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Geographical location of the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • In use
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  • Latter-day Saint temples are sacred structures operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as " Mormons "). They differ significantly in their use from the normal meetinghouses of this church and are nowhere near as numerous. The Church sees these buildings in the tradition of the Jerusalem temples and as part of the so-called Restoration of the Full Gospel .

    Meaning and purpose of the temple

    The temple serves several purposes in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints . Each temple reads “The House of the Lord” and “Holy to the Lord” in the local language. A statue of the angel Moroni with a trumpet is often depicted on the top of the temple , which stands for the preaching of the Gospel in all the world (see Rev 14 : 6-7  EU ). For most of the history of this church, relatively few temples existed (only 19 in 1980), but construction has been accelerated since around 1990. At the same time, the unique, sometimes quite extravagant architecture of the older temples was changed to a somewhat more economical and more standardized form; many of the newer temples are also significantly smaller than the older ones. Responsible for this was then President Gordon B. Hinckley , who currently had more temples built and consecrated than all the Presidents of the Church before him combined.

    Temples are places where worthy members of the Church can receive ordinances for themselves or on behalf of deceased ancestors. All of these acts are directly related to the afterlife , which distinguishes them from the ordinances performed in the individual meetinghouses, which essentially relate to this life.

    Non-members of the Church and children are only allowed in before the dedication of the temple; adult members of the church also need a letter of recommendation from their community leader (e.g. bishop), which must be renewed regularly in order to gain access. The exact details of temple activities are considered sacred . That is why they are not discussed in detail outside the temple. However, various resigned members broke the silence after their resignation, so that the contents of the actions are no longer secret today.

    The following ordinances are performed in the temple:

    Gifting and sealing can be received both once in a lifetime in one's own name and repeatedly on behalf of the deceased. In the case of baptism, only substitute baptism for the dead takes place in the temple, whereas the baptism of the living takes place in the individual meetinghouses.

    According to the belief of this church, these ordinances are a necessary prerequisite for entering the highest of the kingdoms of glory , the celestial kingdom.

    During the period from 1846 to 1877, when the Nauvoo Temple was destroyed and the new Utah temples were not completed, temple ceremonies were performed in an " Endowment House " in Salt Lake City.

    Baptism for the dead


    The Endowment , also called talent, is the ceremony that usually takes an adult church member on his first visit to the temple in their own name. In the process, the participants experience in a symbolic way the path of man as he looks according to the faith of the Church - from the premortal existence in the presence of God to mortality, with the fall of man, redemption through Jesus Christ and finally the homecoming to the heavenly Father in the celestial kingdom.

    These teachings are supported by a film and by changing the appropriately equipped rooms. The endowment used to be portrayed as an actor, as it still happens in the Salt Lake Temple.

    Critics consider parts of the old endowment , which was completed until 1990, to be a reinterpretation of a Masonic ritual that the church founder Joseph Smith got to know during his brief membership in an irregular Masonic lodge . In 1990 the wording of the endowment was slightly changed and now bears less resemblance to Masonic customs. Among other things, the allegorical suggestion of a death penalty for those who reveal the sacred contents of the ceremony has been deleted.


    During this ceremony, spouses and families are forever bonded according to Church teaching. Children born after the sealing are considered "born in the covenant" and do not need to be specially sealed to the family. In some states, such as the United States , temple seals are recognized by the state as a marriage. In Germany and other countries, a state wedding must be carried out. If there are non-Mormon relatives and acquaintances who are not allowed to enter the temple and who are not allowed to attend the actual sealing, there is usually a ceremony outside the temple after the ceremony.

    Latter-day Saints believe that sealing makes family ties eternal, so they continue to work after death. However, this only applies if the family members live righteously. See also Doctrine and Covenants section 132.

    Temple underwear

    As part of the endowment, you receive special underwear that must always be worn in memory of the temple covenants, except in situations in which it makes sense not to wear underwear. The garment is referred to within the Church in all languages ​​with the English word "Garment", which means "garment".

    This one- or two-piece, white underwear with sleeves and legs is marked by the church with embroidered symbols, which are intended to remind the wearer of vows made, the meaning of which - because sacred - should not be discussed outside the temple.

    Endowment members may only purchase or mail order temple robes from special Church stores located near many temples.

