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Bartolomeo Cesi (* 1567 in Rome , † October 18, 1621 in Tivoli ) was an Italian clergyman, bishop and cardinal of the Roman Church .


Origin and early years

He came from the family of the Dukes of Acquasparta and was the second of five children of the signor of Monticelli, Angelo Cesi, and his wife Beatrice Caetani. Bartolomeo Cesi was a great-nephew of Cardinals Paolo Emilio Cesi and Federico Cesi , and he was related to Cardinal Pierdonato Cesi seniore . He studied at the University of Perugia , where he received his doctorate in 1587 as Doctor iuris utriusque . As the house prelate of His Holiness he entered the service of the Roman Curia and was a trainee lawyer at the courts of the Apostolic Signature . In 1586 he was apostolic protonotary participantium and on April 1, 1589 cleric of the Apostolic Chamber . On January 8, 1590, Cesi became governor of Civitavecchia, and in 1593 he was Prefect of the Archives. He was ordained priest , the date of which is not known, together with Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini in Loreto by Pope Clement VIII , when he stopped there on his return journey from Ferrara .


Pope Clement VIII created him in the consistory of June 5, 1596 as a cardinal deacon . The red hat Bartolomeo Cesi received on June 8 of that year, and on June 21 was it Santa Maria in Portico Octaviae as Title Diakonie awarded. From September 17, 1597 to 1605 he was governor of Tivoli. As a cardinal he took part in the first conclave of 1605 , the Pope Leo XI. chose. Cardinal Cesi was the governor of the city and fortress of Benevento from April 1st to April 27th . He then took part in the second conclave of 1605 , from which Paul V emerged as Pope. On December 5, 1611 Bartolomeo Cesi opted for the cardinal class of the cardinal priests and for the titular church of San Pietro in Vincoli . From January 9, 1612 to January 13, 1614 he was chamberlain of the Holy College of Cardinals . He opted on January 7, 1613 for the titular church Santa Prassede . On August 31, 1620 he opted for the titular church of Santa Maria in Trastevere. He took part in the conclave in 1621 with the election of Gregory XV. and opted for the title of San Lorenzo in Lucina on March 29 of the same year . Bartolomeo Cesi was a cardinal proto-priest .

Episcopal offices

Pope Paul V appointed him Archbishop of Conza on March 10, 1608 . He was ordained bishop on April 13, 1608 in the Church of Santa Maria in Portico Cardinal Bonifacio Caetani ; Co- consecrators were Francesco Montorio , Bishop of Nicastro , and Placido Della Marra , Bishop of Melfi . He renounced the leadership of the Archdiocese of Conza at the beginning of 1614 and was transferred to the bishopric of Tivoli on May 5, 1621 , where he died in October of the same year. His body was transferred to Rome and buried there in a family crypt in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore .


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