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German title mother!
Original title mother!
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2017
length 122 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 16
Director Darren Aronofsky
script Darren Aronofsky
production Darren Aronofsky,
Scott Franklin ,
Ari Handel
music Jóhann Jóhannsson
camera Matthew Libatique
cut Andrew Weisblum

Mother! (also mother!, alternative title Day 6 ) is an American film that combines elements of a horror film and a psychological thriller . The film by Darren Aronofsky premiered on September 5, 2017 as part of the Venice Film Festival . The theatrical release in Germany took place on September 14, 2017, the release in US cinemas one day later.


An author and his much younger wife live in a secluded Victorian-style country house and lead a secluded life there. She tries to beautify the house and puts a lot of time and work into its restoration.

One day a stranger stands at the door and shortly afterwards his wife too. The author, who is looking for inspiration, invites her to stay with them for an indefinite period of time, which his wife is not enthusiastic about. Only when the guests destroy the man's most valuable possession (a crystal) does the author seem to have had enough. Full of sadness and anger over the loss, he barricades his study.

Suddenly, the two sons of the guests appear in the house, unannounced. After a heated argument, one of the two kills the other. When the author allows the guests to host the funeral service for the deceased son in their house, his wife becomes increasingly panicked and angry about the strangers who behave in their house as if it were their own. After the situation escalates due to a deliberately caused burst water pipe, everyone disappears from the house. The woman confronts her husband with not paying attention to her needs and not even sleeping with her. This leads to a passionate reconciliation scene.

In the morning, the woman declares that she is pregnant, which miraculously fades the writer's block. A few months later the damage to the house was repaired and the woman, who is now heavily pregnant, seems to have found her peace again. The author shows her now completed work and she seems visibly moved.

The publication of the work is a resounding success which attracts some people to get autographs and be inspired by the author. However, the situation quickly escalated again. The ever-increasing crowd storms the house and seizes everything that is not nailed down. The author doesn't seem to care, because these are all just "things". He feasts on the admiration of his fans and once again disregards his heavily pregnant wife's need for privacy and peace.

In the house filled with chaos, the situation is gradually turning into the surreal , panic breaks out and the police and a special unit storm. A religious cult is founded around the author, people are kept in cages and individuals are executed, conflicts and violence break out. The author saves his panicked wife from the marauding pack at the last moment and brings her to safety in his study. There she gives birth to a boy.

After the birth, the crowd suddenly falls silent. Food and clothing are placed in front of the room door, which the author carefully fetches. When he wanted to hug his son too, his wife refused and asked him to first drive the people away. However, he remains persistent and sits down opposite her, waiting. When the woman nods off for a moment, exhausted, the author takes the child and presents it to the crowd. The mother rushes after in horror to get her son back. Meanwhile, the baby is already being passed through the crowd and killed by it. When she sees the crowd eating her baby's meat, the mother bursts into tears and screams. She attacks some people with a shard of glass, but is overwhelmed, beaten and kicked by the crowd. When the author comes to the rescue and asserts that he is sorry for everything and that he could not foresee the death of their son, the mother has had enough.

She runs into the cellar of the house, where she damages the oil tank in the boiler room. She ignites the leaking oil, which destroys the house, the crowd and the surrounding area in a huge explosion. As if by a miracle, the man survived without a scratch and carries his badly burned wife upstairs, where she asks him to take away the last of what she can give. When he rips out her heart, she dies and crumbles to ashes. The author takes a new crystal from the heart, which he places in the holder provided in his study.

The action then seems to start over, the house miraculously regenerates and a new woman wakes up in bed.


Production history and film genre

In late March 2017, Kyle Davies , President of Domestic Distribution at Paramount Pictures, leaked that Mother! It would be about a horror film or a psychological horror film and promised in the film “thrills and chills”.

Production costs and gross profit

Production costs were $ 30 million. The film has generated revenues of around 45 million US dollars so far. In Germany, the film has so far recorded 192,470 visitors.

Staff and cast

Directed by Darren Aronofsky , who also wrote the screenplay for the film. Aronofsky devoted himself to Mother! based on the epic Bible adaptation Noah, the subject of the Home Invasion drama. The Icelander Jóhann Jóhannsson composed the film music.

