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Faun at the 2013 Burgfolk Festival at Broich Castle
Faun at the 2013 Burgfolk Festival at Broich Castle
General information
Genre (s) Medieval music , pagan folk
founding 1999
Website http://faune.de/
Founding members
Oliver "SaTyr" Pade
Birgit Ines Muggenthaler-Schmack (until 2001)
Werner Schwab (until 2001)
Current occupation
Singing, nyckelharpa, harp, lute instruments, electric guitar , jaw harp , didgeridoo
Oliver "SaTyr" Pade
Niel Mitra (since 2003)
Singing, flutes, harp, bagpipes , bouzouki, guitar, bodhran, banjo, lyre
Adaya Lancha Bairacli (since 2020)
Rüdiger Maul (since 2003)
Singing, hurdy-gurdy , flutes, cister
Stephan Groth (since 2012)
Singing, percussion instruments
Laura Fella (since 2017)
former members
Birgit Muggenthaler (until 2001)
Werner Schwab (until 2001)
Singing, hurdy-gurdy
Elisabeth Pawelke (2001-2008)
Singing, violin , hurdy-gurdy, guitar, piano
Sandra Elflein (2008-2010)
Singing, harp, flutes, percussion instruments, hurdy-gurdy
Margarete "Rairda" Eibl (2010–2012)
Vocals, dulcimer, percussion instruments
Sonja Drakulich (2012-2013)
Singing, percussion instruments
Katja Moslehner (2013-2017)
Singing, flutes, bagpipes , dombra , rebab , pommer , oud , harmonium , guitar , piano
Fiona Rüggeberg-Frewert (2003-2020)
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  DE 78 03/16/2007 (1 week)
From the elves
  DE 7th 
02/08/2013 (37 weeks)
  AT 9 02/08/2013 (12 weeks)
  CH 5 02/10/2013 (13 weeks)
  DE 4th 
09/19/2014 (15 weeks)
  AT 20th 09/19/2014 (3 weeks)
  CH 12 09/14/2014 (6 weeks)
  DE 3 08/26/2016 (13 weeks)
  AT 14th 02.09.2016 (3 weeks)
  CH 9 08/28/2016 (5 weeks)
XV - Best Of
  DE 12 02/23/2018 (8 weeks)
  CH 45 02/25/2018 (2 weeks)
Fairy tales & myths
  DE 6th 11/22/2019 (12 weeks)
  AT 59 11/29/2019 (1 week)
  CH 27 11/24/2019 (1 week)

Faun is a German pagan folk - group of Gräfelfing in Munich .


The band was founded in 1999 by Oliver Pade, Birgit Muggenthaler and Werner Schwab. In 2000 Muggenthaler left the band, but was still featured on the debut album Zaubersprüche . Another guest musician was Niel Mitra, who later became a member of the band. The second CD Licht was released in 2003, with this release Rüdiger Maul and Niel Mitra also joined the band as regular members. In February 2008 Faun announced on their homepage that Elisabeth Pawelke would leave the band in March of that year in order to devote herself entirely to her vocal studies in Basel . At the same time, Sandra Elflein was announced as a future member. After the line-up change, the band toured more often in churches and halls in spring 2009, for the first time with a pure unplugged program. The extensive tour was followed in November by the acoustic album Buch der Balladen . In April 2010, Sandra Elflein left the group for personal reasons. After the upcoming festival and market concerts with four musicians in May 2010, Margarete Eibl joined the band as a new member in June.

After the summer concerts another acoustic tour followed, on which many songs were presented in new versions. The band also announced that the work on the new "Plugged" album, which has been ongoing since 2007, should be completed in the studio in spring 2011. The songs for the new CD were already presented at the 2010 festival concerts and at the subsequent acoustic concerts. The new album was released on June 24th 2011 under the name Eden . In January 2012 Sonja Drakulich from the band Stellamara and Stephan Groth were announced as new members.

In 2013 the singer Katja Moslehner Faun joined. The album Von den Elben , released in 2013 on the major label Universal Music , was unlike the previous ones accompanied by extensive advertising measures during its release. This also included an appearance on the television program Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel . The album also includes a collaboration with the band Santiano , which is commercially very successful with a mixture of folk, hits and shanties. Otherwise, the album was described as approachable and poppy . Compared to the previous albums, there are less long instrumental parts. Most pieces are shorter than four minutes.

