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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Who am I?
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 90 minutes
classification Episode 968 ( list )
First broadcast December 27, 2015 on Das Erste
Director Bastian Günther
script Bastian Günther
music Bertram Denzel
camera Michael Kotschi
cut Stefan Blue

Who am I? is a television film from the crime series Tatort . The report produced by Hessischer Rundfunk was broadcast on December 27, 2015 in the first program of ARD . The 968th crime scene episode is the fifth case of the Wiesbaden commissioner Felix Murot , played by Ulrich Tukur , whereby Tukur himself and not Murot is the focus of the action as part of a film-within-a-film story.


The actor Ulrich Tukur is in Wiesbaden to stand in front of the camera as Commissioner Felix Murot for a crime scene . He can't remember leaving the casino the night before with the assistant to the production manager, Christoph, where the film crew celebrated “ Bergfest ” for half of the shooting. In the morning he is questioned by the police because Christoph was found dead in his car that had crashed and his casino prize was stolen. Tukur, who is said to have been the last to see Christoph alive, but cannot remember the previous evening, comes under suspicion and is ordered not to leave the city. The schedule of the crime scene shoot suffers from the ongoing investigation.

In a subplot, Wolfram Koch and Margarita Broich prepare for the shooting of their first crime scene thriller as investigative duo Janneke and Brix . Koch gets advice from the former Tatort actor Martin Wuttke, who is in financial difficulties after his retirement as a Tatort actor and is playing a guest role in Koch's film. Koch and Wuttke live in the same hotel as Tukur.

During the night Tukur, who finds Christoph's casino win in his luggage, is knocked down in his hotel room. Tukur begins to investigate for himself what happened in and after the casino that night. He asks Koch for help, and so both of them, disguised as police officers, obtain the casino surveillance videos. The following evening, Tukur is kidnapped by two masked men and abandoned on the outskirts, where he is picked up by the police. The police do not believe Tukur that he is being threatened and so Tukur turns to Koch for help.

Tukur is now even being blackmailed. He should deposit the casino profit in a motorway church near Medenbach . Together with Wuttke and Koch, he makes his way there. Wuttke goes to church to deposit the money there. But he takes the money and is arrested the next day because the police found the money in his hotel room. While Wuttke, Koch and Barbara Philipp try to convince the police on the basis of the video recordings that Tukur is innocent, he visits the casino employee Wegmann. In Tukur's opinion, he and Christoph were specifically observed, which can only be explained by the fact that there is a kind of casino gang that is supposed to take their winnings from the players.

In front of Wegmann's apartment, Tukur is discovered by the policeman Kugler, who takes him to the station. There he meets Kugler's superior: Felix Murot. Distraught, he finds himself facing his own face. Murot, on the other hand, reports briefly and factually on the state of affairs, that the people were arrested by the security service of the casino for blackmail and assault and that they had actually spied on visitors to the casino in order to then attack them, as Tukur had suspected. Therefore Murot thanks him for the good work. Tukur is still disturbed and asks his counterpart what this is all about. Wouldn't he be him, wouldn't he? Murot replies that he was annoyed by this actor's gossip. The role would have a life of its own! And so it came to the traffic accident in which Christoph died. He wouldn't have wanted that, but it just happened. He was drunk and then went off the road. Gone stupid. Tukur is horrified when Murot is so carefree about what has happened and makes it clear to him that he would eventually be with the police. To which Murot replies: “Me? I'm nothing here. I'm just such an idea. But I also want to live, be real. ”He gets up and leaves. Tukur remains distraught, wondering if he might be in the middle of a bad dream.


The film was shot from November 13, 2014 to December 18, 2014 in Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding area. In Bad Homburg u. a. Shot in the car park of the casino, on the Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade and the Steigenberger Hotel.

In this episode, a film genre is used in which characters reflect on themselves and deal with their own existence. Since the film Eight and a Half by the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini , such productions have also been referred to as the film genre "8 ½". This also indicates that a young woman is reading in the hotel corridor at an Ionesco factory .

