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Manfred Maurenbrecher during a band concert in Berlin, 2008

Manfred Maurenbrecher (born May 2, 1950 in Berlin ) is a German songwriter and author. He is a great-grandson of the historian Wilhelm Maurenbrecher and a grandson of the actor Otto Maurenbrecher .


In his youth piano lessons, a penchant for poetry, Leonard Cohen , Bob Dylan and Franz-Josef Degenhardt played a role. He largely financed his German studies at the Free University of Berlin himself, including as a bus tour guide. In 1979/1980 he withdrew five months to study on the island of Crete to write his doctoral thesis . This is entitled Subject and Body. A study of cultural criticism in the structure of Hans Henny Jahnn's works , illustrated in early texts . After completing his doctorate , he co-founded the music group Despite & Dreams . His hobby at the time of composing and writing songs became his profession, especially after Herwig Mitteregger was enthusiastic about his performance in 1982 and offered to collaborate on a professional, full-length solo program and a record. A highlight of those years was Maurenbrecher's appearance as part of the WDR television series Rockpalast in the Markthalle Hamburg on February 25, 1985. When the audience figures dwindled in between times, he captured a new, younger audience in the Berlin reading stage scene.

Maurenbrecher has been married since 1989, has a son and lives in Berlin (in the Wilmersdorf artists' colony ) and in a village near the Oder .


Maurenbrecher published more than twenty LPs or CDs under his own name, three CDs as part of Wednesday's conclusion and one LP with the group Defiance & Träume.

Maurenbrecher wrote song texts for Spliff , Herman van Veen , Renan Demirkan , Veronika Fischer , Ulla Meinecke ("Hafencafé") and Katja Ebstein, among others .

He produced radio features for RIAS Berlin, NDR , WDR and DLF, among others . The WDR5 program “Entertainment on the weekend” was hosted for years by Maurenbrecher, among others.

From 1995 he wrote scripts for episodes of the series Cobra 11 (RTL). From 1997 to 2002 Maurenbrecher worked as a regular writer for thehorn willow (WDR 5). In 2000 he wrote the Rheinfels saga and The Castle of 1000 Years - Drama scripts for two plays for the Rhineland-Palatinate Cultural Summer (overall director Richard Wester ). He has also published two novels and several short stories .

On the occasion of his 60th birthday, the tribute 3 CD box Maurenbrecher was released for everyone - an homage in 62 songs , on which well-known musicians companions and colleagues each interpret a song from his pen.

In March 2020 his 25th album, Inneres Ausland was released. As a result, the song "Now all of a sudden it goes" was awarded number one on the best song list in May 2020.

Politics and social engagement

Manfred Maurenbrecher has been a member of the PEN Center Germany since 2003 . In the 2009 federal election, Maurenbrecher publicly called for the election of the Left Party . On February 26, 2011, he supported Heinz Ratz's "Tour of 1000 Bridges" with a guest appearance in Erfurt, which aims to draw attention to the situation of refugees in Germany.

Important tours and programs

Randy Newman Project (2006)


  • 1982: LP MaurenBrecher (CBS)
  • 1983: LP fire alarm (CBS)
  • 1985: LP / CD Far Too Beautiful (CBS)
  • 1986: LP Live faster (CBS)
  • 1989: LP / CD Nothing Will Be Like Before (CBS)
  • 1991: CD Das Duo live (with Richard Wester , Monopol)
  • 1996: CD Cockroaches (Bellaphon)
  • 1997: CD sense of duty against unknown (CD sampler with 18 songs from 1983 - 1991 )
  • 1997: CD Favorite Games (Bellaphon)
  • 1999: CD Weisse Glut (with PULS, Richard Wester, Horst Evers and Bov Bjerg . Conträr-Musik / Indigo)
  • 2001: CD Wednesday conclusion (live recording with Horst Evers and Bov Bjerg , Silberblick music)
  • 2001: CD Hey Du - Nö! (Studio recording with Richard Wester, Conträr-Musik / Indigo)
  • 2002: CD Gegengift (pure on the piano, Lamu music)
  • 2002: CD Wednesday conclusion II (live recording with Horst Evers and Bov Bjerg , Silberblick music)
  • 2004: CD End of the Night (Lamu Music)
  • 2005: CD Wednesday conclusion - Geileeile - Bakery saleswomen unpack (live and studio recordings with Horst Evers and Bov Bjerg and others, Silberblick music)
  • 2006: CD Die Lichtenberger Texte - overtaking without catching up (Silberblick music)
  • 2007: CD Glück ( Reptiphon )
  • 2009: CD Hope for All (double CD) (Reptiphon)
  • 2011: CD wallbreaker (solo live) (double CD) (Reptiphon)
  • 2013: CD No Go (Reptiphon)
  • 2014: CD Klagen is for goals .... a winter journey (with Marco Ponce Kärgel) (Reptiphon)
  • 2015: CD Rotes Tuch (Reptiphon)
  • 2017: CD volatile (Reptiphon)
  • 2020: CD Inner Abroad (Reptiphon)

Texts (selection)

  • 1989: Almost like love (Roman, rororo)
  • 1990: door closed. Be right! (Text collection, A-verbal-Verlag)
  • 2000: Ballad from a little double life (text collection, Nora-Verlag)
  • 2008: I'm not there (novel, publisher: House of the Poets)
  • 2013: The Lies Song of Luck. Memories. (together with Veronika Fischer) Heyne, Munich 2013, ISBN 978-3-453-20026-5 .
  • 2016: Wilmersdorf artists' colony. be.bra Verlag Berlin, ISBN 978-3-89809-128-2 .
  • 2018: The Lichtenberger. Annual texts from 2001–2018. ISBN 978-3-947106-18-9 .
  • 2019: green coat. Novel. be.bra Verlag Berlin, ISBN 978-3-86124-725-8 .

Awards and honors


  • Max Dax: Manfred Maurenbrecher turns seventy . In: Süddeutsche Zeitung . May 2, 2020, p. 16 .

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