Julius von Cranach

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Christoph Julius Lucas von Cranach (born August 27, 1793 in Kraazen , Soldin district , † November 30, 1860 in Breslau ) was a Prussian lieutenant general .



Julius was a son of Christian von Cranach (1753-1824) and his wife Henriette, born von Häuseler (1772-1816). His father was a Prussian captain a. D. and Mr. on Kraazen . His brother Karl von Cranach (1809–1900) was also a Prussian lieutenant general.

Military career

Cranach joined the Prussian Army's Body Infantry Regiment as a musketeer on November 14, 1809 and was promoted to Second Lieutenant by mid-February 1812 . During the wars of liberation he was wounded in the battle of Großgörschen , fought on the Katzbach and Laon . He was wounded again near Paris . He also fought in the siege of Mainz and the battles near Löwenberg, Bunzlau and Simmern, where he earned the Iron Cross 2nd class. He also took part in the transition at Wartenburg , fought at Trier, La Chaussee, Vitry, Bar-sur-Aube , Montmirail , Chateau-Thierry , Claye and St. Germain.

In the summer campaign of 1815 , Cranach received the Iron Cross First Class near Ligny and took part in the Battle of Waterloo .

On December 24, 1817, he was transferred to the Guard Jäger Battalion as a first lieutenant and rose to captain and company commander on July 18, 1822 . In 1835 he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir IV Class. On March 30, 1836 he was promoted to major and at the same time as commander in the III. Battalion of the 14th Landwehr Regiment, from there he came on November 3, 1842 as a commander in the III. Battalion of the 8th Landwehr Regiment. On March 30, 1844 he was transferred to the 28th Infantry Regiment and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on March 31, 1846 . On March 9, 1848, Cranach was commissioned to lead the 40th Infantry Regiment and on May 7, 1848 he was appointed regimental commander. He became a colonel on May 8, 1849 and as such from May 14, 1850 to December 1, 1851 commander of the 25th Infantry Regiment . Subsequently placed in command of the 15th Infantry Brigade and on December 13, 1851 à la suite of the 25th Infantry Regiment. On May 4, 1852 he came in command of the 29th Infantry Brigade . There he was promoted to major general on March 22, 1853 , and on January 10, 1857 he was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle, 2nd class with oak leaves. On June 23, 1857 he was put up for disposal with the character of lieutenant general and a pension . He died on November 30, 1860 in Breslau and was buried there on December 3, 1860.


Cranach married on October 13, 1823 in Schneidemühl Albertine Karoline Plumecke (1799–1867), the daughter of the merchant and landowner von Wissulke, district of Deutsch Krone Karl Heinrich Plumecke and Charlotte Elisabeth Büttner. The couple had several children:

  • Moritz Lucas (1824–1885), Lieutenant Colonel ret. D. ⚭ Dorothea Auguste Countess von Brockdorff (* 1843)
  • Maria Charlotte Friederike Wilhelmine (* 1830) ⚭ May 28, 1850 Richard Graf von Posadowsky-Wehner (* 1829)


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