According to Ulrich Tukur, the script for the episode Who am I? based on an idea that he “hatched with the director Bastian Günther on a wet and happy evening” . They "wanted to try to depict what happens when a character breaks away from the actor and completely messes up the levels of play and reality" . Tukur admitted, “I'm sure some people will be terribly angry. Others will be delighted. I like the episode very much because the »crime scene« is placed in a kind of mirror cabinet in which it is reflected and broken on many levels. And on top of that he's very weird! […] Personally, I think that the »crime scene« should always be a surprise, but I can also understand people who want to have »clean« and »normal« crime entertainment on the weekend. " Tukur found praise for the Hessian broadcasting company Words: "I have never seen so much courage in any television station not to serve the viewers with a uniform porridge, but to invite them to chew on something that cannot be swallowed right away." Tatort editor of the Hessischer Rundfunk Jörg Himstedt, who in the role of Jens Hochstätt was played by Michael Rotschopf, explained the underlying concept of the episode: "The film works on two levels: as a satire, and for those who don't see it that way, it is at least still extremely entertaining."

In one scene, Tukur refers to his second case, Das Dorf , when, towards the end of the episode, in a conversation between Tukur and Murot, we hear: “I'm really happy that you wrote this tumor out. It pressed on my optic nerve. Since then I've been feeling better. ” In another scene, Tukur sees a short excerpt from exactly this episode on TV in his hotel room.

Justus von Dohnányi , who in the following episode Who am I? can be seen in the role of director, actually took over the direction of the second and third episodes The village and a head for heights of the investigator Murot. He was also seen together with the actors Margarita Broich and Wolfram Koch in the episode Behind the Mirror (2015) by the investigator duo Janneke and Brix .

The actors also play themselves in other roles, which Eric Leimann from Teleschau Mediendienst described as a “rogue piece” in this “art house crime thriller” . “The Frankfurt» Tatort «commissioners Wolfram Koch and Margarita Broich play themselves as well as the former Leipzig investigator Martin Wuttke. The latter is booked as the main episode role for the film in the film. Of course, Tukur's partner Barbara Philipp also plays as Barbara Philipp - who is quite jealous of her much better known colleague Tukur despite all the camaraderie. "

In addition to allusions to the Leipzig and Frankfurt Tatort, there are other references to the company's own Tatort television series. In one scene on the set, for example, Wolfram Koch recommends the director “a little more joke” , who then replies with a swipe at the investigative duo Thiel and Boerne , “Wolfram, we are not in Münster .


Audience ratings

The premiere of Who Am I? on December 27, 2015, it was seen by 7.06 million viewers in Germany and achieved a market share of 20.9% for Das Erste .

In Austria, 373,000 viewers were reached and thus achieved an average reach of 5% and a market share of 13%.

In Switzerland, 323,000 viewers over the age of three watched the first broadcast of the episode, giving it a market share of 16.9%. In the group of 15 to 59 year old viewers, 163,000 viewers were counted and a market share of 14.3% was measured.


Petra Noppeney from the Westfälische Nachrichten called the episode Who am I? an "amusing" film within a film "adventure" . The real trick was that "a" suspended "Tukur, brooding and looking for help, crept through the backdrops in which Wolfram Koch, the flippant" Tatort "colleague from Frankfurt, and Martin Wuttke, deposed TV investigator from Leipzig, were shooting a crime story of the film. ” “ The industry took a hearty attack on itself, ” said Noppeney happily, “ even if the criminal case was on the spot ” . Her colleague Harald Suerland agreed with her and summed up: “The latest taboo was to expose the inspector as a fictional character after a few minutes of film - seen from a dramaturgical point of view, a violation of the appointment with the viewer that says that you will meet the familiar investigator and follows. Instead there was a crime thriller whose fictional main characters were actors - and they in turn were copied from the real actors. ” Suerland is certain that “ this »crime scene« was a great pleasure for fans of the acting arts and the television industry, ” admits However, "that in the end Felix Murot returned as a film character and read the riot act for his actor Ulrich Tukur was perhaps one turn too many - but then it was brilliantly off the mark" .

