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Martti Miettunen in 1973.

Martti Juhani Miettunen , Valtioneuvos (born April 17, 1907 in Simo , Lapland , † January 19, 2002 in Kauniainen ) was a Finnish politician and two-time Prime Minister.

Political career

MP, Minister and Governor

Miettunen completed a degree in agricultural science and began his political career in 1945 when he was elected member of the Reichstag in the Lapland constituency . There he represented the interests of the Landbund until 1958 . In the following decades he was also Minister of Agriculture several times in the cabinets of Urho Kekkonen (1951 to 1953), Karl-August Fagerholm (1956 to 1957 and 1958 to 1959) and Mauno Koivisto (1968 to 1970). He was also Minister of Finance from 1956 to 1957 in the Fagerholm cabinet.

Miettunen was governor of the province of Lapland from November 14, 1958 to 1973 .

Prime Minister 1961–1962 and 1975–1977

Miettunen became Prime Minister for the first time on July 14, 1961. As such, he headed a cabinet until April 13, 1962, which consisted exclusively of state ministers.

On November 30, 1975 he became Prime Minister of a coalition government for the second time, the Minister of his Landbund, renamed the Center Party (Kesk) in 1965, and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) , the Democratic Union of the Finnish People (SKDL), the Swedish People's Party (SFP-RKP ) and the Liberal People's Party (LKP). However, Miettunen offered President Kekkonen his resignation in September 1976 because of differences of opinion with the chairman of the communist SKDL Aarne Saarinen , which was ultimately also joined by the SDP. This commissioned him, however, to form a minority government made up of ministers from the KESK, SFP and LKP. On May 15, 1977 Miettunen resigned as prime minister and was replaced in this office by Kalevi Sorsa .

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