Jennifer Lawrence at the screening of the film in Toronto

Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence took on the roles of the poet and his wife in the film. Lawrence and Aronofsky, who met while filming, began a relationship during this time and appeared together as a couple in public a few months after the filming was over. The couple's unexpected guests are played by Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer , with Domhnall Gleeson and his brother Brian taking on the roles of their sons. Stephen McHattie and Kristen Wiig can also be seen in other roles .

Filming and publishing

Filming took place in the Canadian metropolitan area of Montréal , began on June 13, 2016 and ended on August 28, 2016.

On a movie poster released in May 2017, Lawrence can be seen in a frame of flowers with her heart in her blood-soaked hands. At the beginning of August 2017, Paramount Pictures presented a first German trailer for the film.

The film premiered on September 5, 2017 as part of the 74th Venice Film Festival , where it was shown in the main competition. Also in September 2017, the film celebrated its North American premiere as part of the Toronto International Film Festival . The film was released in German cinemas on September 14, 2017 and is due to open in the USA one day later.


Age rating

In the USA, the film received an R rating from the MPAA , which corresponds to a rating of 17 and over. In Germany the film is FSK 16 . The statement of reasons for the release states: “The film is told from the perspective of the increasingly helpless woman and has an oppressive atmosphere. The story moves further and further away from reality and becomes increasingly surreal (for example when a kind of bloody civil war breaks out in the house). Due to their level of development, young people from the age of 16 are able to cope with the absurd, nightmarish events. You can also understand the scenes of violence (e.g. eating a baby) as part of the symbolic story and maintain an emotional distance. "


So far, the film has won over 69 percent of Rotten Tomatoes critics .

Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter describes the film as Rosemary's Baby today. From a dramaturgical point of view, there are several gaping gaps, especially the inexplicable disappearance of individual characters, says McCarthy.

Tobias Kniebe from the Süddeutsche Zeitung says that this is a film that wants to be loved or hated, and that he will not dismiss its viewers indifferently. Kniebe says of the villa in the film, which seems to be alive: “Dark pulsation in the walls, a walled-up cellar that may contain secrets, a hole in the parquet that becomes a festering, bleeding wound - no pattern from the haunted house film remains here "Kniebe sums up, Darren Aronofsky's view of happiness in relationships, motherhood, fame as a poet, yes, the world in general could hardly be darker, and whoever is willing to be touched will be cruelly punished."

Many critics recognized religious motifs and parallels to Adam and Eve in Paradise in the film. Barbara Schweizerhof from Zeit Online also dares to interpret what she thinks is obvious: “The film depicts a relationship allegory in which the woman is the nest-builder and keeper who wants to enjoy love and togetherness with the man. He, on the other hand, is already a little tired of her and seeks inspiration in the vague outdoors and with strangers. And the more she wants to hold on to him, the more she reinforces his instincts to flee. ”Schweizerhof says of the house, unlike in the classic Gothic thriller, this is not the enemy, but on the contrary, with its suddenly opening wounds and dungeons discovered late, becomes an ally of the Protagonist, if not to her second identity.

Andreas Busche from the Tagesspiegel also points in his criticism to the multiple possible interpretations of the film, not only in religious or psychological terms, but also in political terms. Still Mother would stay! in his statement self-referential and hermetic, just as there is no outside world for the people in the house, says Busche: “There is no way out of the purgatory into which Aronofsky falls the nameless young woman. At some point it was understood that the film does not result in redemption, but only accumulates new shock images in the horror logic of torture porn. "

Tim Grierson and Will Leitch from The New Republic raised the film early on as a possible Oscar candidate in the main category Best Picture , but also in a number of other categories, such as Darren Aronofsky for Best Director , Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress , Michelle Pfeiffer for Best Supporting Actress and Ed Harris for Best Supporting Actor . Even before its premiere, Andreas Wiseman from and Sabienna Bowman from saw good chances for the film to be considered at the 2018 Academy Awards.


Venice International Film Festival 2017

Golden raspberry 2018


role actor Voice actor
Wife of the poet Jennifer Lawrence Maria Koschny
poet Javier Bardem Carlos Lobo
The stranger Ed Harris Wolfgang Condrus
Wife of the stranger Michelle Pfeiffer Andrea Aust
Oldest son Domhnall Gleeson Nico Sablik
Younger son Brian Gleeson Nico Mamone
Herald Kristen Wiig Victoria Storm

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