    Organization of temple work

    Each temple is presided over by a temple president who is assisted by two counselors. The temple presidency administers the temple and the property and - where available - the visitor hostel. She organizes temple ordinances and instructs male novices on their first temple visits. For female newcomers, the temple president's wife or counselor wives do this. These leaders are appointed to this office for a number of years. A significant part of the direction of temple ministry is in the hands of temple missionaries. Mostly these are married couples or single people of retirement age who usually commit themselves for 18 months and work in a two-shift system. If additional officers are needed, so-called temple workers, mostly married couples, are appointed from the members in the temple district to serve their stake during the assigned temple weeks .

    Temple architecture

    A model of the interior structure of the Salt Lake Temple.
    Ground floor: the baptismal font on the left, the large corridor in the middle, the Garden of Eden room on the right.
    1st floor: on the left the cosmic space, on the right the celestial space.
    2nd floor: conference rooms for the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles.
    3rd floor: the large assembly hall.
    Comparison of some Mormon temples.

    Certain architectural elements can be found in all temples for the same purpose, other elements have been modified over time or are different depending on the culture in which the temple is located. The Salt Lake Temple is unique in the room layout because it contains special rooms for the deliberations of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles that are not found in other temples.

    Each temple bears the inscriptions "House of the Lord" and "Holiness to the Lord" in the respective national language.

    Reception area

    The reception desk is located directly behind the entrance. Here it is checked whether every visitor has a valid temple recommendation slip. Outsiders can come this far and receive answers to questions about the temple and the church if they wish. Seating is distributed behind and next to the reception desk. The remaining areas of the temple are accessible from here.


    The chapel in the temple is right next to the reception area. It is similar to the chapels used for sacrament meetings in meetinghouses. It is used for preparatory meetings and as a devotional place to bridge waiting times.

    Baptismal font with changing area

    In every temple there is a baptismal font that rests on the back of twelve cattle, modeled on the "copper sea" in the temple of Solomon (see 1 Kings 7:25  EU ). In the vicinity of the baptismal font there are changing rooms according to gender, so that you can change from normal Sunday clothes to white christening clothes before the baptisms and back again after the baptisms. Next to the baptismal font there is a room where you can perform vicarious confirmations.

    Changing area

    On opposite sides of the temple there is a room for men and women with changing rooms and lockers to change from normal Sunday clothes to white temple clothes. There are toilets and showers in this area.

    Pre-ordinance area

    Directly next to the changing area is an area for the implementation of the so-called pre-ordinances. Here symbolic ablutions and anointings take place separately according to gender. In early temples the ablutions were actually performed. So this area contained bathtubs. Today the ablutions are only symbolically carried out with a drop of water from a small basin with a tap. These rooms are tiled and are divided into themselves by curtains for the individual actions.

    Rooms for the endowment

    There are several endowment rooms in temples today that resemble small movie theaters. Here the endowment is shown on film, which shows the path of creation and the plan of salvation. Each endowment room is closed with a curtain that represents the separation from God's presence. Behind the curtain there is a connection to the celestial space.

    Modern temples usually have four endowment rooms, a few six, which can be used in staggered form for the almost two-hour ceremony. In older temples there are several rooms through which the participant in the endowment goes through one after the other while a few people perform the endowment. The walls of these rooms are adorned with murals that match the content of each part of the endowment. So there is a creation space, a Garden Eden space, a telestial space and a terrestrial space . There are no murals in terrestrial space. Almost all temples have now been converted to film representation. The old representation is to be retained in the Salt Lake Temple.

    In each of these rooms there is an upholstered altar with an upholstered knee bench in the center front.

    Celestial space

    The celestial room represents the presence of God. It is located in the middle of the temple and is furnished like an elegant salon with seating and a crystal chandelier .

    Sealing rooms

    Each temple has multiple sealing rooms where marriages and sealing of children to their parents are performed for both the living and the dead. It is equipped with an altar with a padded knee bench running all around.

    Function rooms

    There are also offices in each temple for the temple president and data management, as well as changing and lounge rooms for staff. Water treatment is required for the baptismal font and washing machines are required to wash the baptismal linen and other temple clothing. In addition, small technical rooms are available for handling the air conditioning, the translation equipment, etc.

