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Sun Diego (2011)

Sun Diego (born March 17, 1989 in Chernivtsi , Ukrainian SSR , Soviet Union ; today Ukraine , bourgeois Dmitrij Aleksandrovic Chpakov ) is a German rapper of Ukrainian-Jewish origin who gained fame primarily through his activities as a battle rap artist.

At times, his appearance under the stage name SpongeBOZZ was based on the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants and he mixed them with motifs from gangsta rap . He rapped in a disguised voice that should resemble SpongeBob's voice. Since the beginning of 2018, Chpakov has been performing again mainly under his current artist name Sun Diego, under which he raps with his natural voice.


Childhood and youth

Dmitrij Aleksandrovic Chpakov was born on March 17, 1989 in Chernivtsi, which at that time still belonged to the Ukrainian SSR. His mother was a professional musician and he had never met his father, an alcoholic according to Chpakov . In 1992 his mother fled the Ukraine to Germany with him and his grandmother. First they came to Berlin , but then moved to a refugee home in Osnabrück . In 1993 they moved to Osnabrück-Eversburg after his mother had established a relationship with a former Yugoslav military who appeared, among other things, as a drug dealer . The relationship was marked by violence. Chpakov himself began to get into the criminal milieu. After dropping out of school, he and a gang of youngsters committed large-scale identity theft- related cell phone fraud .

Start of the hip-hop career

In December 2004 Chpakov entered his first battle in the Reimliga Battle Arena under the name "Capri_Sonne", which however was not rated. In total, he won nine out of 20 battles. In July 2008, Chpakov and Johannes Weber, who appears as John Webber, founded the music label Moneyrain Entertainment. Both published the Ruski Tape in the same year, which made them less well known. The rapper Kollegah , with whom Dmitrij had an online friendship since the RBA, got him on Selfmade Records' second sampler Chronik 2 (2009). Sun Diego took over the guest part on the song G's die jung . In December of the same year he again took on a guest part on Kollegah's pimp tape Volume 3 . The recordings for Bossaura took place in Sun Diego's hometown Osnabrück . Before that, he and Kollegah set up a joint studio.

As SpongeBozz

Sun Diego first appeared as Spongebozz in March 2013. This year he took part in the “ JuliensBlogBattle ” and won the competition in the so-called “King Final” against 4tune , which won the title last year. November 2014 Chpakov announced his first studio album Planktonweed Tape , on. The album was originally supposed to be out on March 20th, but the release period has been postponed to April 17th, 2015. He said he had to pause the recordings for health reasons. Planktonweed Tape was finally released on April 17, 2015 via its own label Bikini Bottom Mafia . On April 28, 2015, GfK Entertainment announced that Planktonweed Tape had entered the German charts at number one. Two days later, the rapper himself announced that the album would be indexed by the BPjM based on the song ACAB (acronym for All Cops are Bastards ) . The indexing became legally effective on September 30, 2015.

On January 9, 2017, Chpakov released the double single Started from the Bottom / Apocalyptic Infinity and announced his second studio album, Started from the Bottom / KrabbenKoke Tape , which was finally released on June 9, 2017 and reached number 2 in the German charts. He also confirmed the rumors that the fictional character Spongebozz was Sun Diego.

After SpongeBozz

In October 2017, his private apartment and recording studio were searched on behalf of customs and tax authorities . Chpakov hadn't filed a tax return for years . Drugs and firearms were discovered during the raid.

In January 2018, Chpakov announced his biography Yellow Bar Mitzvah - the seven gates from Moloch to fame , which appeared at the end of February 2018 and was written by him together with Dennis Sand . To promote the book, he went to book signing sessions in the five German cities of Berlin , Cologne , Munich , Stuttgart and Dortmund . The book reached second place in the Spiegel bestseller list of non-fiction (hardcover) and stayed in the top 50 for a total of nine weeks.

In April 2018 he published the song Eloah with which he was able to enter the top 10 of the German single charts for the first time. It was the first song under his old alias name to hit the German charts. This was followed by Rock Me Amadeus at number 71, a Falco interpretation of the hip-hop compilation Die um Leben , a tribute album to the Austrian musician. On June 22, 2018, his solo single Hookah Kartell was released , which reached number 59.

