Lancia Dikappa

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Production period: 1921-1922
Class : upper middle class
Body versions : Touring car
Engines: Otto engine :
4.9 liters (64 kW)
Length: 4860 mm
Width: 1615 mm
Wheelbase : 3338-3388 mm
Empty weight : 1300 kg
Previous model Lancia Theta

The Lancia Dikappa is a car of Lancia which was produced from 1921 to 1922.

The Lancia Dikappa is the sporty version of the Lancia Kappa . The Kappa is an open four-seater with a Phaeton body , the Dikappa has a torpedo body with a sloping windshield.

In order to keep the weight of the vehicle low, the body skeleton made of walnut and acacia wood was clad with aluminum sheet. The four-cylinder engine from the Kappa has been redesigned and delivers a maximum of 64 kW (87 hp) at 2300 rpm from a displacement of 4940 cm³. This performance gives the car a top speed of almost 130 km / h. Lancia built 160 pieces of the Dikappa. A higher number of pieces was prevented above all by the very high purchase price of 80,000 lire .

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