You will love me (TV series)

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Television series
German title You - you will love me
Original title You
You (2018) .png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 2018
Berlanti Productions,
Alloy Entertainment ,
Warner Horizon Television,
A&E Studios
length 42-50 minutes
Episodes 20 in 2+ seasons ( list )
genre drama
idea Greg Berlanti ,
Sera Gamble
production Ryan Lindenberg,
Adria Lang,
Jason Sokoloff
music Blake Neely
First broadcast September 9, 2018 (USA) on Lifetime

First publication in German
December 26, 2018 on Netflix

You will love me is an American television series that premiered on September 9, 2018 on Lifetime . It is based on the novel You - You Will Love Me by the US author Caroline Kepnes . The series was extended for a second season before it first aired. The series has been available internationally on the Netflix streaming platform since December 26, 2018 . At the beginning of December 2018 it was announced that the second season of the series will no longer be broadcast due to restructuring at Lifetime. Instead, it will start as a Netflix original. The second season was released on Netflix on December 26, 2019.

On January 14, 2020, the series was extended by a third season, which, according to Netflix, will appear in 2021.


The focus of the series of charming, from is New York native bookseller Joe Goldberg.

season 1

One day a customer named Guinevere Beck walks into the New York bookstore Mooney's , where Joe is the manager.

Beck is a student struggling with financial problems and uninvited advances from her tutor. Joe falls in love with her and quickly becomes obsessed with her. An internet search of her results in Joe following Beck and monitoring their social interactions. He gets to know Beck's drug-addicted ex-boyfriend Benji and is forced to eliminate him from Beck's life.

Over time, Beck and Joe develop a relationship. Meanwhile, Beck's best friend, Peach, tries to sabotage the relationship out of jealousy. Joe sees Peach as the major "relationship barrier," and he doesn't shy away from stalking or attempting murder to remove it .

After Joe's attempt on Peach fails, Peach convinces Beck to spend the weekend with her in a Connecticut mansion. Peach also invites an old friend over there, whom she has sex with after all three have consumed MDMA mixed with opium. She fails to seduce Beck after kissing her several times. Joe follows the two of them, hides in the house the whole time and shadows the friends. Old memories and déjà-vus of his ex-girlfriend Candace come over him again and again .

An argument breaks out between Beck and Peach, which leads to Beck leaving the house. Peach spots Joe and threatens him with a gun. Joe outwits her, kills her, and makes the murder look like suicide . After this bereavement, Beck goes into therapy. Joe does the same because he suspects that Beck is cheating on him with her therapist. After Joe raises these concerns, Beck breaks up with him because their trust seems very important in a relationship.

Three months after the split, both are clearly doing well, but Beck begins to inquire about Joe every now and then. They see each other for the first time when Joe's employee moves in with one of Beck's fellow students. But seeing Beck again means trouble for Joe's current relationship with Karen Minty. He and Beck are writing again, meeting and having sex on a boat. Eventually they start an affair with each other. Joe ends his relationship with Karen and officially gets back together with Beck.

Through a tip from Karen, Beck starts researching Joe's ex-girlfriend Candace, who allegedly moved to Rome, but with whom all contact has now been broken, which is why Candace's brother suspected murder. Beck also finds out that Candace cheated on Joe.

After a while, Joe learns that Beck actually cheated on him with her therapist. After an argument everything seems to be fine, until Beck finds evidence in a hiding place of Joe, more precisely her old cell phone, the knocked teeth of Joe's victims and Benji's watch, of how obsessed Joe was with her all along and that he was the killer her ex boyfriend and best friend is Peach. Before Beck can do anything, Joe locks her up in the basement of his bookstore and keeps her there for a few days. Meanwhile, he makes it look like Beck is taking a social media break so that her absence doesn't attract much attention. He also learns that Peach's family hired a private investigator to prove that Peach did not commit suicide, but was killed.

