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Robert Hossein (2013)

Robert Hossein (born December 30, 1927 in Paris as Abraham Hosseinoff ; † December 31, 2020 in Essey-lès-Nancy ) was a French actor and theater and film director .


His parents were the Azerbaijani composer Aminollah Hossein , who was known as a composer in both Iran and France, and Anna Mincovschi, a Jewish actress of Russian descent. He grew up in his father's religion, the Zoroastrian faith .

Robert Hossein was married three times. His first marriage to film partner Marina Vlady in late 1955 ended before the divorce judge; this connection has two sons.

In 1964 he divorced his second wife, today's psychoanalyst and author Caroline Eliacheff , with whom he has a son. The then 15-year-old Caroline Eliacheff, daughter of the film producer Anatole Eliacheff and the publicist Françoise Giroud , he could only marry on June 7, 1962 with a special permit from President Charles de Gaulle .

His later partner was the young actress Michèle Watrin , who had a supporting role as Claude Jade's cousin in The Abbé and Love in 1973 and also played in this film together with Hossein. She died in 1974 in a car accident in front of Hossein's eyes.

The actor and director later lived with his fourth wife, actress Candice Patou , with whom he also had a son; the couple married on June 28, 1976.

In the 1970s Robert Hossein converted to Catholicism . He died on New Year's Eve 2020, one day after his 93rd birthday, of complications from a COVID19 infection in Essey-lès-Nancy.


As a theater director, he staged, among other things, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare , Closed Society by Sartre , Hernani and the world premiere of the musical Les Misérables based on Victor Hugo , adaptations of novels such as Von Mäusen und Menschen by John Steinbeck and Debt and Atonement by Dostojewski , night asylum by Maxim Gorki and others Bernarda Alba's house by Federico García Lorca , with whom Isabelle Adjani achieved her breakthrough on stage in 1972.

Hossein became famous as Peyrac on the side of Michèle Mercier in the Angélique films. He played other roles as Raskolnikow at the side of his then partner Marina Vlady in the Dostoyevsky film Guilt and Atonement . Mostly roles as gangsters or shady characters followed, a role profile that he first broke up as priest Jean Rastaud alongside the young Claude Jade in the moving resistance and celibacy drama The Abbé and Love . In addition to artistic films like this, he was an opponent of Jean-Paul Belmondo in the action film Der Profi in 1981 . As a director he was influenced by film noir .

Filmography (selection)


