On January 3, 1777 he was staff captain and on November 19, 1778 captain and company commander . Stockhausen took part with the regiment in the War of the Bavarian Succession . On November 4, 1784 he became major and on February 1, 1790 commander of the 2nd battalion.

On May 25, 1792 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and as such Stockhausen took part in the First Coalition War. He fought in the battle of Kaiserslautern , took part in the siege of Mainz and was in the battle of Frankenthal . He also helped with the blockade and the shelling of Landau . He received the order Pour le Mérite on July 23, 1793 and became a colonel on January 12, 1794. On April 4, 1796, he was appointed commander of the 30th Infantry Regiment. On February 26, 1799 he received the appointment as chief of the infantry regiment "Hiller" No. 37 and shortly thereafter followed on May 20, 1799 with a patent from May 27, 1799 his appointment to major general.


Stockhausen married Luise Henriette Friederike von Ziegler on July 6, 1774 (born August 16, 1759 in Gotha , † February 25, 1814 in Homburg in front of the height ), daughter of Friedrich Wolfgang von Ziegler and Eleonore Sophie von Züllenhardt . She was a lady-in-waiting of the Landgrave of Hessen-Homburg and belonged to the literary circle of the Darmstadt sensitive , where she was named Lila. The couple had their son Johann Karl Friedrich Ludwig , who, like his father, became a Prussian general.


Individual evidence

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