Beck, meanwhile, tries to regain Joe's trust so that he can let her go. For a moment it seems as if she will be released, but Joe is able to prevent her from escaping and eventually kills her. Joe makes sure that Beck's therapist is mistaken for the killer. He also publishes her works, helping her posthumously to her long-awaited fame. In the last scene, Candace, who has disappeared or is believed to be dead, enters Joe's bookstore and confronts him with the fact that they need to talk.

season 2

Joe has left New York and wants to make a fresh start in Los Angeles . To do this, he moves into a new apartment and now operates under the name Will Bettelheim.

He starts to work as a bookseller in the department store "Anavrin" and meets Love Quinn, the twin sister of Forty, the owner of "Anavrin". Researching Love on the Internet means that he sets up a social network account so that he can follow Love digitally. At a spontaneous meeting in his apartment, the two get to know each other better and he learns that Love is widowed . Love and Joe first develop a friendship, despite obvious feelings for one another.

Joe locks the real Will Bettelheim, whose identity he stole, in a rented garage so he can live unhindered. When he learns that he is in debt with one of his previous customers named Jasper, Joe tries to raise the necessary money. Joe fails and he eventually kills Jasper. Joe also learns that his landlady, Delilah, was raped by celebrity Henderson when she was a minor .

Joe accompanies Forty, who is trying to establish himself as a director and producer, to an improvisation show in order to win him over. He notices that Ellie, the fifteen-year-old sister of his landlady Delilah, is closely connected to Henderson. He fears that she too could become a victim of Henderson and tries to protect her. During a party at Henderson's, Joe steals his laptop in hopes of finding evidence against him. He is helped by the real Will Bettelheim, whom Joe is still holding in his garage.

The relationship between Joe and Love becomes more intimate and the two begin a real relationship. During a break-in at Henderson's house, Joe discovers perverted photos that he anonymously sends to Delilah so that she can go public. But the photos prove to be useless. Joe has to get used to sharing Love with Forty in order to avoid a relationship crisis with Love. Ellie, trying to get Henderson's attention, visits him one evening at his house. Joe is tailing her. When he realizes that Henderson wants to abuse her, his protective instincts get out of hand and he stuns Henderson with knockout drops . After Henderson wakes up, there is a violent argument between him and Joe, which ends with the death of Henderson. Because of his help, Joe releases Will Bettelheim from the garage, as he is no longer a danger and Joe wants to prove himself to have become a better person.

Joe accompanies Love on her parents' anniversary weekend and gets an insight into their family dynamics. There, however, he meets his ex-girlfriend Candace, who disguises herself under the name Amy as Forty's girlfriend and presents Joe with new challenges. Forty tries to get money from his father to start his screenwriting career . Candace helps him, who comes across Beck's memoir. After his father's rejection, Forty relapses repeatedly. Family chaos over the weekend eventually leads to a strengthening of the bond between Love and Joe. The investigation into Henderson's death is well underway. Forty is working on a script for Beck's memoir, in collaboration with Candace and Joe.

Delilah has trouble dealing with the circumstances surrounding Henderson. Candace locates Joe's apartment and comes into direct contact with Delilah and Ellie. She is shadowed by a private detective that Love has set on her. Love discovers Candace's true identity and learns about Joe's real identity through Candace in a conversation. She confronts Joe, who tells her part of the truth about his identity. Love then breaks up with him.

Love begins an affair with Milo, her late husband's best friend. Instead, Joe tries modern dating apps , also to make Love jealous. At the same time he takes care of Delilah and starts an affair with her. Delilah publishes the story of her rape . Trying to get to know each other better, Joe and Delilah eventually have sex in public and are arrested. Forty uses his family contacts to get both of them out of jail. Milo, who has now fallen in love with Love, wants to stay in Los Angeles and start a real relationship, while Love doesn't want that. Forty confronts Milo, who becomes violent, so Love finally breaks up with him. Danny Fincher, a cop and friend of Delilah's, suspects Joe was responsible for Henderson's death. Delilah, who finds out, searches Joe's apartment and discovers the key to his secret garage. Joe and Delilah meet in the garage and Joe traps her there before she can give clues to the police.