  • 1955: Rififi (Du rififi chez les hommes)
  • 1955: Gangsters of Paris (Série Noire) - Director: Pierre Foucaud
  • 1956: Crime et Châtiment - Directed by Georges Lampin
  • 1956: Traces of the Past (Sait-on jamais?) - Director: Roger Vadim
  • 1957: Behind blind windows (Méfiez vous, filettes) - Director: Yves Allégret
  • 1958: Blonde freight and black devils (Des femmes disparaissent) - directed by Édouard Molinaro
  • 1958: In the Streams (V proudech) - Director: Vladimír Vicek
  • 1959: Die Kanaille (Les canailles) - Director: Maurice Labro
  • 1959: Rififi among women (Du rififi chez les femmes) - directed by Alex Joffé
  • 1960: The Threat (La Menace)
  • 1961: Death drove in the elevator (Le Monte-charge) - Director: Marcel Bluwal
  • 1961: Madame sans gêne - Director: Christian-Jaque
  • 1961: We ask you to bed (Les Petits matins)
  • 1962: The pillow of rest (Le Repos du guerrier) - Director: Roger Vadim
  • 1962: Cruel Hands (FLASH) - Director: Christian Marquand
  • 1963: The Murderer (Le meurtrier)
  • 1963: Vice and Virtue (Le Vice et la Vertue)
  • 1963: The Devil's Rest House (Chair de poule) - Director: Julien Duvivier
  • 1964: Angélique (Angélique, Marquise des Anges)
  • 1964: Heiße Hölle Bangkok (Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117) - Director: André Hunebelle
  • 1964: In the kingdom of Kublai Khan (La Fabuleuse aventure de Marco Polo)
  • 1965: Lord of Brassac Castle (Le Tonnerre de Dieu)
  • 1965: The unfaithful lover (La Seconde verité) - Director: Christian-Jaque
  • 1965: Spies among themselves (Guerre secrète)
  • 1966: Angélique and the King (Angélique et le roy)
  • 1966: La Musica - Directed by Marguerite Duras , Paul Seban
  • 1966: Special Department C III Montmartre (Brigade Anti-Gangs) - Director: Bernard Borderie
  • 1967: Those who sing must die (L'Homme qui trahit la Mafia)
  • 1967: Lamiel - I love love (Lamiel)
  • 1967: Indomitable Angélique (Indomptable Angélique)
  • 1968: Angélique and the Sultan (Angélique et le Sultan)
  • 1968: Cemetery without crosses (Une Corde, un Colt)
  • 1968: No roses for OSS 117 (Pas de roses pour OSS 117)
  • 1968: King Tiger before El Alamein (La battaglia di El Alamein) - Director: Calvin Jackson Padget
  • 1968: tutoring (La Leçon particulière) - directed by Michel Boisrond
  • 1968: Little Brave (La Petite vertue) - Director: Serge Korber
  • 1969: The Shameless (L'Intreccio) - Director: Dave Young
  • 1969: Hot over Africa's Earth (La battaglia del deserto) - Director: Mino Loy
  • 1969: In the Years of the Lord (Nell anno del signore) - Director: Luigi Magni
  • 1969: Cold eyes (La Femme écarlatte) - Director: Jean Valère
  • 1969: Shots from the coat pocket (Le Temps des loups) - Director: Sergio Gobbi
  • 1969: Two in sight (Point de chute)
  • 1971: Le juge
  • 1971: The Coup (La Casse)
  • 1971: The Lion's Share (La Part des lions) - Director: Jean Larriaga
  • 1972: Murder remains murder (Un meurtre est un meurtre) - Director: Étienne Périer
  • 1972: Don Juan 73 (Don Juan 73 ou Si Don Juan était une femme) - Director: Roger Vadim
  • 1973: The Abbé and Love (Prêtres interdits)
  • 1979: Midi: Journey without parting (Démons du Midi) - Director: Christian Paureilhe
  • 1981: Everyone will receive their wages ... (Les Uns et les Autres)
  • 1981: The Professional (Le Professionnel)
  • 1988: Wild Children (Les Enfants de desordre) - Director: Yannick Bellon
  • 1989: The Gorilla and the Stock Market Crash (Le Pave du gorille)
  • 1993: L'Affaire - Director: Sergio Gobbi
  • 1995: Les Misérables
  • 1997: Wax Mask (La maschera di cera) - Director: Sergio Salvati
  • 1999: Beautiful Venus (Vénus beauté (institut))
  • 2006: Agatha Christie: Invitation to Murder (Petits meurtres en famille)
  • 2007: Room 401 - Return from the past (La Disparue de Deauville)
  • 2008: A man and his dog (Un homme et son chien)


  • 1955: The rags go to hell (Les Salauds vont en enfer)
  • 1956: The Wolves (Pardonnez nos offenses)
  • 1958: At night the veil falls (Toi… le venin)
  • 1959: The Night of the Spy (La Nuit des espions)
  • 1960: Skin for skin (Le goût de la violence)
  • 1960: Vis-à-vis (Les Scélérats)
  • 1961: Midnight Party (Le Jeu de la verité)
  • 1963: Cursed and Forgotten (La Mort d'un tueur)
  • 1964: The man whose name was Peter Kürten (Le Vampire de Dusseldorf)
  • 1964: The cruel eye (Les Yeux cernés)
  • 1967: I killed Rasputin (J'ai tué Raspoutine)
  • 1968: Cemetery without crosses (Une corde, un Colt)
  • 1969: Two in sight (Point de chute)
  • 1985: Le Caviar rouge
  • 1982: The Legion of the Damned (Les Misérables)

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