William H. Cabell

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William H. Cabell (about 1850)

William Henry Cabell (born December 16, 1773 in Cumberland County , Colony of Virginia , † January 12, 1853 in Richmond , Virginia ) was an American lawyer and politician ( Democratic Republican Party ).


Cabell was born on the Boston Hill Estate to Colonel Nicholas Cabell and Hannah Carrington Cabell . He received private tuition in his youth, later studied at Hampden-Sydney College and the College of William & Mary, and graduated in July 1793. He then went to Richmond to complete his law degree , graduating on June 13, 1794. He began his career as a lawyer and got into politics. He was a member of the House of Delegates in Virginia from 1796 to 1805 and was an elector in the 1800 and 1804 presidential elections . From 1805 to 1808 he was governor of Virginia. In December 1808 he became a Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court.

After two years he was elected on March 21, 1811 to the Supreme Court Justice of Virginia ( Supreme Court of Appeals ). After reorganization in 1831, he was re-elected to the Court of Justice and was appointed President on January 18, 1842. He remained in that post until 1851, but during his senior year he was plagued by illness. Cabell died in Richmond on January 12, 1853 and was buried in Shockhoe Cemetery.


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