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description Journal for literature, art, criticism
Area of ​​Expertise literature
language German
publishing company manuscripts - literature association
First edition 1960
Frequency of publication quarterly
Editor-in-chief Alfred Kolleritsch
editor Alfred Kolleritsch, Andreas Unterweger
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manuskripte is an Austrian literary magazine that appeared for the first time in 1960 . It is still one of the most important literary magazines in Austria today.


Alfred Kolleritsch, October 10, 2014
Alfred Kolleritsch, July 8, 2011
50 years of manuscripts - Alfred Kolleritsch and Peter Handke

manuskripte was founded in 1960 and appeared for the first time for the opening of the Forum Stadtpark on November 4, 1960 in an edition of 100 copies. In contrast to later editions, this one only contained poetry. Over time, three issues a year will become four published.

Since then it has been edited by Alfred Kolleritsch and Günter Waldorf , and from 2016 by Alfred Kolleritsch and Andreas Unterweger . The editorial office is in Graz .

The authors of the Vienna group have been represented in the manuscripts with their work since 1961 .

The terms Forum Stadtpark and manuscripts is also inseparable the - not similarly named and formed in 1962 - after the Viennese model Grazer group connected. The Graz group is mentioned for the first time in the 18th edition (1966/67) as an advance notice for the following 19th edition of the manuscripts . It consists of a group of young authors. Peter Handke , also a member of this group, determined literary events in the period from 1965 to 1970. Many of his texts have also been published in book form.

In several episodes (1965–1968) Oswald Wiener's novel “The Improvement of Central Europe, Roman” determined the content of the booklet. The editor Alfred Kolleritsch was even sued for the distribution of pornography for the publication of this novel. At that time, many media and German-speaking authors successfully campaigned for the continued existence of the manuscripts .

The newly founded literary magazine remained financially dependent on the Forum Stadtpark for a long time and was only subsidized directly after 1970 . Due to this exceptionally precarious situation, the survival of the manuscripts remained uncertain for a long time. The expenses for printing costs could not be brought in through the sale of subscriptions or through direct sales in bookshops . The manuscripts could only be saved financially through private donations and the authors' own initiative .

In order to maintain a certain level of ambition for the magazine despite the economic difficulties, Kolleritsch had decided to only print unpublished original articles, a principle from which he would not deviate in later years either.

Since 1960, many authors have been meeting for readings in Haus Forum Stadtpark. Numerous readings are held there - also with authors of the magazine. Symposia were held from 1976 onwards. In 1995, Alfred Kolleritsch resigned as board member of Forum Stadtpark and founded the manuscripts - literature association . Since then, the magazine has been published by its own literary association. In 2010, the year in which the manuscripts turned 50, there was a ceremony in the Graz Schauspielhaus.

The manuscript prize is awarded every three years and the manuscript sponsorship prize annually.


The content of the magazine consists mainly of German-language literature. Poetry, prose and essays are in balance. Almost exclusively first publications are published.


Well-known writers and authors from the magazine's environment include:

Graz Group

The Graz group consisted of the authors Wolfgang Bauer († 2005), Barbara Frischmuth , Peter Handke , Gunter Falk († 1983), Klaus Hoffer , Max Gad and Alfred Kolleritsch .

Viennese group

The Viennese group consisted of the authors Hans Carl Artmann († 2000), Konrad Bayer († 1964), Gerhard Rühm , Friedrich Achleitner and Oswald Wiener .


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