Joe plans to leave LA as soon as possible. In a farewell letter, Joe says goodbye to Love, for whom he only wants the best. Forty receives approval for his script and kidnaps Joe into a hotel room so that he can work on the script undisturbed. During the course of the evening, he and Joe put himself under the influence of LSD. The drug causes Joe to partially go nuts and suffer film tears . Forty tries to go into more detail on Beck's view of events in his script and develops the thesis in delirium that it is not Dr. Nicky killed her, but Beck's ex-boyfriend. In this context, Forty Joe confesses that as a teenager he killed his au pair, with whom he was in love. Joe feels connected to him. In the hotel room, Joe and Love videotaped each other and decide to stay together at all costs. The next morning, Joe escapes the hotel room to take care of Delilah. But when he gets to the garage, he finds her dead. He doesn't know whether he killed her and makes up his mind to reconstruct the evening.

In the meantime, Love takes care of Ellie, who is mentally unstable due to the disappearance of her sister . Joe learns that Forty met Candace the previous night and abandoned him. Candace turns to Forty again and reveals that it was in fact Beck's ex-boyfriend who killed her and that this is Joe. Forty doesn't believe her, but travels to see Dr. Nicky to jail to find out the truth. Candace storms into Joe's garage and locks him up after locating the garage through a video from Forty. She then contacts Love, who now learns the full truth about Joe. Love, however, kills Candace and admits to murdering Delilah. You learn that she is obsessed with Joe and that she has dark secrets of her own. She confesses that she killed the au pair at the time and blamed the murder on her brother. Now Love is holding Joe prisoner. Joe realizes that Love is just as mentally unstable as himself and wonders if he deserves this ending.

Love still loves Joe and would like to work out a plan with him to get out of it unscathed. To do this, she first wants to push the murder of Henderson on to someone else and makes sure that Ellie is arrested for it. Forty, meanwhile, talks to the imprisoned Dr. Nicky about what happened to shed light on the dark. He realizes the danger posed by Joe and is extremely upset. Ellie, despite being quickly released from prison, continues to be followed by the police. Joe tries to overpower Love and is ready to kill her, but then learns that Love is pregnant and he is going to be a father. He wants to be a better father than his own and is ready to live with Love for it, unsure whether he still loves her. Joe finally takes care of Ellie by telling her about the death of her sister Delilah. He conceals the exact course of events and gives her money so that she can start a new life. Forty, who still wants to protect Love from Joe, stages a meeting at "Anavrin". Forty tries to shoot Joe, but Policeman Fincher prevents it by stepping in and shooting Forty. Forty is mistaken for Henderson's killer.

Joe and Love move away to start a new life with their unborn child. Joe doesn't seem really happy with the situation, even if he resolves to become a good father. On arrival at the new house, he notices the neighbor lying in the garden with books.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization of the series takes place at SDI Media Germany GmbH in Berlin under the dialogue direction of Boris Tessmann and based on the dialogue books by Boris Tessmann, Andreas Pollak and Robin Kahnmeyer .

Leading roles

Role name actor Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Joe Goldberg / Will Bettelheim Penn Badgley 1.01– Robin Kahnmeyer
Gianni Ciardiello (teenager) 1.01–1.02, 1.10
Aidan Wallace (child) 2.01, 2.04, 2.07-2.10
Guinevere Beck Elizabeth Lail 1.01–1.10 2.02 Marieke Oeffinger
Paco Luca Padovan 1.01–1.10 Mik Dankou
Ethan Russell Zach Cherry 1.01–1.10 Jesco Wirthgen
Peach Salinger Shay Mitchell 1.01–1.06 Kaya Marie Möller
Candace Stone / Amy Adam Ambyr Childers 2.01-2.09 1.06-1.10 Anne Patricia Nilles-Reetz
Love Quinn Victoria Pedretti 2.01– Josephine Schmidt
Ellie Alves Jenna Ortega 2.01– Lea Kalbhenn
Forty Quinn James Scully 2.01-2.10 Patrick Baehr
Delilah Alves Carmela Zumbado 2.01-2.10 Alice Bauer

