Joint municipality of Sietland

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Coat of arms of the Sietland municipality
Joint municipality of Sietland
Map of Germany, position of the Sietland municipality highlighted

Coordinates: 53 ° 44 '  N , 8 ° 55'  E

Basic data (as of 2010)
Existing period: 1970-2010
State : Lower Saxony
County : Cuxhaven
Area : 143.79 km 2
Residents: 5422 (Dec. 31, 2010)
Population density : 38 inhabitants per km 2
Association structure: 4 municipalities
Association administration address
Main Street 21775 Ihlienworth
Website : ( Memento from August 14, 2006 in the Internet Archive )
Mayor of the municipality : Maik Schwanemann ( independent )
Location of the Sietland municipality in the Cuxhaven district
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In the joint municipality of Sietland , four municipalities joined forces between 1970 and 1972 to carry out their administrative business. It was part of the Lower Saxony district of Cuxhaven .

On January 1, 2011, the previous joint municipalities Sietland and Hadeln were merged to form the new joint municipality Land Hadeln .


The integrated municipality of Sietland essentially comprised the area of ​​fresh water marshes and moors between the sea march around Otterndorf ("Hadelner Hochland") in the north and the peat lakes near Bad Bederkesa (Dahlemer, Halemer and Bederkesaer See) in the south. In the east, the border of the Samtgemeinde was largely formed by the Hadelner Canal .

The difficult drainage of the area takes place via the Emmelke , the Alte Aue and the Gösche, which unite to form the Medem at Ihlienworth , as well as a large number of landscaping weather , receiving waters and ditches. Without the Hadelner Canal, built in 1853, and the Otterndorf pumping station , there would be regular flooding due to the topographical location of up to two meters below sea ​​level . Only in the west of the Samtgemeinde, in the Wannaer Geest and in Ahlen, is there a slightly elevated and sandy subsoil. The largely cultivated Ahlenmoor stretches in the triangle between Wanna, Ihlienworth and Steinau .


In the Middle Ages, the Hadelner Sietland (from Low German: siet = "low") was summarized under the name "Five Parishes ". (Up to the 14th century there was a chapel in Süderleda in addition to the churches in Wanna, Ihlienworth, Steinau and Odisheim .) Together with the Hadler Hochland ("Seven Parishes") and the residents of the town of Otterndorf , the Sietland formed one of the three " Stands " of the Hadler self-government (see Warningsacker ). From 1388 to around 1484, however, the Sietland was under the Bremen Bailiwick of Bederkesa . In place of the parish Süderleda was at this time Wester-Ihlienworth (next to Oster-Ihlienworth) as the fifth parish that had gained population through the medieval Holler colonization . Then the five parishes came back to the land of Hadeln.

For the history of the region before 1866 see also: History of Hadeln and Sausages .

For the time after that see also: History of the district of Cuxhaven .

Population development

year 1987 1992 1997 2002 2007 2008 2009 2010
Residents 5736 5756 5864 5767 5606 5496 5449 5422

(as of December 31st)


Joint community structure

The Sietland municipality consisted of the following municipalities:

coat of arms

Coat of arms of the Sietland municipality
Blazon : "In silver over green triple mount a red Hagalsrune accompanied right of a green lily pad and left of a green arrow herb leaf ; a silver urn in the green shield base . "
Justification of the coat of arms: Hagalsrune and Dreiberg represent the coat of arms of the member community Ihlienworth, Seerosenblatt and Pfeilkrautblatt the coat of arms of the member community Steinau and Odisheim, while the urn stands for the coat of arms of the member community Wanna.

Economy and Infrastructure

The basic center function i. The town of Ihlienworth perceived the regional spatial planning , where the seat of the joint municipality was also located.

In the so-called Cuxland , the Sietland municipality was economically strongly geared towards tourism, with water tourism being of particular importance on the Medem . The Sietländer Kahnfest and the Holzmarkt are annual festivals.


Sons and daughters of the integrated church

Persons who are connected to the entire community

  • Helmut Salzinger (1935–1993), writer, editor and small publisher, died in Odisheim


Fishing waters

  • Hadelner Kanal
    eel, perch, bream, pike, rudd, roach, white fish and pikeperch
  • Medem
    eel, perch, bream, pike, carp, rudd, roach, white fish and pikeperch
  • Weather
    eel, bream, pike, rudd, roach, white fish
  • Street dike
    eel, perch, bream, pike, trout, carp, rudd, roach, tench, whitefish and pikeperch
  • Emmelke
    eel, perch, bream, pike, trout, carp, rudd, roach, tench, white fish and pikeperch
  • Radkanal
    eel, perch, bream, pike, carp, rudd, roach, tench, white fish and pikeperch
  • Gösche
    eel, perch, bream, pike, carp, rudd, roach, tench, whitefish and pikeperch

Web links

Commons : Sietland Samtgemeinde  - Collection of images

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