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Karl Friedrich von Blumen (born January 6, 1784 in Berlin , † June 23, 1857 in Frankfurt (Oder) ) was a Prussian major general and commander of the 10th Landwehr Brigade.



He was the son of Johann Konrad von Blumen (1731–1799) and his wife Sophie Charlotte, née Hennig (* 1751). His father was a Prussian Major of artillery and chief of the garrison Artillery Company in Swidnica .

Military career

Blumen attended grammar school in Schweidnitz and on April 10, 1797 joined the Prussian Army's fusilier battalion "von Rühle" as a corporal . There he was promoted to portepeef ensign in mid-April 1799 and was promoted to secondary lieutenant in the fusilier battalion "von Pelet" on September 6, 1800 . In the fourth coalition war, flowers fought near Saalfeld and Jena . After he had evaded the surrender of Erfurt , he took part in the defense of Danzig and the battles at Praust and Langfuhr.

After the Peace of Tilsit he was promoted to Prime Lieutenant on June 9, 1807 and transferred to the 1st Silesian Infantry Regiment on February 17, 1809 when the army was reorganized . During the campaign in 1812, Blumen fought in combat near Klievenhof, Dahlenkirchen, Kyopten, Zennhof and Wollgund. On April 27, 1813, he was promoted to staff captain . During the Wars of Liberation he fought in the battle near Luckau and was wounded in the battle of Dresden . As a captain and company commander , Blumen was awarded the Iron Cross Class II and the Order of St. Vladimir IV Class for his behavior in the Battle of Kulm . He was at the siege of Erfurt and the battle at Vauxchamps .

After the war, Blumen was promoted to major on September 3, 1817 and transferred to the 21st Infantry Regiment on April 24, 1820 . There he was awarded the service cross in 1825 . On March 30, 1832, he was transferred to the Emperor Alexander Guard Grenadier Regiment No. 1 and from there on January 14, 1833 as a commander in the 20th Landwehr Regiment. On March 30, 1834, Blumen rose to lieutenant colonel and on March 30, 1836 to colonel . As such, he was from March 30, 1838 to March 24, 1841 commander of the 10th Infantry Regiment and then commander of the 10th Landwehr Brigade. In this position he was aggregated to the 10th Infantry Regiment on April 6, 1841 and promoted to major general on April 7, 1842. On the occasion of his 50th anniversary in service, King Friedrich Wilhelm IV awarded him the Order of the Red Eagle, 2nd class, with a star on April 6, 1847 . On May 10, 1848, he said goodbye with the statutory pension .

With him, the family of flowers died out.


Blumen married Ottilie Henriette Francoise von Unruh (* April 24, 1799 - February 11, 1861) in Breslau on November 10, 1820 , a daughter of General Friedrich Christoph Wilhelm von Unruh . The couple had two children:

  • Otto Hermann (* November 7, 1823; † before 1857)
  • a daughter