Tobias Jochheim from RP Online is of the opinion that the episode contains a “revolutionary idea, implemented as massively as possible” . Ulrich Tukur plays a "very special double role" with "a little" crime scene ", a lot of" crime scene "parody" and is "beautiful" to look at. Leading actor Tukur has undergone a change: “The real Ulrich Tukur is regularly mistaken for Herbert Grönemeyer . The actor Tukur, whom this real Ulrich Tukur portrays in "Who Am I?", Is surprisingly increasingly reminiscent of - Daniel Craig . Without biceps, triceps, six packs and whatever else you can have attention-seeking muscles (as a topless picture proves more clearly than you wanted to know). With all the more dark circles under the eyes, pallor, desperate anger and paranoia. " The film serves countless clichés of the film industry and contains various " subtleties of the language of film and feature pages. The innumerable grateful templates are transformed in a way that, with this institution and this broadcasting slot, can be called courageous. "

“After the wonderful Hessians have already touched the limits of the format a few times, the full experiment comes at the end of the year. [...] The episode 'Who am I' by Bastian Günther plays with the art form ' film within a film ', and anyone who has a problem when the murderer is identified at the beginning will quickly switch off. [...] So you can enjoy this unreasonably crazy piece best if you have followed the entire Tatort year, since you can easily see the references. "

“The socio-political mandate: Not available. But the way the actors and filmmakers of the HR 'crime scene' put their pants down in a rigorous navel gaze results in a clever, hilarious and wonderfully impertinent metacrime. "

" Who am I? is a difficult puzzle game in which the supporting characters have their fun, the fictional Tukur not. And for the viewer, the thing is also tough. The episode is superbly presented (cameraman Michael Kotschi indulges in formica tristesse ), well cast and played. But none of this is alive. It's concept and idea, and actors like a broadcaster who present themselves as supposedly unpretentious appear all the more vain. "

"The fact that the whole team can let off steam to their hearts' content on the meta level not only ensures a humorous accumulation in which every Münster crime scene would look like a coffee party, but also for one swipe after the other at this whole crime scene mishap that is as always takes way too important. Broich, Koch, Wuttke - it's impressive what you get when you let these actors off the leash. It is wonderful how schizophrenia can be celebrated. Yeah, it's a damn masterpiece that got out of here, nothing less. Those who do not admit that have still earned such crime scenes as yesterday evening in Cologne . And that can't be wanted. Chapeau for this awesome film, which was simply necessary after 40 years of Tatort. "

- Oliver Dietrich : Potsdam's latest news

"The joke, the situation comedy, which may find its expression in the viewer's smile, has less of the function of counteracting and softening the hero's drama than of creating its own level of reception, which, under certain circumstances, can help the crime scene. Makes tragedy rather uninteresting. It is a question of taste and aesthetic preferences what you as a viewer get out of this film and how you ultimately “use” it for yourself. Who loves surprises, who knows how to appreciate the fact that four actors from “Tatort” commissioners plus the retired Wuttke act in the biggest roles in the film, who enjoys snappy swipes at the film industry, in which everybody uses and “makes love” ", But where envy and defamation are the order of the day, nothing will be missed in the manageable crime plot (for a six-star crime comedy, however, the crime plot would have been more mature and complex and not only have to be content with the suspected murder idea) . If, on the other hand, you have stuck ideas about what a Sunday crime thriller should look like, you have bad cards in "Who am I?", This wild mix of genres in which the character Felix Murot also rehearses and dilutes himself in the end. "

- Rainer Tittelbach :

“The entertaining mix of crime, tragedy and comedy should nevertheless polarize people. Tukur in particular plays terrific. The story itself has length, however, and the self-reflection of the "Tatort" operation sometimes seems a little self-enamored. "


2015 Who am I? - like its predecessor Born in pain - the Media Culture Prize at the Festival of German Film , as a prize for a television editor and for the recognition of high quality television game productions.

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