    Symbols on and in temples

    • Angel Moroni: On most temples there is a gilded image of a man in a long robe blowing a trumpet on a spire. It depicts the risen prophet Moroni who appeared to Joseph Smith to teach and show him the gold plates that became the translation of the Book of Mormon . Members of the Church believe that the angel spoken of in Revelation 10 is the Moroni who initiated the restoration of lost doctrines and powers. This also includes the teaching of temple ceremonies and the authority required for them .
    • The realms of glory: At or in front of every temple, the sun, moon and stars are represented in a sometimes very abstract form as symbols of the realms of glory .
    • Towers: Not all temples have towers. A tower alone means striving towards God. The Salt Lake Temple and several others have six towers of varying heights. They represent offices in the priesthood .
    • Arrangement of the baptismal font: In the early temples, the baptismal font was just below the celestial space to indicate that the path to God's presence is through baptism. In newer temples there is sometimes a line of sight between the baptismal room and the celestial room to indicate this connection. However, the arrangement is not mandatory and is often abandoned for practical reasons.
    • Tree of Life : In some temples, the Tree of Life, as described in the Book of Mormon, is depicted, often as a stained glass window that extends over several floors.
    • Mirror: In the sealing rooms there are mirrors on two opposite walls. The endless reflections represent eternity and thus the eternal meaning of a marriage seal.

    Chronological list of temples

    (with dedication date)

    Early temples

    1. Kirtland Temple (March 27, 1836, now owned by the Communion of Christ )
    2. Nauvoo Temple (April 30, 1846; burned down and re-consecrated in June 2002 as a new building based on the old template; see No. 113)
    The Laie Hawaii Temple is the fifth of the remaining temples

