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Roland Zoss

Roland Zoss (born August 2, 1951 in Bern ) is a Swiss composer , songwriter and writer .

Writers and musicians

Roland Zoss studied ethnology, languages ​​and music in Bern and Avignon . From 1985 to 2003 he taught languages, music and literature at the Academy of the Book Trade in Bern. German singer-songwriter since 1976. u. a. at the songwriters' meeting in Bonn. In 1979 the first sound carrier was released, the LP Roland Zoss . 1981 the volume of poetry Who hears the wind by Sauerländer. Radio plays and books followed. In 2019 he ended his career with the two albums tree songs .

His Leonard Cohen Germanizations of Suzanne and Halleluja or the award-winning book about life on the Aeolian Islands, The Island behind the Moon , where the author found a second home in 1976, are well known. (See also the road movie musical novel about the Seventies: Strings of Strings .)

  • In 2004 Zoss made music a profession with the rock poetry album Härzland . He then composed a modern Swiss anthem and the classic Walpurgis Night .
  • In 2005 I ha di gärn followed on the album Schlummerland, an intimate double album with lullabies. As a mediator between literature and music, as well as High German and Bernese dialect, he transmitted poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke ; Hits like In the Ghetto by Elvis Presley , First we take Manhattan , Halleluja by Leonard Cohen. In Hie ir Frömdi he sings about the life of the Iranian exiled author Abbas Maroufi . Commissioned compositions were made for Swiss Air Lines and Swiss Post, among others.

Tree songs

In the Baumlieder project , Roland Zoss and Swiss musicians give 28 trees a voice. The songs, divided into two cycles, revolve around the mythology and character of the greatest living beings on earth. Initially in the Middle High German dialect of Bern.

Song poet and children's songwriter

After two decades as a songwriter, he published the animal songs ABC-Dino Xenegugeli in 1999 in his native Bernese German . With Jimmy Flitz Swiss mouse and Muku-Tiki-Mu , he brought rock and world music into the nursery. The founder of the dialect Chinderlied in the Bernese dialect produced around two dozen song and radio play albums. With musicians from classical, jazz, rap, country and folk rock. Roland Zoss created his own sound with sound engineers Eric Merz, Helge van Dyk and Peter von Siebenthal Züri West . He worked with artists such as Gottfried Helnwein , Alexander Klee and Rolf Zuckowski . He created concept albums such as Schlummerland and the version Slumberland World Lullabies with world star Idan Raichel , Anna Murphy , Marta Gomez . He composed the Grimm Märli musicals Liedermärli . Or object songs in the SingDing album, with which he fights for the little things of everyday life as Zorro on stage. Finally, in the radio play series Jimmy Flitz Swiss Mouse, he bridges the gap between rock and new folk music .

Since 2009 he has also published on the world music label Putumayo . In 2013, in the Christmas musical Jimmy Flitz ChinderWiehnacht, he brought together dialect artists of all styles from choral singing, folk, nursery rhymes , soul, rap, church choir and yodelling stories in the first cross-style Swiss Advent musical. In 2016, on August 2nd, he founded the Swiss National Animal Day with Jimmy Flitz, e Muus in the Bundeshuus and various animal organizations, which follows the national holiday .

"Xenegugeli Animal Songs ABC" and the "ABC DINO" app

The Animal ABC Xenegugeli was released in 1999 as a picture and sound album. From 2009, ABC DINO was the first German ABC app to be digitized on iPhones / iPads, expanded in 2014 to Android and in four world languages. In addition, 25 animal songs on 5 albums each sung in German, Bernese German, French (Roland Zoss), English (Clare de Lune, Canada), Spanish (Mauro Guiretti, Argentina). The multimedia learning app ABC DINO accompanied by music books and e-books. "Particularly recommended" German Youth Institute Munich.

«Muku-Tiki-Mu» world music

The world music project was published in 2001 in cooperation with the Unesco Commission, WWF and Helvetas. The "Dance from Baroque to Rock" includes 50 musicians and 28 pieces of music from around the world, played on 68 instruments. Muku-Tiki-Mu (multicultural animal and children's music) connects the Bernese dialect with the languages ​​and musical styles of the world for the first time. The 2 CDs and the picture and music book (German & Bernese dialect) deal with endangered animals and peoples. They combine jazz, reggae, rock, cajun, sirtaki and yodel; Salsa, Cajun, Chinese and African music; Baroque and Indian raga. The project laid the foundation for a modern, multicultural children's song in Switzerland. Individual titles such as Jimmy Flitz , "Biber" or "Murmeli" with Christine Lauterburg became hits in the dialect.

"Jimmy Flitz Swiss Mouse"

Jimmy Flitz the Swiss mouse is next to the Xenegugeli the most famous figure of Roland Zoss. It appeared in 1994 in the children's book Das Kind vom Turm , in 2003 in the dialect radio play series Güschi and the secret of the echo cave with child Güschi, badger Sokradax, Elster Zigi-Tigi and the snail Madame Schlurpf. The mouse found its main role from 2007 onwards in the 6-part music radio play series: “Jimmy Flitz, e Reis dür d Schwyz”. Here she goes on a search for the roots of Switzerland with a tiger fly, bear, wolf and vulture. Well-known Swiss people lend their voices to an animal: Christine Lauterburg magpie and squirrel, Marco Rima pig, Swabian dwarf and raven, Pedro Lenz elephant, Büne Huber vulture and dwarf Mach-Muet, Knackeboul Wolf, Steff la Cheffe robot, Shem Thomas Baum; Anna Murphy kelt. Singer Eluveitie ; Roberto Bargellini Dragon, Corin Curschella's Tiger Fly and Celtic Druid, Barbara Burren Kauz, Hanery Amman Locomotive and Celt, Andreas White Ibex and Tree, Andri Schenardi Eagle Owl. The cultural radio play is under the patronage of Switzerland Tourism . The series of radio plays closed in 2016. This was followed by the first-reading booklet series Jimmy Flitz Leseblitz and the reading book Jimmy Flitz Schweizermaus . In 2010 the Swiss Post honored the cult mouse with a stamp.

