U 874

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U 874
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Type : IX D2
Field Post Number : 00459
Shipyard: Deschimag ( AG Weser ), Bremen
Construction contract: August 25, 1941
Build number: 1082
Keel laying: March 17, 1943
Launch: December 21, 1943
Commissioning: April 8, 1944

Theodor Petersen


4th U-Flotilla , Stettin
April 1944 - February 1945 (training
boat ) 33rd U-Flotilla
April-May 1945

Calls: no ventures


Whereabouts: On 8. May 1945 in Horten capitulated, sunk on 31 December by artillery fire

U 874 was a long-range submarine of the type IX D2 . It was supposed to be usedby the navy in the Far East duringthe Second World War , but did not complete any operations.

Construction and training

The Deschimag AG Weser shipyard in Bremen switched production to submarine construction at the start of the war. By the end of the war, the shipyard had built a total of 28 Type IX D2 boats on behalf of the Navy. These boats were intended for use in the Indian Ocean and were to operate with the Monsun group from improvised bases in East Asia. The building contract for U 874 was issued on August 25, 1941 and comprised a total of 11 boats of this type. The commissioning took place on April 8, 1944 under the command of Oberleutnant zur See Theodor Petersen. Like most boats of its time, U 874 also had a boat-specific sign on the tower . It was a gold diamond on a white background.


The boat was placed under the command of the 4th submarine flotilla in Stettin . The focus of the training of the crew was on the planned deployment in South-East Asia. On March 1, 1945, the boat was assigned to the 33rd U-Flotilla . In the same month U 874 left Kiel and moved to Norway .


On May 8th, Commander Petersen surrendered in Horten, Norway . He then transferred the boat via Scapa Flow to Lisahally, the port of Londonderry , where U 874 arrived on May 31. In September and October the boat was put on display in the port of Liverpool for inspection . In December of the same year U 874 was brought from Lisahally to Moville . From there the boat was towed into position by the destroyer escort HMS Mendip and sunk with artillery fire on December 21 at 7:59 a.m.

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