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Carlo Cardinal Confalonieri (born July 25, 1893 in Seveso , Monza and Brianza Province , Italy , † August 1, 1986 in Rome ) was a Cardinal Curia of the Roman Catholic Church and dean of the College of Cardinals .


On March 18, 1916, at the age of 22, Carlo Confalonieri received the sacrament of ordination in Milan through Andrea Carlo Cardinal Ferrari . In 1921 the young priest was appointed his secretary by Achille Cardinal Ratti (who would later become Pope Pius XI ), who had just been appointed Archbishop of Milan and accompanied him to the conclave in 1922 after the death of Benedict XV. from which the Archbishop of Milan emerged as the new Pope . Pius XI. appointed Confalonieri on the day of his election as his private secretary and this remained until the death of Pius XI. in this responsible position and later published his memoirs of Pius XI. under the title Pio XI visto da vicino .

On March 27, 1941, Pope Pius XII appointed him . the Archbishop of L'Aquila , and he donated on May 4 of that year episcopal ordination ; Co- consecrators were Giuseppe Migone , Almsman of His Holiness , and Alfonso Camillo De Romanis, Sacristan of His Holiness . On February 22, 1950 he was appointed secretary of the Holy Congregation for Seminary and Universities and titular archbishop of Nicopolis ad Nestum , which he remained until his creation as a cardinal.

Pope John XXIII took him on December 15, 1958 as a cardinal priest with the titular church of Sant'Agnese fuori le mura in the college of cardinals . From March 14, 1961 he was secretary of the Congregatio consistorialis (Konsistorialkongregation), whose Pro-Prefect he was in 1966. Cardinal Confalonieri took after the death of John XXIII. participated in the conclave of 1963 .

From August 15, 1967 to February 25, 1973 he was Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, which emerged from the Consistorial Congregation . On March 15, 1972 he was raised to Cardinal Bishop of Palestrina .

Pope Paul VI confirmed on December 12, 1977 his election as Cardinal Dean and the associated additional appointment as Cardinal Bishop of Ostia . This also gave him the traditional right to lead the conclave in the event of a sedis vacancy. But since the conclave of 1978 after the reforms of Paul VI. took place, according to which all cardinals who have completed the eightieth year of life lose their active papal suffrage, the 1978 eighty-five-year-old Confalonieri could not participate in the conclaves. The leadership of the election was entrusted to Romano Pontifici Eligendo Cardinal Jean-Marie Villot as Camerlengo , in accordance with the provisions of the current papal election constitution . He led the first conclave in 1978 and, after the sudden death of Pope John Paul I, also the conclave in October of the same year . Cardinal Confalonieri remained Dean until his death on August 1, 1986.


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