At the request of Valicon , the producers of the album, who had previously worked with Lena Meyer-Landrut and Silbermond , the work on the album was different from what the band had been used to before. In total, more than 30 songs were to be composed for Von den Elben , among which the producers then wanted to choose. In contrast to the previous works, not all of the songs were written by the band themselves. Instead, external songwriters were also used. This development of the band was sharply criticized by the fans. The band responded with a statement in which they stressed that they had remained true to themselves, even if the first album on a major label required musical compromises.

Faun took part in Unser Song für Österreich , the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 , with the song Heard you hear the drums , but could not qualify for the next round.

On February 15, 2017, the band announced Katja Moslehner's exit on their Facebook page. Laura Fella took her place.

On February 28, 2020, Fiona announced on Faun's Instagram page that she would be leaving the band to be more "connected to nature" and to live on her farm. Adaya took her place on May 17th.



The repertoire of Faun ranges from melancholic ballads to exuberant dance songs such as the Breton Andro . On the one hand, historical songs from different epochs and regions are set to music and, on the other hand, many own compositions are written. For example, old Perso - Arabic melodies meet Swedish nyckelharpa and Middle High German singing. The mostly two-part singing is also characteristic of Faun. The albums are often based on an overarching theme (Midgard - music of the old north, Luna - femininity in spirituality, moon goddess and the moon, book of ballads - German-language folk songs and ballads, Renaissance - death and rebirth from a pagan perspective, light - one Travel to the Celtic Otherworld etc.).

Faun live in the pagan village of the 14th WGT , 2005 in Leipzig
Faun live at their open air concert at the MPS in Gelsenkirchen (2011)

The debut album Zaubersprüche is completely acoustical and does not require any newer instruments or driving electronic beats. There are far fewer ballad-like pieces on the second album. The proportion of danceable pieces of music such as Andro , Unda or the double song Deva / Punagra has increased significantly .

The acoustic album Buch der Balladen revolves entirely around German-language ballads and takes up the Nibelung saga , among other things .


The texts come from very different languages, including present and Middle High German , Spanish or Sephardic , Old Icelandic , Latin , Hungarian , English , Finnish and Uighur .

Meaning of the name

The name Faun comes from Graeco - Roman mythology and has its equivalent in the shepherd god Faunus or Pan . According to the group, this figure, often portrayed as a nature or forest spirit, symbolizes the closeness to nature of the band members and their music. For the same reason, Oliver Pade's pseudonym is the Faunus-related satyr .

Commitment to the environment

The band sees it as their task, but also as the task of Pagan Folk in general, to sensitize people to the vitality of nature. Faun supports the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd and brought out a t-shirt collection with it. All profits from the sale of these t-shirts went to Sea Shepherd. There are a few vegetarians in the band and the singer Laura Fella lives vegan out of conviction . She also calls for people to prefer slow fashion and to think of the seas when it comes to fashion.


Faun live at the 13th WGT , 2004 in Leipzig
Faun at the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest Our song for Austria (dress rehearsal)

Studio albums

  • 2002: Magic spells ( Curzweyhl / Rough Trade )
  • 2003: Light (Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)
  • 2005: Renaissance (Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)
  • 2007: Totem (Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)
  • 2009: Faun Acoustic - Book of Ballads (Banshee Records / AL! VE)
  • 2011: Eden (Banshee Records / AL! VE)
  • 2012: Von den Elben (We Love Music / Universal)
  • 2014: Luna (We Love Music / Universal)
  • 2016: Midgard (We Love Music / Universal)
  • 2018: XV - Best Of (We love Music / Universal)
  • 2019: Fairy Tales & Myths (We love Music / Universal)

Live albums

  • 2008: Faun & The Pagan Folk Festival - Live (feat.Seven & In Gowan Ring ) (Banshee Records / AL! VE)
  • 2015: Luna + Live & Acoustic in Berlin
  • 2017: Midgard (Tour Edition) (We Love Music)

Video albums

  • 2004: Lichtbilder (Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)
  • 2007: Ornament (Curzweyhl / Rough Trade)
  • 2013: Von Den Elben (Deluxe Edition) CD + DVD (We Love Music / Universal Music)


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