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Lancia 3Ro

The Lancia 3Ro was a heavy unit truck (Autocarro Unificato) used by the Italian Army from the Second World War until the 1960s. Until the end of the war, confiscated or newly delivered Lancia 3Ro trucks were also used by the German Wehrmacht .


RO BN and NM

1933 Lancia Ro (or 264) as the first of a series of heavy truck appeared in versions BM and NM as petrol and diesel engine version , the latter with a Junkers - two-cylinder engine , that of Fiat was produced under license. The 4-speed gearbox with reduction installed in Italy for the first time was considered a special innovation . In addition to the Italian army, the robust Lancia Ro was also used in the civilian sector, where it was used as a tanker , repair and transport vehicle. In the army it served as a transport vehicle in the divisional artillery and in the armored force. Between 1935 and 1936, 228 vehicles were used in the East African colonies , where they proved to be robust and reliable vehicles in view of the difficult terrain. At the "march on Addis Ababa" 118 Lancia Ro were used. In May 1938, 900 Lancia Ro took part in the military maneuvers in Libya .

Between 1934 and 1938, the Italian army procured 3056 Ro NM and 1701 Ro BN. 429 Ro were delivered to civilian customers.

Technical specifications

engine Two-cylinder diesel engine with 64 HP
Displacement 3180 cc
transmission 4 forward, 1 reverse gear
speed 32 km / h
Weight 5140 kg
Driving range 300 km
consumption 30 l / 100 km


civilian version of the Lancia 3Ro with trailer

In 1938 the Ro was developed into the Lancia 3Ro. He got a stronger five-cylinder - diesel engine and unlike its predecessors pneumatic tires. An innovation was its 8-speed gearbox. 32 soldiers, a light tank or seven horses could be transported on its loading area. During the Second World War, the 3Ro was used in the Soviet Union and in Africa . The structure of the 3Ro was expanded to include a 100 mm howitzer due to the area of ​​application.

Approximately 9500 Ro3s were produced during the war, of which

year number
1939 657
1940 2646
1941 3162
1942 1643
1943 1205
1944 51
1945 1

From April 1944, the vehicles ordered by the German Wehrmacht were delivered with a standard cabin. Between January 1944 and January 1945, the Wehrmacht received 772 Lancia 3Ros, and between 1943 and February 1945 about another hundred more were likely to have been delivered. The 3Ro of the Wehrmacht were used in the Balkans and on the Italian front.

After 1945, 3Ro production continued until 1950. It was not until 1964 that the last Ro3s were decommissioned.

Technical specifications

engine Five-cylinder diesel with 93 hp
Displacement 6875 cc
transmission 5 forward, 1 reverse gear
speed 45 km / h
Weight 5610 kg
Driving range 450 km
consumption 24 l / 100 km


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