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Paul Burgess (born September 28, 1950 in Manchester ) is a British rock drummer who is best known for his work with a variety of British rock and folk rock bands. In addition to his extensive work, he became a member of 10cc , Jethro Tull , Camel , Magna Carta and The Icicle Works .


Burgess began playing drums in the band Axis in 1965, which he left in July 1971. He then joined 10cc on their tour of Britain in 1973; he officially joined 10cc in 1976 after the departure of Kevin Godley and Lol Creme . His first studio album with the band was Deceptive Bends , which spawned hits The Things We Do For Love, Good Morning Judge and People in Love . During the 1977 tour of 10cc, Burgess took over drums from Stuart Tosh . Burgess continued its collaboration with 10cc on their 1978 Bloody Tourists album , Look Hear? (1980) and Ten Out of 10 (1981). Paul played drums on Graham Gouldman's solo album Animalympics Soundtrack (1980) and on Eric Stewart's first two solo albums; the soundtrack of the French film Girls (1980) and Frooty Rooties (1982).

Burgess later became a member of the punk band The Invisible Girls. Burgess temporarily left the band in 1980 and was replaced by Buzzcocks drummer John Maher for the album Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls, on which he was supported by ex-punk singer Pauline Murray. He was also a member of the folk rock band Magna Carta for the album Midnight Blue (1981). The following year, Burgess was briefly a member of Jethro Tull , replacing Gerry Conway . The tour with Jethro Tull went through all of Europe and North America. Burgess was in turn replaced by Doane Perry .

In 1984 Burgess became a member of the progressive rock band Camel . He replaced Stuart Tosh , who had previously been a member of 10cc. In 1986 he toured with Joan Armatrading and came back as a member of the reunited Magna Carta. During the late 1980s, Burgess starred in numerous live performances with a number of artists including glam rocker Alvin Stardust and disco singer Gloria Gaynor . In 1990, Burgess replaced drummer Zak Starkey in the new wave band The Icicle Works . He recorded an album "Permanent Damage" (1990) before the band split up. In 1992 the band Camel reunited with Burgess on drums. Burgess then performed with Chris Farlowe in his backing band in 1995. In 2000, Burgess rejoined 10cc for a series of concerts. Graham Gouldman toured with Burgess and guitarist Rick Fenn under the names 10cc featuring Graham Gouldman & Friends or Graham Gouldman plays 10cc.

In 2003 he appeared with Chris Farlowe and 10cc and played for The Soul Company (a band led by Dave Sharp, formerly with The Alarm ). He then played for Then Came the Wheel, a band made up of several veterans of the British folk rock scene. He played and toured with The Stockport in the mid-2000s. He then became a member of the English band Katy Lied and played on the album Late Arrival , which was released in 2008.

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