YMCA College

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YMCA College,
YMCA University of Applied Sciences
motto Competence for YMCA, Church and Society
founding March 27, 2009
Sponsorship Private
place kassel
state Hesse
country Germany
management Rüdiger Gebhardt (Rector), Germo Zimmermann (Prorector), Stefan Jung (Chancellor)
Students 360 As of: WS 2017/18
Professors 10
Networks International Coalition of YMCA Universities
Website www.cvjm-hochschule.de

The YMCA University is a private , state-recognized university in Kassel sponsored by the Christian Association of Young People ( YMCA ). It was founded in 2009 and was last institutionally accredited for five years by the Science Council in 2016; the courses are accredited by the AHPGS .

It offers 360 places in the Bachelor's degree programs, which are accompanied by ten full-time professors. The YMCA University is part of the International Coalition of YMCA Universities , which includes eleven universities, colleges and training centers, each of which belongs to a YMCA national association or is networked with one.


The YMCA University was accredited by the Science Council for a period of 5 years in July 2008 and founded on March 27, 2009 in Kassel. The University of Applied Sciences builds on a long history of education in the YMCA, which combines tradition and innovation: In 1928 the “YMCA Secretarial School” in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe started work with 8 students. In the spring of 1973 women were admitted to the secretary school for the first time and in July of the same year the YMCA secretary school was officially recognized as a private technical school for social education. In 1997 the name was changed to CVJM-Kolleg . Since the turn of the millennium, the number of students has risen continuously, and the expansion to a university became necessary. After the university was founded, Bachelor students graduated for the first time in 2013. The concentration on two established courses "Religious and Congregational Education / Social Work" in face-to-face studies as well as the part-time course "Social Work" and the further development of the content, personnel and structure of the YMCA University enabled successful reaccreditation for five years until 2021 in 2013 and 2016 the Science Council. In 2016 Friedhelm Loh founded the chair “Migration, Integration and Interculturality” headed by Bianca Dümling. Since the 2018/2019 winter semester, the YMCA University has been offering the master’s degree program “ Transformation Studies : Public Theology and Social Work”.

YMCA College
The YMCA University in Kassel.

Profile of the YMCA University

The CVJM University combines a Christian profile of evangelical character with "scientific, practical relevance, internationality and the integration of three disciplines: theology, human and social sciences as well as basic knowledge of management." In addition, the CVJM University offers a scientifically sound and application-oriented course that the holistic, integrative approach of the YMCA movement that promotes social, personal and spiritual skills. "For this purpose, the following are conveyed in detail:

  • Theological judgment and preaching skills,
  • ecumenical, interreligious and intercultural competence,
  • Conception and action competence,
  • Communication and problem-solving skills,
  • Self-reflection and evaluation skills "

“The theological profile of the YMCA University takes on a mediating position between the Protestant regional churches, the free churches and the new charismatic congregations. In this respect, the plurality of theological perspectives it represents and its denominational openness in teaching and research differs from other universities with denominational affiliation. This can also be seen in the fact that a large proportion of the graduates of the first two bachelor's degree programs have found employment in church work fields such as state and municipal social institutions in addition to employment in the YMCA. In this way, the YMCA University pursues both a church and a civil society educational mandate. ”In October 2016, the university was awarded the“ Value Star ”from the Foundation for Christian Value Education (Berlin) for its commitment .


The courses are offered either as face-to-face or distance learning . They mainly provide the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree :

Education and training programs

In addition to university study programs, the YMCA University also offers training programs at technical school level:

  • State-approved educator
  • Church-recognized qualification: youth officer
  • Integrated training: state-recognized educator and church-recognized youth officer

In addition, various advanced training courses with a university certificate are offered:

  • Wilderness and adventure education (certified by the Federal Association of Individual and Adventure Education)
  • Integration coach
  • Pioneer training ( FreshX )
  • Theology part-time

Memberships in scientific specialist societies

The CVJM University in Kassel is an institutional member of the following scientific committees:

  • Coalition of YMCA Universities
  • German Society for Social Work (DGSA)
  • German Society for University Didactics (DGHD)
  • Social Work Day (FBTS)
  • University Association Distance Learning (HDL)
  • Conference of Rectors and Presidents of Protestant Universities of Applied Sciences / Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany (REF)
  • Conference of theological and religious pedagogical departments at Ev. Universities of Applied Sciences (KTRF)

Full-time professors

There are currently 12 full-time and honorary professors teaching at the YMCA University.

  1. Sandra Bils (Professorship for Missionary Church Development)
  2. Jürgen Eilert (Professorship for Theories of Social Work)
  3. Tobias Faix (Professorship for Practical Theology / Congregational Education ; Intercultural and Empirical Theology)
  4. Rüdiger Gebhardt (Professorship for Religious and Congregational Education , Systematic Theology and Church Fields of Action)
  5. Stefan Jung (Professorship for Management and Organization)
  6. Florian Karcher (Professorship for Religious and Congregational Education)
  7. Tobias Künkler (Professorship for General Pedagogy and Social Work)
  8. Volker Rabens (Professorship for Biblical Theology )
  9. Joachim Rennstich (Professorship for International Social Work)
  10. Klaus Schulz (Professor em. For Biblical Theology )
  11. Christiane Schurian-Bremecker (Professorship for Social Work / Methods of Social Work)
  12. Germo Zimmermann (Professorship for Social Work / Youth Work )

entry requirements

General admission requirements for the bachelor's degree programs are, in addition to the technical college entrance qualification or higher education entrance qualification, the approval of the mission statement of the YMCA University, relevant practical experience in the context of social work or community education and the "participation in an information conference about the range of courses and the overall concept of learning and living of the YMCA University ".

students life

The students live together on the CVJM campus in Bad Wilhelmshöhe or decentralized in the city of Kassel in residential communities of the CVJM. With the culture ticket, students have discounted or free admission to museums in the city of Kassel. Various self-organized student sports and leisure groups (soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, Zumba, jugger, etc.) enrich student life on site.

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