    Temples that still exist today

    1. Temple of St. George Utah, USA (April 6, 1877)
    2. Logan Utah Temple , USA (May 17, 1884)
    3. Manti Utah Temple , USA (May 21, 1888)
    4. Salt Lake Temple , USA (April 6, 1893)
    5. Laie Hawaii Temple , USA (November 27, 1919)
    6. Cardston Alberta Temple , Canada (August 26, 1923)
    7. Mesa Arizona Temple , USA (October 27, 1927)
    8. Idaho Falls Idaho Temple , USA (23 September 1945)
    9. Bern Temple in Switzerland (September 11, 1955)
    10. Los Angeles California Temple , USA (March 11, 1956)
    11. Hamilton Temple , New Zealand (April 20, 1958)
    12. London Temple , England (September 7, 1958)
    13. Oakland California Temple , United States (November 18, 1964)
    14. Ogden Utah Temple , USA (January 18, 1972)
    15. Provo Utah Temple , USA (February 9, 1972)
    16. Washington DC Temple , USA (November 19, 1974)
    17. Sao Paulo Temple in Brazil (October 30, 1978)
    18. Tokyo Temple , Japan (October 27, 1980)
    19. Seattle Washington Temple , USA (November 17, 1980)
    20. Jordan River Utah Temple , United States (November 16, 1981)
    21. Atlanta Georgia Temple , USA (June 1, 1983)
    22. Apia Temple in Samoa (August 5, 1983)
    23. Nukualofa Temple in Tonga (August 9, 1983)
    24. Santiago Temple , Chile (September 15, 1983)
    25. Papeete Temple , Tahiti (October 27, 1983)
    26. Mexico City Mexico Temple (December 2, 1983)
    27. Boise Idaho Temple , USA (May 25, 1984)
    28. Sydney Temple , Australia (September 20, 1984)
    29. Manila Temple , Philippines (September 25, 1984)
    30. Dallas Texas Temple , USA (October 19, 1984)
    31. Taipei Temple in Taiwan (November 17, 1984)
    32. Guatemala City Temples , Guatemala (December 14, 1984)
    33. Freiberg Temple in Germany (June 29, 1985, then GDR)
    34. Stockholm Temple , Sweden (July 2, 1985)
    35. Chicago Illinois Temple , USA (August 9, 1985)
    36. Johannesburg Temple , South Africa (August 24, 1985)
    37. Seoul Temple , South Korea (December 14, 1985)
    38. Lima Temple in Peru (January 10, 1986)
    39. Buenos Aires Temple , Argentina (January 17, 1986)
    40. Denver Colorado Temple , USA (October 24, 1986)
    41. Frankfurt Temple in Germany (August 28, 1987)
    42. Portland Oregon Temple , USA (August 19, 1989)
    43. Las Vegas Nevada Temple in USA (December 16, 1989)
    44. Toronto Ontario Temple , Canada (August 25, 1990)
    45. San Diego California Temple , USA (April 25, 1993)
    46. Orlando Florida Temple , USA (October 9, 1994)
    47. Bountiful Utah Temple in USA (January 8, 1995)
    48. Hong Kong Temple in China (May 26, 1996, then still Great Britain)
    49. Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple in USA (October 13, 1996)
    50. St. Louis Missouri Temple , USA (June 21, 1997)
    51. Vernal Utah Temple , USA (November 2, 1997)
    52. Preston Temple , England (June 7, 1998)
    53. Monticello Utah Temple , USA (July 26, 1998)
    54. Anchorage Alaska Temple in USA (January 9, 1999)
    55. Colonia Juarez Chihuahua Temple , Mexico (March 6, 1999)
    56. Madrid Temple in Spain (March 19, 1999)
    57. Bogotá Temple in Colombia (April 24, 1999)
    58. Guayaquil Temple , Ecuador (July 31, 1999)
    59. Spokane Washington Temple , USA (August 21, 1999)
    60. Columbus Ohio Temple , USA (September 4, 1999)
    61. Bismarck North Dakota Temple , USA (September 19, 1999)
    62. Columbia-South Carolina Temple , USA (October 16, 1999)
    63. Detroit Michigan Temple , USA (October 23, 1999)
    64. Halifax Nova Scotia Temples , Canada (November 14, 1999)
    65. Regina Saskatchewan Temple , Canada (November 14, 1999)
    66. Billings Montana Temple , USA (November 20, 1999)
    67. Edmonton Alberta Temple , Canada (December 11, 1999)
    68. Raleigh North Carolina Temple , USA (December 18, 1999)
    69. Temple of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (January 9, 2000)
    70. Kona Hawaii Temple in USA (January 23, 2000)
    71. Ciudad Juarez Temple , Mexico (February 26, 2000)
    72. Hermosillo Sonora Temple in Mexico (February 27, 2000)
    73. Albuquerque New Mexico Temple , USA (March 5, 2000)
    74. Oaxaca Temple , Mexico (March 11, 2000)
    75. Tuxtla Gutiérrez Temple , Mexico (March 12, 2000)
    76. Louisville Kentucky Temple in USA (March 19, 2000)
    77. Palmyra New York Temple , USA (April 6, 2000)
    78. Fresno California Temple in USA (April 9, 2000)
    79. Medford Oregon Temple , USA (April 16, 2000)
    80. Memphis Tennessee Temple , USA (April 23, 2000)
    81. Reno Nevada Temple in USA (April 23, 2000)
    82. Cochabamba Temple in Bolivia (April 30, 2000)
    83. Tampico Temple , Mexico (May 20, 2000)
    84. Nashville Tennessee Temple , USA (May 21, 2000)
    85. Villahermosa Tabasco Temple , Mexico (May 21, 2000)
    86. Montreal Quebec Temple in Canada (June 4, 2000)
    87. San José Temple in Costa Rica (June 4, 2000)
    88. Fukuoka Temple in Japan (June 11, 2000)
    89. Adelaide Temple in Australia (June 15, 2000)
    90. Melbourne Temple , Australia (June 16, 2000)
    91. Suva Temple in Fiji (June 18, 2000)
    92. Mérida Yucatán Temple , Mexico (July 8, 2000)
    93. Veracruz Temple , Mexico (July 9, 2000)
    94. Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple in USA (July 16, 2000)
