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Debora or Deborah is a female given name .

Origin and meaning of the name

The name is Hebrew (דְּבוֹרָה, dəvorah) and means bee . In the Bible there are two people with this name: In Gen 35.8  EU is the name of the nurse of Rebekah . More important, however, is the judge Debora , who is also known as the prophetess . The Book of Judges ( Judges 4–5  EU ) tells how she leads the people of Israel to an important victory. The famous Deboraied ( Ri 5,1–31  EU ), one of the oldest pieces in the Hebrew Bible, is about this . Because of the mountains flowing before the LORD mentioned there ( Ri 5.5  EU ), the Deborah number in rheology got its name.

name day

Name day for the name Debora is September 21 .


  • Debbi , Debbie , Debby (English)
  • Debbos
  • Debira
  • Debo (nickname; German)
  • Debra (English)
  • Debs (English)
  • Debrah (African)
  • Deby (German / Switzerland)
  • Debi (German / South Tyrol)
  • Depke (Low German)
  • Dvora (Hebrew)
  • Dvoyre (Yiddish)

Name bearers

Debora / Débora

Deborah / Déborah

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