Frank Milano

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Frank P. Milano (* in Yonkers , New York ) is an American lawyer and politician .


Frank P. Milano, one of four children of Carmella and Frank Milano, was born in Westchester County . Nothing is known about his youth. At some point he studied law and was then admitted to the bar. Milano served for several years in the administration of George Pataki as Governor of New York , namely as First Deputy Secretary of State and General Counsel. During that time, following the resignation of Randy Daniels on September 23, 2005, he served as acting Secretary of State of New York. He held the post until the appointment of Christopher Jacobs as the new Secretary of State in April 2006. Milano worked part-time as a town judge in Bethlehem, New York , a suburb of Albany, New York . Governor Pataki then nominated him for the judge's post on the New York Court of Claims . On June 21, 2006, he was confirmed by the New York Senate for a nine-year term.