Malavita - The Family

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German title Malavita - The Family
Original title The Family
Malavita Logo.png
Country of production United States , France
original language English ,
Publishing year 2013
length 111 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 16
Director Luc Besson
script Luc Besson,
Michael Caleo ,
Tonino Benacquista
production Ryan Kavanaugh ,
Virginie Silla
music Evgueni Galperine ,
Sacha Galperine
camera Thierry Arbogast
cut Julien Rey

Malavita - The Family (Original title: The Family ) is an American - French comedy film directed by Luc Besson from 2013 with Robert De Niro , Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones in the leading roles. The screenplay is based on the 2004 novel Malavita by Tonino Benacquista .


The film is about a US mafia family, the Manzonis, who are in the witness protection program and therefore live under the name Blake in Normandy (north-west France). The FBI -Agent Robert Stanfield is in contact with them. At first the family tries to live a more inconspicuous life, but soon falls back into their old habits. Son Warren and daughter Belle fight classmates at school with beating. While father Giovanni disguises himself as a writer, the mafiosi whom he has betrayed are looking for him. An unscrupulous killer found his trail in the family's previous home. When Warren has to write a poem for the school newspaper, he uses an old story he once heard from his father's mafia friends. By chance, one of the newspaper copies ends up in the American prison cell of the mafia boss Don Luchese, who wants Manzoni dead. Don Luchese sees a connection between the poem and Manzoni and instructs his subordinates to travel to the new whereabouts of the Manzonis. A heavily armed killer squad heads for Normandy, while the Manzonis deal with other worries. Warren is summoned before the teachers' council for having committed a number of crimes, Giovanni beats up a local chemical manufacturer because he is not satisfied with the quality of the water in the village, and Belle mourns the young math tutor she has fallen in love with and her virginity has given. When the gangsters arrive in the new hometown of the Manzonis, they cause a real bloodbath, but they can all be killed after fierce resistance. The Manzonis have to make a fresh start under a new identity in a new city and disappear into the night. Giovanni laconically states that the family has now moved closer together.


The film received mixed to negative reviews. At Rotten Tomatoes , it only got a positive rating from 28 percent of reviewers.

“Luc Besson is an avowed fan of the gangster film. You can tell that too. Above all, you can literally feel his sympathy for Scorsese and Co. And yet his homage has gaps in the plot here and there. Humor suffers above all from the constant France-America clichés. In contrast to Tonino Benacquista's novel 'Malavita', Besson focused more on this. That can only be made up for by the convincing cast every now and then. Malavita - The Family still offers good entertainment and is a nice change, especially for fans of Mafia films. "

- Sebastian Lohse,

“How could it all go so terribly wrong? Perhaps Malavita - The Family is a member of the genre that I like to call a 'vacation film'. This does not mean that one should watch these films while on vacation, but that the film itself is the by-product of an extended vacation. Films that are preferably set on vineyards, Caribbean islands or manorial country houses, which often belong to the filmmakers themselves. Which offer a rather sedate plot without much action and where you have the feeling that the set catering was actually more important than the content of the script. "

“The film elicits an absurd, uncompromising comedy from the clash of two worlds and mentalities, whereby it owes its effect to the experienced actors, who all make good faces to the tough game. The concept collapses when the blackened mafiosi march to an act of revenge. The mixture of ' GoodFellas ' and ' My Bride, Her Father and I ', which had been amusing up until then, was silted up in pure genre packaging, leaving no room for a farce. "



At the realization of Mala Vita - The Family were film production companies EuropaCorp , Relativity Media and TF1 Films Production involved.

The US premiere of the film took place on September 10, 2013 in New York City , New York , and it was shown in German cinemas from November 21, 2013.

In one scene, Giovanni Manzoni takes part in a film screening. Shown is Martin Scorsese's Good Fellas , in which Robert De Niro played the leading role alongside Ray Liotta .

The name Don Luchese can be a reference to the real Lucchese family , one of the five New York mafia families .


  • Tonino Benacquista: Malavita. A mafia comedy . 1st edition. Carl's Books, Munich 2013, ISBN 978-3-570-58528-3 (French: Malavita . Translated by Herbert Fell, novel).

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