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Tilos municipality
Δήμος Τήλου (Τήλος)
Tilos (Greece)
Basic data
State : GreeceGreece Greece
Region : South Aegean
Regional District : Rhodes
Geographic coordinates : 36 ° 26 '  N , 27 ° 22'  E Coordinates: 36 ° 26 '  N , 27 ° 22'  E
Area : 64.525 km²
Residents : 780 (2011)
Population density : 12.1 inhabitants / km²
Seat: Megalo Chorio
LAU-1 code no .: 6904
Districts : nof7
Local self-government : f12f122 local communities
Website: www.tilos.gr
Location in the South Aegean region
File: 2011 Dimos Tilou.png
f9 f10 f8

Tilos ( Greek Τήλος ( f. Sg. ), In ancient times Telos , in the past sometimes also Greek Πισκοπή , Piskopí or Ἐπισκοπή Episkopí ) is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea and one of the twelve main islands of the Dodecanese . Together with some uninhabited islets (including Anditilos and Gaidouronisi ) it forms a community (δήμος, Dimos ) in the South Aegean region .


Livadia harbor basin

It is located northwest of Rhodes and eight nautical miles southeast of the island of Nisyros . Its area is 61.487 km² and the highest elevation ( Profitis Ilias ) reaches 612 m. According to the 2011 census, the island is inhabited by 780 inhabitants (in 1991 there were 279 inhabitants).

Community structure

Local community Greek name code Area (km²) 2001 residents Residents 2011 Villages and islands
Megalo Chorio Τοπική Κοινότητα Μεγάλου Χωρίου 69040001 34,900 255 296 Megalo Chorio, Agios Andonios, Gaidaros
Livadia Τοπική Κοινότητα Λιβαδίων 69040002 29.625 278 484 Livadia, Anditilos
total 6904 64.525 533 780


In the Charkadio Cave many bones from excavations in 1971 dwarf elephants discovered. During the last excavation campaign, the remains of an even smaller elephant (Palaeloxodon antiquus falconeri) were discovered. Some of the finds are exhibited in a small museum in Megalo Chorio.

The ancient poet Erinna most likely came from Tilos and is said to have been around the year 350 BC. Lived on the island.

In 1309/10, the Order of St. John began to rule Tilos, which lasted until the siege of Rhodes in 1522 . Numerous fortifications were built during this time. Then Tilos belonged to the sphere of influence of the Ottoman Empire ( Dschesair province ) until the beginning of the 20th century . In May 1844, the German archaeologist and philologist Ludwig Ross (1806-1859) visited the island and described it in his work Travels on the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea . In 1912 the island was occupied by Italy during the Italo-Turkish War . From 1923 to 1943 Tilos ( Piskopí ) was part of the Italian Aegean Islands .

As a result of the Dodecanese campaign , Tilos was occupied by units of the German Wehrmacht . When British and allied troops of the Holy Hive landed on the island in October 1944 and spring 1945 , there were several skirmishes. Tilos was mentioned under the name Piskopi in the Wehrmacht report. It says:

"Our base crews, which were left on some Aegean islands even after the evacuation of Greece, are on Milos and Piskopi in the fight against landed enemy forces."

- OKW report of October 31, 1944

Even today, rusted war material in many places testifies to the severity of the fighting. It was not until May 8, 1945 that a surrender agreement for the southeastern Aegean was signed on the neighboring island of Symi .

Since March 7, 1948 Tilos has officially been part of the state of Greece .

natural reserve

The Tilos Park Association (TPA) has been supporting nature conservation on Tilos since 2003 and promoting ecotourism . From 2004 to 2008, the European Union ran a LIFE program to protect domestic bird life, including the Eleanor's falcon , Bonelli's eagle and the shag . The nature conservation activities were supported by participation in the Natura 2000 project.


The municipality was awarded the Euronatur environmental prize in 2009 for its long-term efforts to protect birds , in particular for enforcing a hunting ban since 1993 .

power supply

Solar power plant under construction on Tilos, June 2017.

At the beginning of its electrification, Tilos was powered by diesel generators near the town of Megalo Chorio. The island was later connected to the neighboring island of Kos via an undersea power cable , where electricity is also produced from fossil sources. The construction of a photovoltaic and wind power plant in connection with a smart grid should make Tilos' power supply more independent and export surpluses. A research consortium from seven EU countries and 15 companies and institutes is working on this, financed with funds from the EU funding program Horizon 2020 .

Refugee aid

Since around 2010, residents of Tilos have been intensively involved in helping refugees from Syria and other countries. With the support of the United Nations , a humanitarian NPO and the local community, an open refugee home as well as school lessons and childcare were created. This is a rarity on the Greek islands. At the focal points of the refugee arrival on the larger islands, accommodation is mostly in closed camps.


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