    95. Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple in USA (July 30, 2000)
    96. Caracas Temple in Venezuela (August 20, 2000)
    97. Houston Texas Temple , USA (August 26, 2000)
    98. Birmingham Alabama Temple , USA (September 3, 2000)
    99. Santo Domingo Temple in the Dominican Republic (September 17, 2000)
    100. Boston Massachusetts Temple , USA (October 1, 2000)
    101. Recife Temple in Brazil (December 15, 2000)
    102. Porto Alegre Temple in Brazil (December 17, 2000)
    103. Montevideo Temple in Uruguay (March 18, 2001)
    104. Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple , USA April 22, 2001
    105. Guadalajara Temple , Mexico (April 29, 2001)
    106. Perth Temple , Australia (May 20, 2001)
    107. Columbia River Washington Temple , USA (November 18, 2001)
    108. Snowflake Arizona Temple , USA (March 3, 2002)
    109. Lubbock Texas Temple , USA (April 21, 2002)
    110. Monterrey Temple , Mexico (April 28, 2008)
    111. Campinas Temple in Brazil (May 17, 2002)
    112. Asunción Temple in Paraguay (May 19, 2002)
    113. Nauvoo Illinois Temple , United States (June 27, 2002, rebuilt)
    114. The Hague Temple in the Netherlands (September 8, 2002)
    115. Brisbane Temple , Australia (June 15, 2003)
    116. Redlands California Temple , USA September 14, 2003
    117. Accra Temple in Ghana (January 11, 2004)
    118. Copenhagen Temple in Denmark (May 23, 2004)
    119. Manhattan New York Temple in USA (June 13, 2004)
    120. San Antonio Texas Temple , USA (May 22, 2005)
    121. Aba Temple in Nigeria (August 7, 2005)
    122. Newport Beach California Temple , USA (August 28, 2005)
    123. Sacramento California Temple , USA (September 3, 2006)
    124. Helsinki Temple in Finland (October 22, 2006)
    125. Rexburg Idaho Temple in USA (February 10, 2008)
    126. Curitiba Temple in Brazil (June 1, 2008)
    127. Panamá City Temple in Panama (August 10, 2008)
    128. Twin Falls Idaho Temple in USA (August 24, 2008)
    129. Draper Utah Temple in USA (March 20, 2009)
    130. Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple , USA (August 21, 2009)
    131. Vancouver British Columbia Temple in Canada (May 2, 2010)
    132. Gila Valley Arizona Temple in USA (May 23, 2010)
    133. Cebu Temple in the Philippines (June 13, 2010)
    134. Kiev Temple in Ukraine (August 29, 2010)
    135. San Salvador Temple in El Salvador (August 21, 2011)
    136. Quetzaltenango Temple in Guatemala (December 11, 2011)
    137. Kansas City Missouri Temple , USA (May 6, 2012)
    138. Manaus Temple in Brazil (June 10, 2012)
    139. Brigham City Utah Temple , USA (23 September 2012)
    140. Calgary Alberta Temples , Canada (October 28, 2012)
    141. Tegucigalpa Temple in Honduras (March 17, 2013)
    142. Gilbert Arizona Temple , USA (March 2, 2014)
    143. Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple , USA (May 4, 2014)
    144. Phoenix Arizona Temple in USA (November 16, 2014)
    145. Cordoba Temple in Argentina (May 17, 2015)
    146. Payson Utah Temple in USA (June 7, 2015)
    147. Trujillo Temple in Peru (June 21, 2015)
    148. Indianapolis Indiana Temple in USA (23 Aug 2015)
    149. Tijuana Temple in Mexico (December 13, 2015)
    150. Provo City Center Temple in Utah, USA (March 20, 2016)
    151. Sapporo Japan Temple in Japan (August 21, 2016)
    152. Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple , USA (September 18, 2016)
    153. Fort Collins Colorado Temple in USA (October 16, 2016)
    154. Star Valley Wyoming Temple in USA (October 30, 2016)
    155. Hartford Connecticut Temple in USA (November 20, 2016)
    156. Paris France Temple in France (May 21, 2017)
    157. Tucson Arizona Temple in USA (August 13, 2017)
    158. Meridian Idaho Temple in USA (November 19, 2017)
    159. Cedar City Utah Temple in USA (December 10, 2017)
    160. Concepcion Chile Temple in Chile (October 28, 2018)
    161. Barranquilla Colombia Temple in Colombia (December 9, 2018)
    162. Rome Italy temples in Italy (March 10, 2019)
    163. Kinshasa Congo Temple in DR Congo (April 14, 2019)
    164. Lisbon Temple in Portugal (September 15, 2019)
    165. Arequipa Peru Temple in Peru (December 15, 2019)
    166. Durban Temple in South Africa (February 16, 2020)

    Temples planned or under construction

    With the date of the public announcement of the building decision

    1. Fortaleza, Brazil 3rd October 2009
    2. Urdaneta, Philippines October 2, 2010
    3. Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada April 2, 2011
    4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April 6, 2013
    5. Port au Prince, Haiti 5th April 2015
    6. Abidjan, Ivory Coast April 5th, 2015
    7. Bangkok, Thailand April 5th, 2015
    8. Mendoza, Argentina October 7th, 2018
    9. Salvador, Brazil October 7th 2018
    10. Yuba City, California, USA October 7th, 2018
    11. Phnom Penh, Cambodia October 7th 2018
    12. Praia, Cape Verde October 7th 2018
    13. Yigo, Guam October 7, 2018
    14. Puebla, Mexico October 7th 2018
    15. Auckland, New Zealand October 7th 2018
    16. Lagos, Nigeria October 7th 2018
    17. Davao, Philippines October 7th, 2018
    18. San Juan, Puerto Rico October 7, 2018
    19. Washington County, Utah, USA October 7th, 2018

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