Leonid Grigoryevich Judassin

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Judassin Leonid Grigoryevich.jpg
Leonid Judassin, 2005
Association Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union (until 1991) Russia (1992 to 1993) Israel (since 1993)
Born August 8, 1959
Leningrad , Soviet Union
title International Master (1982)
Grand Master (1990)
Current  Elo rating 2464 (August 2020)
Best Elo rating 2645 (January 1991)
Tab at the FIDE (English)

Leonid Grigoryevich Judassin ( Russian Леонид Григорьевич Юдасин ; Hebrew ליאוניד יודסין; at the World Chess Federation FIDE Leonid Yudasin; * August 8, 1959 in Leningrad ) is an Israeli chess master of Russian origin.


Judassin has been twice World Cup candidate: The first time he managed the leap into the Candidates Tournament in Interzonal Manila in 1990 , where he was ranked ninth In the round of 16 in Riga in 1991, Judassin lost to the Ukrainian Vasyl Ivanchuk with a clear 0.5: 4.5 and was eliminated. At the interzonal tournament in Biel in 1993 , Judassin again qualified for the candidates' tournament with 6th place . He was eliminated again in the first round: This time Judassin lost to Wladimir Kramnik in 1994 in Wijk aan Zee with 2.5: 4.5.

Judassin's most important tournament successes include: second place at the 1990 USSR Championship in Leningrad (tied after Sonneborn-Berger ranking behind Alexander Beliavsky and ahead of Yevgeny Bareev and Alexei Wyschmanavin ), victories in Pamplona in 1990 (ahead of Viktor Korchnoi ) and 1991 (shared with Miguel Illescas Córdoba ), 1st place in Dos Hermanas 1992 (before Vladimir Hakobjan ), 1st place in León (before, among others, Anatoli Karpow , Wesselin Topalow and Péter Lékó ) and his victory at the Israeli championship in Tel Aviv in 1994. Im In 2006 he shared first place at the World Open in Philadelphia .

Judassin won the gold medal with the Soviet team at the 1990 Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad , and in the individual ranking on the first substitute board, he won the bronze medal. He has played for Israel since 1993; In 1994 and 1996 he represented Israel at the Chess Olympiads and in 1997 at the European Team Championship . Judassin now lives mostly in the USA, where he runs a chess academy.

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