Lancia Aurelia

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Lancia Aurelia B10 Berlina
Lancia Aurelia B10 Berlina
Production period: 1950-1958
Class : upper middle class
Body versions : Sedan , coupe , convertible
Petrol engines : 1.75–2.5 liters
(42–113 kW)
Length: 4420 mm
Width: 1560 mm
Height: 1500 mm
Wheelbase : 2860 mm
Empty weight : 1080 kg
Previous model Lancia Aprilia
successor Lancia Flaminia

The Aurelia is a model of the Italian car manufacturer Lancia , which was produced from 1950 to 1958 with different engine and body variants (sedan, coupé and convertible).

Lancia showed itself to be innovative with this vehicle: It had the first V6 engine produced in a well-known series, and this was also one of the first car engines with a housing and cylinder head made of light metal. At the beginning the engine had 1754 cm³ displacement (bore 70 mm and 76 mm stroke) with a maximum output of 42 kW (56 hp) at 4000 rpm, later there were up to 2.5 l and 113 kW in the coupés. The engines had offset crankpins, wet liners and a central chain-driven camshaft with hydraulic tensioner. The hanging valves were operated via rocker arms and were arranged in a V-shape because of the hemispherical combustion chambers. The clutch, gearbox and differential were combined in one housing ( transaxle ) and installed on the rear axle together with the internal drum brakes. As a result, the axle loads were almost the same. As with its predecessor Aprilia, the front wheels were individually suspended with sliding sleeves (similar to Morgan ), at the rear there was initially the first semi-trailing arm suspension , followed by a De-Dion rigid axle in the fourth series from 1954 . The Aurelia was one of the first cars with radial tires (165 × 400).

The Aurelia was designed by the designer Vittorio Jano . Above all, the car was an economic success for Lancia, but it was also a defining feature of many other Lancia models. In addition, with this model, Lancia began its series of successes in rallying .

Models and quantities:

  • Aurelia B10 / B15 / B21 / B22 / B12 (sedan on different wheelbases, 1950–1954) 13,677 units
  • Aurelia B50 / B51 / B52 / B55 / B56 / B60 (chassis only): 783
  • Aurelia B20 GT (Coupé, 1951–1958) 3111 pieces
  • Aurelia B24 Spider (1955) 240 pieces
  • Aurelia B24 Convertibile (1955–1958) 521 pieces

Based on the Aurelia, the Lancia Florida was created in 1956 as a study of the successor Lancia Flaminia introduced in spring 1957 .

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  • Lancia (ed.): The history of Lancia from 1906-1989 . Brochure published by the factory (quantities and models).

Individual references / comments

  2. according to other sources: Limousine: 12,786 pieces and B20 GT 3871 pieces.
  3. 50 of them were destroyed as new cars on board the Andrea Doria when it went down.