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Fred "Freddy" Krueger is a fictional serial killer and the main character in the Nightmare film series. The character of Robert Englund is portrayed in all seven films , as well as in the spin-off Freddy vs. Jason . In the 2010 remake, A Nightmare on Elm Street , Jackie Earle Haley played the role of Krueger. Since his first appearance in 1984 in Nightmare - Murderous Dreams, he has been one of the most famous characters in the horror genre .


The most striking thing about Freddy Krueger is his brand-scarred face and a glove on his right hand with blades on the end of the fingers (with the exception of the thumb). Krueger wears a red and green diagonally striped sweater (either made of wool or baggy fabric; in the first part still without stripes on the arms), a brown slouch hat and simple brown trousers.

For the seventh part, Freddy's New Nightmare , his appearance has been changed a bit: the blades now sit directly on the hand and on all five fingers, and he wears a long black coat over his sweater and pants.


Krueger's full name is Frederick Charles Krueger , in the first part he is only called Fred Krueger , Freddy is his nickname.


Fred Krueger is the son of the nun Amanda Krueger. In a mental hospital where Amanda Krueger works as a nurse, she is accidentally locked in a tower in which around a hundred mentally ill are also locked. There she is mistreated and raped by them. This leads to her pregnancy and the birth of Freddy. Only bullied and humiliated by his adoptive father, bullied by his classmates and ridiculed as the "son of a hundred madmen", Freddy developed sociopathic behavior very early on . Among other things, he kills animals and injures himself .

When Krueger grew up, he kidnapped 20 children of the residents of the Elm Street neighborhood in the (fictional) Californian town of Springwood, brought them to the power plant where he worked as a janitor , kills them and burns the bodies. Runs when the court Freddy due to a legal technicality, the people take the law into their own hands and commit vigilante : pour in the boiler room of the power station gasoline and set fire to it, after which burns Krueger. They hide his remains in a sack in a red Cadillac in the junkyard .

But Krueger is not completely destroyed, but lives on through a pact with the devil in the nightmares of the children on Elm Street. He takes revenge on the residents of Elm Street by continuing his deeds, killing their children one by one. Freddy can only be stopped by children who are able to control the actions in their dreams .

In the remake of 2010, nothing of Freddy's childhood is revealed. The reason for his death is also different. Freddy works as a gardener in a primary school and abuses some children. After they tell their parents about it, they chase Freddy into a remote industrial area and burn him.


Freddy Krueger lives in people's dreams and can only be brought into reality through a special trick , as in the film Freddy vs. Jason happens. To do this, Freddy has to be grabbed by the dreamer and the latter wake up - a difficult task, because Krueger's presence ensures a much deeper sleep than usual. In reality, he is vulnerable and defeatable, but more resilient than a normal person. In his nightmare world he has limitless omnipotence . He can create illusions, let objects float, spontaneously change rooms or the laws of gravity, transform himself and much more. In Freddy's world the laws of nature are abolished, so grotesque events often occur, with which he demands disgust and screams from his victims.

One major weak point is fire , which Freddy fears because he lost his life in a fire. This can be used consciously by the dreaming to keep him at a distance. Freddy is also dependent on the hysteria of his victims. He can only exist and commit atrocities as long as children believe in his gruesome legend and pass it on. Freddy usually kills his victims with his infamous razor glove.


Freddy Krueger's popularity with fans of the Nightmare films is based on his quirky personality. If he is almost mute at the beginning of the series, he develops an extremely cynical, winking humor over the following films, which is expressed in pointed one-liners, reenactments of movie clichés and sheer sadism . Krueger usually kills his young victims by exploiting their personal weaknesses.

Freddy's family

When he was still a living person, Freddy Krueger was married and the father of one daughter. In the sixth part of the Nightmare series, he is shown in a flashback while playing with his little daughter Kathryn. Freddy's wife Loretta flees the cellar screaming and repeatedly promises him not to reveal anything. Krueger pretends to talk to her alone and sends his daughter into the house. There she runs into the "forbidden room" and discovers many of Krueger's murder paraphernalia. When Kathryn hears her mother screaming, she goes upstairs again and watches as Freddy strangles her mother in the garden.

Kathryn is later adopted and her name is changed to Maggie Burroughs . Freddy avoids his offspring as much as possible.


" Hypnocil " is a fictitious drug in the Nightmare film series, the dreams in sleep suppressed. It was featured in Nightmare III - Freddy Krueger Lives and in Freddy vs. Jason broached the subject again.

Pop Culture

Freddy Krueger has become a part of pop culture that is referenced again and again. For example, he appears in two South Park and several Simpsons episodes. In the comedy series Switch reloaded , Freddy Krueger found a job as a hairdresser in a parody of the television advertising for the job exchange . In the US youth series iCarly , some schoolchildren sing Freddy's song in the episode The King of Pranks from season 4, with a modified text (King instead of Freddy). Freddy's face also appears in Carly's mirror a little later. There are also numerous examples in music, such as songs by the Böhse Onkelz (line of text: Freddy Krüger is a friend of mine, in your dreams we come to you ), SOD , the rapper Eminem , the punk band Molotow Soda , the Oi! - Band Troopers , the hip-hop band The Fat Boys , the DJ Angerfist , or the nu-metal band Hollywood Undead , which refer to Krueger. In the manga version of Soul Eater , Freddy serves as a model for the mass murderer Frey D. Sadoko , which contains elements from both Freddy Krueger and Michael Jackson .


  • The spiritual father of Krueger, Wes Craven , once created the film character without a big story, the thought of a series or real role models. In the seventh part of the Nightmare series Freddy's New Nightmare from 1994, director Wes Craven, who plays himself in this episode, characterizes his character Freddy Krueger with the words: “ It's about this being or whatever you want to call it, it's old , very old. It exists in different forms and times. The only thing that remains unchanged is its goal: it is the murder of innocence. "(In English:" This entity whatever you want to call it, it's old, it's very old. It's existed in different forms in different times. The only thing that stays the same is what it lives for: The murder of innocence. " )
  • Craven got the idea for the red and green sweater from a magazine , according to which a study found that the two colors would cause a bad feeling in combination. The idea for the glove should have come from his cat .
  • Originally, Krueger was supposed to be not just a child killer, but a pedophile child molester - something the censors didn't allow at the time. References to the original idea are still scattered in the films - for example, Freddy kisses the photos of his victims in one scene before sticking them in a photo album .
  • When actor Robert Englund auditioned for the role of Freddy Krueger , he is said to have imitated a few poses by German actor Klaus Kinski in front of director Wes Craven in order to showcase his acting skills. In 1979, Kinski played the leading role of Count Dracula in the horror film Nosferatu - Phantom of the Night by director Werner Herzog .

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