Frederick V (Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach)

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Margrave Friedrich the Elder
Friedrich the Elder Ä. von Brandenburg-Ansbach and Sophia Jagiellonka, Langenburg church window by Hans Kamberger around 1500
Depiction of Frederick II in the margrave window of St. Sebald in Nuremberg, work by Hans Süß 1515

Friedrich V of Brandenburg , called "the Elder" (* May 8, 1460 in Ansbach ; † April 4, 1536 ibid), was Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach from 1486 to 1515 and Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach from 1495 to 1515. He also belonged to the Brandenburg line of the Hohenzollern .


Friedrich was the second son of the Brandenburg Elector Albrecht Achilles (1414–1486) from his second marriage to Anna (1436–1512), daughter of Elector Friedrich II of Saxony . According to the house law established in 1473, Friedrich's older half-brother Johann Cicero was to rule the Kurmark, the Franconian possessions were intended for Friedrich and his younger brothers.

He became Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach in 1486 after the death of his father . After the death of his brother Siegmund , with whom he had ruled together, Friedrich also became Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach in 1495 . The Guttenberg feud caused him to issue the maintenance regulations of 1498 .

Because of his lavish lifestyle, the resulting debts of the country and his increasing choleric temperament in the last years of his reign, he was deposed by his sons Casimir and Georg in 1515 and imprisoned for 13 years. He stayed at the Plassenburg until Kasimir's death in 1527 and was finally brought to Ansbach by Georg at his request, where he died in 1536.


On February 14, 1479, Friedrich married Princess Sofia of Poland (1464–1512), daughter of King Casimir IV of Poland , in Frankfurt an der Oder , with whom he had the following children:

⚭ 1518 Princess Susanna of Bavaria (1502–1543)
⚭ 1. 1509 Beatrice de Frangepan (1480–1510)
⚭ 2. 1525 Princess Hedwig von Münsterberg-Oels (1508–1531)
⚭ 3. 1532 Princess Aemilia of Saxony (1516–1591)
⚭ 1518 Duke Friedrich II of Liegnitz (1480–1547)
⚭ 1518 Duke Wenzel II of Teschen
⚭ 1. 1526 Princess Dorothea of ​​Denmark (1504–1547)
⚭ 2. 1550 Princess Anna Maria of Braunschweig-Calenberg (1532–1568)
⚭ 1519 Germaine de Foix (1490–1536 / 38)
⚭ 1510 Margrave Ernst I of Baden-Durlach (1482–1553)
⚭ 1528 Landgrave Georg III. von Leuchtenberg (1502–1555)


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