"Jimmy Flitz Wiehnacht, the musical for town and country"

The Advent musical premiered on the Huttwil Christmas market in 2013 . In 21 compositions, it ties in with the nativity scene tradition and tells the Christmas story from the point of view of the animals - as part 4 of the Jimmy Flitz music radio play series. The 70-minute opus aims to mirror the music scene in modern Switzerland, as it encompasses rural and urban sounds, folk, rap, national music, hymns and soul. The Jimmy Flitz Wiehnacht is traditionally performed in schools and on Christmas Eve on Swiss television SRF 1. The cultural project for three generations is under the patronage of Switzerland Tourism. It received the highest Swiss children's song award in 2015 (see individual records).

Awards & honors

  • 1993: Literature Prize of the City of Bern for the story Die Insel hinterm Mond
  • 1996: Working year of the city of Bern for the music novel about the Seventies Saitenstrassen
  • Since 2001 various golden Chrönli awards for high quality productions for children.
  • 2009 and 2012: Putumayo World Music NY Representative of Switzerland on the albums European Playground and Sing-Along .
  • 2010: Jimmy Flitz, the Swiss mouse as an 85-centime stamp from the Swiss Post
  • 2014: ABC Dino learning app Especially recommended by the German Youth Institute [1]
  • 2015 Goldigs Chrönli : 1st place, for Jimmy Flitz Wiehnachts-Musical as best children's song album, [2]
  • 2015 ABC-Dino Xenegugeli, nominated as “Best Children's App 4-6 Years” Frankfurt Book Fair, Giga Maus



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  • 1981: LP “Roland Zoss” ACT 2310
  • 1983: LP “Sternstunde” MOR 32026
  • 1985: LP “Eternity knocks”, © RZ 003
  • 1989: CD “Fly my soul”, © RZ 004 / RZ 005 & video clip
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  • 2001: CD 1 & 2 “Muku-Tiki-Mu”, world children's music, UNESCO patronage
  • 2002: Güschi Hörspiel 1 & 2, a series for the picture book, Sound Service
  • 2003: Güschi Hörspiel 3 & 4, CD, Sound Service
  • 2003–2006: “Liedermärli”, 4 CDs with eight fairy tale musicals in dialect Sound Service
  • 2004: "Härzland", CD, rock-pop poetry in dialect with Swiss singers such as Linard Bardill , Yvonne Moore, Carin Lavey , Djamila Tahar-Chaouch, Christoph Kohli , Sarah Rutz and others. a.
  • 2004: «Schlummerland» Guetnachtliedli with Shirley Grimes and Asita Hamidi , SoundService
  • 2005: «Schlummerland 2» Guetnachtlieder
  • 2006: "Güschi 5 & 6", the end of the Güschi radio play saga
  • 2007: "Jimmy Flitz, e Reis dür d Schwyz" 3-part music radio play with well-known dialect artists such as Büne Huber , Hanery Amman , Marco Rima , Christine Lauterburg, Corin Curschellas and others. a.
  • 2009: "Jimmy Flitz-Hits", Swiss dialect stars sing songs about the mouse
  • 2011: “SingDing”, songs for Chind & Chöpf, the world sung about from the perspective of objects
  • 2012: "Xenegugeli GOLD-ABC", 26 new animal songs from A – Z.
  • 2012: «Ängels Music», 9 Engelsmusiken with Jean-Pierre v. Roof, guitars
  • 2013: «Jimmy Flitz-ChinderWiehnacht. E Reis nach Bethlehem »Musical with Steff la Cheffe , Tinu Heiniger , Nyna Cantieni , Christine Lauterburg and musicians like Julian Sartorius , Res Schmid , Wolfgang Zwiauer , choirs and yodellers
  • 2015: “Jimmy Flitz, e Reis nach Helvetie”, episode 5 with Steff la Cheffe, Pedro Lenz , Andri Schenardi , Corin Curschellas , Christine Lauterburg and others. v. a.
  • 2016: “Jimmy Flitz, e Muus im Bundeshuus”, Episode 6 with Steff la Cheffe, Pedro Lenz, Andri Schenardi, Shem Thomas , Hanery Amman , Nicolas Senn and others. v. a.
  • 2016: "Jimmy Flitz Wiehnacht" musical, DVD of the television recording SRF 1, ISBN 978-3-03739-342-0 .
  • 2017: "Jimmy Flitz Hits Vol. II" Swiss dialect stars sing the most beautiful songs to the mouse
  • 2018/19 "Baumlieder Vol. I" The Trees of the North and "Baumlieder Vol. II" The Trees of the South: Two sounding tree song albums for 15 northern and 13 trees in the southern hemisphere. [3]

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