Supporting cast

Role name actor Supporting role
Voice actor
Ron Daniel Cosgrove 1.01–1.10 Boris Tessmann
Annika Attwater Kathryn Gallagher 1.01–1.10 Anja Stadlober
Lynn Lieser Nicole Kang 1.01–1.10 Jodie Blank
Claudia Victoria Cartagena 1.01–1.10 Carolina Vera
Mr. Mooney Mark Blum 1.01–1.10 Tim Moeseritz
Benjamin "Benji" Ashby Jr. III Lou Taylor Pucci 1.01–1.03 Julius Jellinek
Professor Paul Leahy Reg Rogers 1.01–1.02 Frank Röth
Blythe Hari Nef 1.03-1.10 Svantje washer
Edwin Beck Michael Park 1.04, 1.10 Bernd Vollbrecht
Nancy Whitesell Emily Bergl 1.04 Christin Marquitan
Officer Nico Michael Maize 1.06-1.07 Tobias Kluckert
Dr. Nicky John Stamos 1.07-1.10, 2.10 Viktor Neumann
Karen Minty Natalie Paul 1.07-1.08 Victoria Storm
Calvin Adwin Brown 2.01– Tobias Nath
Sandy Magda Apanowicz 2.01-2.10 Carmen Katt
Will Bettelheim Robin Lord Taylor 2.01-2.04 Marius Clarén
Henderson Chris D'Elia 2.01-2.04 Jaron Lowenberg
Lucy spokesman Marielle Scott 2.02– Melanie Isakowitz
Gift Miranda Charlie Barnett 2.02– Johannes Raspe
Sunrise Darshan Cummings Melanie Field 2.02– Cornelia Waibel
David Fincher Danny Vasquez 2.04– Dennis Schmidt-Foss

Episode list

season 1

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script Spectator
1 1 pilot pilot Sep 9 2018 26 Dec 2018 Lee Toland Warrior Greg Berlanti & Sera Gamble 0.82 million
2 2 The last nice guy in New York The Last Nice Guy in New York 16 Sep 2018 26 Dec 2018 Lee Toland Warrior Sera Gamble 0.77 million
3 3 Maybe Maybe 23 Sep 2018 26 Dec 2018 Marcos Siega April Blair 0.57 million
4th 4th The captain The captain Sep 30 2018 26 Dec 2018 Vic Mahoney Michael Foley 0.56 million
5 5 Destroy the enemy Living with the Enemy Oct 7, 2018 26 Dec 2018 Marta Cunningham Neil Reynolds 0.57 million
6th 6th Amour Fou Amour Fou Oct 14, 2018 26 Dec 2018 Marcos Siega Adria Lang 0.71 million
7th 7th Complete shaft Everythingship Oct 21, 2018 26 Dec 2018 Kellie Cyrus April Blair & Amanda Zetterström 0.62 million
8th 8th I'm yours babe You got me, babe Oct 28, 2018 26 Dec 2018 Erin Feeley Caroline Kepnes 0.49 million
9 9 Candace Candace Nov 4, 2018 26 Dec 2018 Martha Mitchell Kelli Breslin & Michael Foley 0.47 million
10 10 Bluebeard's Castle Bluebeard's Castle Nov 11, 2018 26 Dec 2018 Marcos Siega Sera Gamble & Neil Reynolds 0.53 million

season 2

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
11 1 A newbeginning A fresh start 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 Kevin Rodney Sullivan Sera Gamble
12 2 Just the top Just the tip 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 Silver tree Michael Foley
13 3 What are friends for? What Are Friends For? 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 John Scott Neil Reynolds
14th 4th Henderson's dark side The Good, The Bad & The Hendy 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 DeMane Davis Justin W. Lo
15th 5 Have a nice weekend, Joe! Have a Good Wellkend, Joe! 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 Cherie Nowlan Amanda Johnson-Zetterström
16 6th Goodbye, my bunny Farewell, My Bunny 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 Meera Menon Adria Lang
17th 7th Ex-istential crisis Ex-istential crisis 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 Shannon Kohli Kelli Breslin
18th 8th Fear and Terror in Beverly Hills Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 Harry Jierjian Kara Lee Corthron & Justin W. Lo
19th 9 Private investigator Joe PI Joe 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 Silver tree Michael Foley & Mairin Reed
20th 10 Indeed ... love Love, actually 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 Silver tree Sera Gamble & Neil Reynolds

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