On June 29, 2018, Juri released his first album Bratans aus Favelas on Chpakov's label Bikini Bottom Mafia. There Chpakov is represented on several songs.


In the course of his initial career as a battle rapper, speculation was raised as to who was hiding behind the pseudonym SpongeBOZZ. Names like Kollegah , Sebastian Novak , Peter Fokin , BattleBoi Basti and Sun Diego were mentioned. The latter thesis is supported by the fact that there are many technical parallels in the rap of Sun Diego and SpongeBOZZ. Furthermore, Sun Diego has not appeared publicly since Spongebozz became known and his Facebook page has been removed. This thesis was also represented by Kollegah, who produced his album Bossaura with Sun Diego.

“I know SpongeBOZZ too. We once made an album together, ' Bossaura '. [...] I just think it's stupid that he doesn't slowly say: 'Okay, it's me, Sun Diego.' "

- Kollegah in Juice (# 157)

Kollegah reiterated his position on the identity of SpongeBOZZ on his pimp tape Volume 4 entitled Genocide . Rapper John Webber, who has worked with Sun Diego in the past, also accused his ex-partner of being Spongebozz and posted a diss track against him.

It was also hypothesized that SpongeBOZZ and his frequent rap partner Patrick Bang are the same person. However, this was refuted by the artist in his autobiography.

The single Started from the Bottom / Apocalyptic Infinity of his 2017 album Started from the Bottom / KrabbenKoke Tape indirectly confirmed that Spongebozz is Sun Diego, as he raps the last part of the single with an undisguised voice and addresses Kollegah, who was previously Sun Diego attack. Another Disstrack entitled Napoleon complex against PA Sports was published in May 2017 where he again went down on statements by PA Sports against Sun Diego. These songs each found Payback #forsundiego in their titles, which left no doubt about his identity. In the meantime, he also published interviews in which he covered SpongeBOZZ as Sun Diego.

In the single Yellow Bar Mitzvah , SpongeBOZZ reacts to Kollegah's statement in the title Genocide . While Kollegah describes Sun Diego as too shy and too androgynous for rap , which is why he disses his [own] idol while wearing a sponge costume, Sun Diego would fuck Kollegah in that same costume .

He's now good friends with Julien Sewering , the organizer of Julien's Blog Battle , who was originally responsible for most of the negative criticism of Sun Diego's use of autotune . He criticized this effect in his "Rapa analyzes" for Kollegah's album Bossaura as well as in an analysis of Sun Diego himself.

Dimitri Chpakov is one of the few Jewish rappers from Germany and was confronted with anti-Semitism , especially at the beginning of his rap career . Today he maintains connections with the Arab clans around Salah Saado and Ali Al-Zein. He also alludes to this connection in a disstrack against PA Sports .

Image, rap style and success

In his music videos, SpongeBOZZ wears a SpongeBob costume with sewn-on sunglasses and often alludes to the television series in his lyrics. He often mixes these allusions with rapper jargon (for example plankton weed or crab coke ). The voice is also characteristic of SpongeBOZZ, as it is modeled on the series characters. The appearance of his BBM ( Bikini Bottom Mafia) colleague Patrick Bang (an allusion to Patrick Star and Farid Bang ) is based on the children's series. Since the music video “Started from the bottom” in January 2017, Spongebozz no longer disguises his voice at all times, but also raps more frequently with his undisguised voice. He also no longer wears his costume all the time, but replaces it more often with a yellow bandana with different patterns.

Further characteristics in the rap style of SpongeBOZZ are, according to N24, the use of " polysyllabic rhyme chains, accurate punchlines, a flow variation that is accurate to the beat", as well as the use of "clean tripletimes ."

Dennis Sand describes the rapper in an article in the world as one of the most popular Internet phenomena on the video platform YouTube , which he attaches to the rapper's costumes, among other things. He writes that his music videos are viewed millions of times on YouTube and that his album is ordered so frequently in the pre-sale phase that he has no doubt that the album will land in the album charts right away . According to yaez , the album Planktonweed Tape topped all pre-sales lists in several different retail markets for weeks. Within the rapeseed scene, the attitude towards Sun Diego is ambivalent for many reasons.


Studio albums



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