Lancia Lambda

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Lancia Lambda
Lancia Lambda
Production period: 1921-1931
Class : Upper class
Body versions : Touring car , limousine , coupé
Petrol engines : 2.1–2.6 liters
(37–51 kW)
Length: 4573 mm
Width: 1670 mm
Height: 1400 mm
Wheelbase : 3100-3420 mm
Empty weight : 1150-1250 kg
Previous model Lancia Kappa
successor Lancia Dilambda

The Lancia Lambda is an automobile from the Italian manufacturer Lancia , which was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1922. It was the first vehicle with a self-supporting body and had independent suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers at the front on sliding sleeves. After the Lancia Dilambda was presented, it was offered cheaper than this.

Model description

The lambda was equipped with a water-cooled four-stroke - Otto engine fitted, the four cylinders were at an angle of 13 ° to 14 ° to each other, depending on the year of manufacture and by a common cylinder head were locked. The overhead camshaft was driven by a vertical shaft.

When production of the Lambda ceased in 1931, over ten thousand had been made.

Because the first six series of the Lambda were provided with self-supporting bodies, there were - atypical of the time - no individual bodies from independent body construction companies. Only the Lambdas of the seventh and eighth series had a separate chassis, so that individual bodies were possible. The British bodywork company Albany produced some special bodies , including individual bodies covered with artificial leather based on the Weymann principle . One of the most unusual Lambda-based designs is the Albany Airway Saloon , created in 1927 , which was modeled on the lines of an airplane.

Technical specifications


  • VR four-cylinder
  • Cubic capacity - 2120 and 2570 cm³
  • Compression - 4.8: 1
  • Power - 37 and 51 kW
  • Speed ​​- 3250/3500 rpm
  • Transmission - 3-speed
  • Front axle - wheel suspension on sliding sleeves, coil springs, hydraulic dampers
  • Rear axle - rigid axle on leaf springs, mechanical friction shock absorbers



  • Patent US1694546 : car body for motor vehicles.
  • Patent DE390590 : Axle fixed to the chassis for the front wheels of motor vehicles.
  • Patent DE390288 : Liquid shock absorber , especially for motor vehicles.

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