Christian Wilhelm Ludwig von Abeken

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Christian Wilhelm Ludwig von Abeken (1886)

Christian Wilhelm Ludwig Abeken , von Abeken since 1878 , (born November 21, 1826 in Dresden ; † October 15, 1890 ibid) was a German politician .


Christian Wilhelm Ludwig Abeken was the son of Johann Christian Heinrich Abeken and Laura Minna, b. Grazier (1801-1852).

Abeken, nephew of Bernhard Rudolf Abeken , studied law in Leipzig and Heidelberg from 1845 to 1848 after attending grammar school at the Kreuzschule in Dresden . In Leipzig he became a member of the steel-gray fraternity in 1846 . After completing his studies, he entered the Saxon judicial service. In 1856 he became public prosecutor in Borna , 1858 district councilor, 1863 appellate judge in Dresden, 1866 lecturer in the Ministry of Justice and member of the examination committee.

From October 1, 1871 to October 15, 1890 he was the Saxon Minister of Justice and a member of the Federal Council . He separated in 1873 Justice and Administration (replacement of court offices in the management by the Office main teams and the District Directorates by the district governor teams ) and led 1879 the Friedensrichteramt.

On June 18, 1878, he was ennobled on the occasion of the king's silver wedding. In 1886 he was elected canon of the Meissen cathedral chapter .

He received the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit (1874), the House Order of the Rautenkrone and the Order of the Red Eagle 1st Class (1888).

He was married to Albertine Franziska Louise von Könitz (born April 12, 1840 in Augsburg , † December 1, 1915 in Dresden ). The couple had a child: Hans (born October 2, 1867 in Dresden; † November 18, 1945 there).


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