Lancia 1Z

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Armored car Lancia 1Z
General properties
crew 6 men
length 5.40 m
width 1.82 m
height 2.40 m
Dimensions 3.7 t
Armor and armament
Main armament two MG
Secondary armament no
drive Petrol engine
40 HP (30 kW)
suspension Suspension
Top speed 60 km / h (road)
Power / weight 10.8 hp / t
Range 300 km

The Lancia 1Z was an Italian four-wheel reconnaissance vehicle from the First World War .

Lancia 1ZM used by German troops in Yugoslavia in 1943


Lancia developed the vehicle based on the 1Z truck in 1912. Initially, the vehicles were mainly used in colonial service in North Africa. With the outbreak of World War I, however, the vehicles were hastily brought back home and used on the Isonzo front. Their main task was to monitor the rear areas and secure important crossroads and forks in the road. A use in the field was not possible due to the lack of cross-country mobility. After the war ended, most of the vehicles were used in Albania , where they were the only armored forces. Some vehicles remained in service with the Italian army and were also used in the Spanish Civil War. They were replaced by the AB41 Autoblindo .

A total of 120 Lancia 1Z armored cars were built.


Basically, Lancia had only armored the entire chassis and driver's cab of the 1Z truck. The machine gun turret was simply mounted on this structure. Based on the experience gained by other powers during the war, steel cutters were attached to the front and rear of the car. Barbed wire obstacles could be overcome without any problems.

In and of itself, the Lancia 1Z was quite an advanced vehicle for its time. The fully armored turret was something of a novelty, which was not to become standard again for armored scout vehicles until the Autoblindo AB41 from 1940 or the Marmon Herrington from 1938. Given the advances military technology had made between the two world wars, this is one of the reasons the 1Z car remained in service with the Italian army for so long.


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