Lancia Eta-30 / 50HP

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Eta-30/50 HP
Production period: 1911-1914
Class : Middle class
Body versions : Touring car
Engines: Otto engine :
4.1 liters (44 kW)
Length: 4055 mm
Width: 1615 mm
Wheelbase : 2775 mm
Empty weight : 880 kg
Previous model Lancia Delta-20 / 30HP
successor Lancia Theta-35HP

The Lancia Eta-30 / 50HP was a car of Lancia , which was produced from 1911 to 1,914.

The Eta was a slim, compact vehicle that was delivered with electric light from 1913. The vehicle had a four-cylinder in - line engine with a displacement of 4100 cm³, which produced 60 hp and could accelerate the car to up to 115 km / h.

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