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Komárom coat of arms
Komárom (Hungary)
Basic data
State : Hungary
Region : Central Transdanubia
County : Komárom-Esztergom
Small area until December 31, 2012 : Komárom
Coordinates : 47 ° 44 '  N , 18 ° 7'  E Coordinates: 47 ° 44 '0 "  N , 18 ° 7' 0"  E
Area : 70.20  km²
Residents : 19,733 (Jan 1, 2011)
Population density : 281 inhabitants per km²
Telephone code : (+36) 34
Postal code : 2900
KSH kódja: 05449
Structure and administration (as of 2013)
Community type : city
Mayor : Attila Molnár (Fidesz-KDNP)
Postal address : Szabadság tér 1
2900 Komárom
Website :
(Source: A Magyar Köztársaság helységnévkönyve 2011. január 1st at Központi statisztikai hivatal )
Aerial view: The star fortress Csillag erőd east of Komárom
Elisabeth Bridge to Komárno
Postage stamp from the 1850 coat of arms with the Komárom local postmark

Komárom [ ˈkomaːrom ] (German Komorn , Slovak Komárno ) is a city in northern Hungary in Komárom-Esztergom County .


Komárom has an area of ​​70.19 km². In 2009 the city had 19,747 inhabitants. It lies on the right bank of the Danube . Today's Komárom in Hungary was not incorporated into today's Komárno in Slovakia until July 1, 1896, until that time the name of the place on the right bank of the Danube was Új-Szőny .


In Roman times, the legion camp Brigetio with an important civil town was located in the area of ​​today's Komárom in the Szőny district until late antiquity . Nothing of it is visible today.

The northern part of Komorn was occupied by Czechoslovak legionaries in 1919 . In the peace treaty of Trianon on June 4, 1920, this division was recognized under international law, the more important north (where the historic city center and the Komorn fortress are located) was annexed to the newly founded Czecho-Slovakia . The smaller, more insignificant part of Komorn with the 1977 suburb of Szőny , south of the Danube, remained with Hungary. This new border between Hungary and Czechoslovakia created two cities that ultimately bear the same name. Today's Slovak sister town Komárno is connected to Komárom by a Danube bridge (Elisabeth Bridge, Hungarian Erzsébet-híd).

Economy and Transport

This is where the Hungarian border inspection point for incoming and outgoing ships is, so that it is of great importance for Central European inland shipping . Due to the break in the slope of the Danube, large convoys of ships arriving upstream are divided into Komárom; Upstream from here on, a maximum of four-pack associations are continued. Conversely, the ships arriving in the valley can be brought together here to form large groups.

On the Hungarian part of the Komárom – Nové Zámky railway line, there is only freight traffic.

Komárom is now an industrial center. In spring 2017, the first European automobile factory of the Chinese company BYD Auto , the global market leader for battery buses, opened . Initially an annual production of 200 electric buses, in particular of the ebus type , is planned for the European market. Around 300 new jobs will be created at the site.

Twin cities

Komárom is a twin town of:

sons and daughters of the town


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